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Tito Ortiz's Ex: He'd 'Never Hurt a Female'

4/27/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0427_tito_exiwfe_small_EXTito Ortiz's ex-wife is as surprised as anyone over his arrest for felony domestic violence yesterday -- because according to her, he would "never hurt a female."

Kristin Ortiz -- who was married to Tito for nearly 10 years -- tells TMZ Tito was an "amazing person, amazing father and an amazing human being."

Kristin also says there was never any violence during her marriage, which ended in 2005.


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Just Sayin    


1638 days ago


A crack ho lying? Shocker!

1638 days ago

Just Sayin    

she is ugly, i dont trust ugly people

1638 days ago


Smack down those witches Tito! Teach them some respect! Get the oxymorons out of your life, stay strong dude!

1638 days ago


His ex also wasnt an oxycontin addicted pornstar w her ex cop dad living in the house, it sounds to me like jenna had it coming...wouldnt you be pissed too if you caught your spouse with legal heroin. He probably grabbed her arm and shook her, demanding answers, not totally acceptable but not beating either...she didnt even have a hard time driving out of her driveway but the all of a sudden shes in an arm sling...come on....

1638 days ago

Eye Opener    

Wow! Jenna has gone and opened a can of worms!

She should just TELL THE TRUTH and go to rehab!

Good luck Tito we rooting for you!!

1638 days ago


You never trust a porn actress/stripper/prostitute. They don't have the best morals/values.

1638 days ago

Just Sayin    

Know who your partner is before breeding or taking an oath in front of god through good and bad!!!!!!!

1638 days ago


I feel kind of bad for Tito, I personally have not been a fan but once a woman makes a claim like are tarnished. I do not believe for one second that he touched Jenna, look at her, she's off to Vegas with friends, come on...give me a break...she always needs attention...yeah I think they got into a heated arguement but NO I am 99.9% sure he did not touch her...he should of stayed married to his first wife, she is pretty and seems like a good person. She is the President of his clothing line, I am sure she got that in the divorce. However, she has never publically bashed Jenna or told her she could not be around her and Tito's first child. Jenna is famous for acusing people of hurting her when she is up against a wall. I am sure Tito's done in MMA and that's because once that label can't get past it...Good job Jenna you have destroyed antoher human being that you have come in contact with. The sad thing is those 2 precious little boys...God can you imagine what they will grow up reading and hearing about thier sad...she is a fame whore and I really truly do feel bad for Tito.

1638 days ago

me not you    

So amazing she had to divorce him. Yeah, okay.

1638 days ago


yah he was so wonderful they are divorced... but wait ... he mskes alot of money now ...yup she will stand by her man ...for a cut of the green backs.

1638 days ago


Her being a pornstar has nothing do to with it. I love porn. She is a two face rat, made tons of money from porn, then no one wants to see her haggard face so she runs her mouth about how bad it is blah blah blah, then turns around and does some more porn.

And didnt this skank have issues about her daddy and sex? It was on E! about 5-7 years ago. And she is hanging around him? She said some pretty bad things about him, if they were true.

1638 days ago

Miss Mary    

Is "amazing" the only adjective these celebrities know these days? I am SICK of it.

1638 days ago


Tito wouldn't be caught dead with a Mexican woman would he. A white blond trumps a Mexican to Tito, even a *** dumpster, porn star white blond is better to him than his own kind.

1638 days ago


It seems that Jenna made this a lot bigger deal than it was.

1638 days ago
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