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Michael Jackson's Mom Cleans House

4/27/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Katherine Jackson is downsizing the number of grandchildren in her San Fernando Valley mansion -- and the stun gun incident was the catalyst.

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell TMZ ...  Katherine has told Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza -- who is currently living at the estate, along with two of her kids by Randy Jackson and two others by Jermaine Jackson -- that she must take the kids and move out of the estate next week, because supervising seven children is just too much for the 79-year-old grandmother.

But don't think Katherine is heartless.  It's the opposite.  She's moving Alejandra, along with Jaafar, Jermajesty, Donte and Randy Jr. to a San Fernando Valley condo owned by the estate.


We're told the move was prompted by the stun gun incident last month. TMZ broke the story that 13-year-old Jaafar bought a stun gun online and fired it in the house.  Sources say Jaafar pointed the gun at two of Michael's kids, but the family denies that. 

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services came to the estate, took the gun and interviewed people in the home, and it became apparent seven kids were too much for Katherine to handle. 

So as of next week, Prince, Paris and Blanket will have the run of the mansion, unobstructed.


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Randy Jackson's children with Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza are a daughter and a son, Genevieve and Randy Jr.

In 1989, Jackson married Eliza Shaffe. On 17 June 1990, Eliza gave birth to their daughter Steveanna. Jackson and Eliza divorced in 1991.

During his marriage to Eliza Shaffe, Jackson had an affair with Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza, producing daughter Genevieve. After he divorced Shaffe, he continued dating Oaziaza, who gave birth to their son Randy Jr. in 1991. The couple's relationship ended in 1994. A year later, Alejandra married Randy's older brother Jermaine Jackson and had two sons Jaafar Jackson and Jermajesty Jackson.

Where is Genevieve and who is Donte?

Katherine probably had to "clean house" or risk losing custody of Michael's kids and all that nice money she gets as their guardian. She might even have had to move out of Havenhurst herself if she lost custody since MJ's estate owns the house.

Hopefully MJ's kids will never be alone with Jaafar, Jermajesty, or Randy Jr. again. Without adequate supervision Paris might be at risk of being sexually molested by the spawn of Jermaine and Randy. A preteen girl surrounded by all those teenage boys and young men needs to be protected. Grace probably doesn't have the authority to discipline Randy and Jermaine's boys. MJ would be relieved to see them removed from his children's home!

1637 days ago


Good job Katherine, Jermaine should be ashamed of himself, and what kind of step-mom do they have..she doesn't want anything to do with his kids!

1637 days ago


@Dolly, you are full of s**t. If they wer black kids adopted by whites it would be alright, is it? They are his ligitimate kids, biological or not, period. You must have dirt in your eyes if you can't see MJ looking back at you in Blanket's eyes. Why don't you f**k off!!!!!

1637 days ago

dennis in sac    

All those babies by two brothers and one ho... Straight up nasty!!! All the Jackson's are weird and freaky. I think Michael was the most sane of them all.

1637 days ago


wrong cookie tmz has the right picture...

1637 days ago


Posted at 8:55 AM on Apr 27, 2010 by dd

Read more:

TMZ had the wrong picture earlier, so that's what all these early post were talking about.

1637 days ago


Katherine made a stupid move! divide and conquer.

1637 days ago


Why aren't MJ's brothers caring for their own children? It is ridiculous that 79yo Katherine is responsible for caring for SEVEN children when four of these children have perfectly capable parents!

1637 days ago


Michael called from whatever part of the netherworld he inhabits and said. Hey mama, you know all dem cookies you got living in dat house dere? Get rid of all the chocolate ones, just keep the vanilla ones, because I be coming back to EAT all them cookies, and I don't like no chocolate."

I also agree with the prior comments about protecting the one girl from all those lowlife thug cousins! That bunch will all be in jail in a few years.

1637 days ago


She can't lose her favorite little meal tickets (oops! GRANDCHILDREN) or else she might have to support herself, now that Michael is gone. She had no choice: move out the other grandkids, or have Michael's kids possibly split-up between herself and Debbie Rowe.

1637 days ago


Whoever said TMZ doesn't refer to MJ as Jacko is misinformed. They still do it... just not everytime. And to the person that said the children should have moved in with Janet because she has no drama is wrong. The tabloid media haven't been snooping in Janet's business to find any drama, that's why you hear nothing about her. They will find drama in a puppy if you let them. Every family has drama people. TMZ and others are making a mountain out of a molehill as usual when it comes to the Jackson family.

I miss you, Michael. L.O.V.E.

1637 days ago


To all the idiots saying Paris is going to be molested by her cousins, the only molester in the Jackson family is dead. why do you think God took MJ out of here before he made "special friends" out of Prince and blanket?


1637 days ago


122. Michael's youngest son has the same nose as his grandmother.

@122 - Katherine had a nose job years ago. People should stop trying to say Blanket looks so much like the Jacksons. he is legally a Jackson but not biologically.

1637 days ago


I suggest sending all the halfbreed thugs to live with Joe, he can beat some sense and normality into them, look how well that worked with Michael and the entire FUBAR family. Ha ha, seriously though.... Katherine is part of the whole mess, not the solution, no child should be within 100 miles of Katherine or Joe, CPS should get them all away from that whole crazy family, especially the white ones, perhaps they have a chance of a decent life if they got them out of JacksonCrazyLand. The fathers are a disgusting bunch of losers and parasites, and their thug kids will be the same, its already too late to save the older ones, genetics and Katherine have ruined them, maybe the younger ones could be salvaged....or perhaps one good bomb on the compound would solve a lot of problems...

1637 days ago



That is Alejandra. i don't like getting someone's culture wrong but i think alejandra is Columbian. Jermaine's current wife Halima is hindu or indian. I don't think Jermaine has children with Halima...yet!

I'm gonna defend TMZ on this one. That woman next to Jerfaar is Alejadra.

1637 days ago
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