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Jenna Jameson:

I Tested Clean!

4/29/2010 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson claims she can prove Tito Ortiz wasn't telling the truth when he accused her of being high on OxyContin during their altercation Monday morning -- because we've learned Jenna passed a drug test one day after the incident.

We've learned the results of the test, administered Tuesday by American Toxicology Inc. in Las Vegas, show Jenna's urine tested "negative" for the ten major drugs they were screening for ... a list that included cocaine, weed, meth and oxycodone -- the major ingredient in OxyContin.

As we previously reported, Tito was arrested Monday for felony domestic violence.  After he was released, Tito claimed the incident was triggered by Jenna's addiction to OxyContin -- a claim Jenna vehemently denied.

Now, after receiving the results of the test, Jenna is reaffirming her claim telling us, "I am definitely not addicted to OxyContin or any drug."

Jenna's powerhouse attorney Ronald Richards added, "The lab tests clearly exonerate Jenna Jameson of any hint, iota, or suggestion that she ingested or was under the influence of any opiates or controlled substances."

Richards continued, "Statements made by anyone to the contrary are completely impeached by the results from this prestigious testing facility."


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oxys dont show up on any drug test that is why she passed!!

1534 days ago


And who was the person with the clean urine she used? So many people use other peoples urine in baggies hooked to their stomach to keep it warm and pass as their own. NEXT, don't believe you.
How about hair strands that's the only way to be sure. My sister acutally does these test and has seen first hand people trying to cheat. She needs to also be tested for HIV while she's at it. Again with all ther money she has plenty to pay anyone off.

1534 days ago


Regardless of if the drug test was faked/real/whatever he still BEAT THE WIFE AND MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN. He's a huge man trained in fighting and she's a 100 lb woman. JUST BECAUSE HE THOUGHT SHE WAS ON DRUGS OR HAD TAKEN THEM DOES NOT GIVE HIM REASON TO ABUSE HER. Even if she was higher than a kite, drug addiction is a disease and does not give you license to abuse someone! They charged him with felony domestic violence, and you pathetic people are defending him? Idiots.

1534 days ago


The half-life is about 4hrs. No wonder she tested clean the next day.

1534 days ago


Lets do a hair test UA mean NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

1534 days ago


It all depends on how strict that lab is. I imagine they won't be that strict with someone who just goes in and wants to do a test randomly as opposed to being dragged in by the police or athletics commission.

It could very well be somebody else's pee. It happens all the time when the security is a hell of a lot more stringent.

Jenna is a sex worker with some serious psychological issues and a history of drugs, right now she'd say and do anything to get the upper hand as it wouldn't be tough for Tito to get custody of the kids over a drug addicted sex worker, then she'd be paying him $$$$ in child support.

1534 days ago


I saw her once at a signing in a shop not far from where I live, she was messed up and was a total diva. She was an hour late and left over an hour early. Belladonna was fab. Shge talked to every one and signed anything you wanted signed, and did not ask for a fee for autograph. Jenna is a trashy waste

1534 days ago


This means that something else started this argument. There's not 2 brain cells between them

1534 days ago


I'll believe it when I see the blood test - put I give her PR rep. props for having her take a urine test and attempt to smooth the event over....she's got a smart PR

1533 days ago


Jenna says he became angry when she said something hurtful or something along those lines, maybe someones not performing up to standard, that is a big shoe to fill!!!

1533 days ago


demz are some big azz streach marks around demz lips....

1532 days ago


1494 days ago
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