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MJ Estate Stops

'Heal the World' Copycat

4/27/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Score another crushing victory for the Michael Jackson estate -- this time the MJ squad dropped the hammer on a woman who allegedly set up a sham Heal the World Foundation to dupe Jackson fans into buying merchandise.

TMZ has learned a Federal judge issued an injunction against Melissa Johnson -- the woman behind a Heal the World Foundation website -- requiring her to stop "exploiting Michael Jackson's name, image and likeness." 

According to the court order, the judge ruled that Johnson -- who has attempted to register at least 40 trademarks with a direct connection to MJ -- operates websites that "convey to consumers a false affiliation with Michael Jackson."

As you may recall, Jackson operated a legit Heal the World Foundation back in the day, but it had been inactive for many years prior to his death.


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He shoulda healed his self... may bee he'd still be here to heal the world....yeah?

1640 days ago

MJ 4ever    

MJ the BEST!!!

1640 days ago


tying up all the loose ends now. This was one of the last items. The estate is on a roll. Say what you want about Branca and McLain but they get sh*t done. MJ needed management like this way before 2009.

1640 days ago


youre giving nothing away with those glasses on eh Michael ha ha, love you.

1640 days ago



absolutely, things would have been very different

1640 days ago


@ TMZ staff &/or Harvey
This has nothing to do with this story, but I just had an epiphany! I have figured out what Michael was trying to accomplish with all the nose jobs he had. Go take a good look at the noses of Disney cartoons, pay special attention to Peter Pan's nose!!! We all know how Michael felt about Peter Pan, he even said he was Peter Pan in one interview I watched on youtube.
Let me know what you think.

1640 days ago


This is the type of story, that is not reported enough..if at TMZ starting to report the real crime part, of the Michael Jackson history ?.....1. "pandering a 13 year old boy is a crime"....2. "taking a person across state borders so you can use them a Federal crime".....3. "extortion, is a crime..1994 case,in court or not...4. 'murder is a crime, and I count a possible two...Evan Chandler and Mr. Jackson" this blog, brian n. everett is a retired guy, that just mentions something from his work place...this is just June Catlin, on YouTube...think about that, it is a crime, Mr. Jackson is talking about.

1640 days ago


4. tying up all the loose ends now. This was one of the last items. The estate is on a roll. Say what you want about Branca and McLain but they get sh*t done. MJ needed management like this way before 2009.
Posted at 10:09 AM on Apr 27, 2010 by really?

Michael Jackson had this very same competent management/advisor at his disposal on and off FOR YEARS PRIOR to 2009. And Michael Jackson HIMSELF chose repeatedly to alienate/release/terminate/fire (take your pick) John Branca. Until the next time that HE felt that HE needed John Branca again. Michael Jackson also had other competent management advisors whose advice HE chose to ignore. Dileo and Tohme being among them.

1640 days ago

gimme a break!    

exactly really? !!!
some fans should STOP bitching about Branca and McClain!!!
they've been doing their very best for the estate (translation---> Michael's money that go TO HIS KIDS AND MOM!!!) these past 10 months...
JUST THINK about who's talking bad about these 2...the man that has ALREADY sued the estate!!! Joe!!!
what kind of father sues his own son's estate for money?!?
the ones that are "profiting" the most off of Michael
for nearly a year are none others that his OWN kids!!! the money goes to them!!! because they are the ones entitled!
if u support Joe u'll just manage to destroy Michael, his estate and his kids' future! cuz TRUST ME Joe WILL manage to spend all of it...he's a terrible manager and if u ppl havent realized it yet then u better wake up...!
be careful who u listen to...these men are making money for Michael's kids...Joe will just spend all of it cuz that's what he does better...


1640 days ago


April 27, 2010

Michael Jackson: A Prince Of Our Disorder

By Susan Lawrence, M.D.

