MJ Estate Stops 'Heal the World' Copycat

4/27/2010 1:45 PM PDT

MJ Estate Stops 'Heal the World' Copycat

Score another crushing victory for the Michael Jackson estate -- this time the MJ squad dropped the hammer on a woman who allegedly set up a sham Heal the World Foundation to dupe Jackson fans into buying merchandise.

TMZ has learned a Federal judge issued an injunction against Melissa Johnson -- the woman behind a Heal the World Foundation website -- requiring her to stop "exploiting Michael Jackson's name, image and likeness." 

According to the court order, the judge ruled that Johnson -- who has attempted to register at least 40 trademarks with a direct connection to MJ -- operates websites that "convey to consumers a false affiliation with Michael Jackson."

As you may recall, Jackson operated a legit Heal the World Foundation back in the day, but it had been inactive for many years prior to his death.