Throughout history, there have been people who captivate the world, enthralling us not only with their extraordinary brilliance and talent, but also with an ineffable quality that resonates within us on a deep and unconscious level. Michael Jackson was such a person.

The passing of these individuals inevitably results in a firestorm of speculation about the most intimate details of their lives. In addition to being intrusive and disrespectful to the deceased, this mindless focus on the strange, sordid, or bizarre prevents us from fully understanding the meaning and purpose of the lives of these exceptional persons, and what they have to teach us about the nature of humanity.

While it may seem that the role of Michael Jackson, and others like him, is to entertain, this superficial view belies the truth. There are many brilliant singers, actors, world leaders, and others who do not mesmerize us to nearly the same degree. What is the source of this immense fascination which transcends the usual divides of race, culture, geography, even time and death?

I believe we are drawn to people like Michael Jackson because we sense, deeply and unconsciously, that the personal story they tell, through the symbolic language of behavior, is also our own story. They act out what we know instinctively to be true but are as yet unable to fully comprehend or accept about ourselves. The people to whom we are drawn the most are those who serve as living illustrations of the personal struggles we find the most disturbing and difficult to tolerate. This is particularly true of our own experiences of childhood abuse, neglect, and trauma, and our unconscious re-enactment of these experiences as adults through anti-social and self-destructive behaviors.

If we accept, as Carl Jung wrote, that "the sole purpose of existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being," then individuals like Michael Jackson serve a critically important purpose in our society. They offer their most primal (and therefore, most human) conflicts and anguish as public property, as roadmaps with clues for us to use in our personal quest to understand and resolve the causes of our own suffering.

Surface appearances of genius, glamour, and celebrity aside, lives like Michael's are far from easy. The unique juxtaposition of brilliance and opportunity which enabled him to capture our imaginations tragically prevented him from ever being able to put to rest the causes of his own misery. The constraints that prevail in more ordinary lives, the "bottoms" that force us to finally address our long-suppressed demons, are frequently disabled in cir***stances of inordinate wealth, fame, and power. Too often these individuals die tragically and young, usually from the delayed effects of childhood abuse as manifested by extreme forms of self-destructive traumatic re-enactment..

We can learn from Michael Jackson by recognizing that his most important contribution may have little to do with the soaring brilliance of his talent or his enduring fame. We can honor him by recognizing his willingness to allow us access to his innermost self in ways that promote the highest good. Rather than engaging in idle gossip, we must instead learn to ask important questions about ourselves: What about his life so resonates with me? Of what does it remind me from my own childhood? How can I use his life to understand more about myself? What does it say about the human condition that so many of us are drawn to him?

Michael Jackson and people like him can be powerful teachers. We can thank him for sharing his own pain as a mirror into our souls, enabling us to learn the truth of ourselves and heal from our own difficult experiences of childhood abuse and trauma.

Author's Website:

Author's Bio: Susan E. Lawrence, M.D., is the Founder and Executive Director of The Catalyst Foundation, a Southern California-based nonprofit organization whose mission it is to decrease the impact of childhood abuse and trauma on society and the world. She is the award-winning author of Creating a Healing Society: The Impact of Human Emotional Pain and Trauma on Society and the World, which has been honored as a ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Finalist, a Nautilus Book Award Silver Winner, and a recipient of the Eric Hoffer Book Award. Dr. Lawrence was also a prize-winning finalist in the 2008 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Awards for her work towards creating transformational change and healing within prisons.

1640 days ago



1640 days ago


That's low

1640 days ago


Good. There must be mountains of paper to go through but they're certainly making a dent. Be interesting to see, over time, what else is unearthed.

1640 days ago

Thaiz Park    

I love Michael since I was born... It was a long time ago.. Don't think that my love for him is over because he is dead... my love for him will over when I die.

Michael was, is and always be my mirror,,,

I love you Michael

1640 days ago


i remember hearing about his woman .i am glad they are putting a stop to this

1640 days ago
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