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The Hoff's Ex In the Slammer

4/29/2010 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Pamela Bach has turned herself in and has begun serving a 90-day jail sentence.

TMZ broke the story David Hasselhoff's ex was sentenced last Friday after pleading no contest to a DUI.  As a result of the plea, she violated her probation in an earlier DUI case.

Bach was supposed to turn herself in next week but obviously couldn't wait.



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Good, just another useless dumb-ass off the road. Now hopefully the cops will get a few more.

1582 days ago



1582 days ago


Nicole Ritchie and Lindsay Lohan both got 4 days and did 90 minutes for the same offense. Why was Pamela sentenced to so much more time than they were for the same offense.

1582 days ago


This family is the most dysfunctional family in Hollyweird.Both of them are sixty years old but look 70 or older. So sad.........

1582 days ago


jenna should be taking some lessons from her...

1581 days ago


The Hoff is a modern day God of the new era. He single handedly brought down the Berlin Wall. Where's his Nobel Peace prize? U.N. staff position?

1581 days ago


Paris didn't do 23 days for "simple driving without a license". She was driving recklessly, no lights on late at night, otherwise she never would have come to the attention of the police. She also lied to the judge about not knowing her license was still suspended and got caught in that lie also, since she had signed a do***ent saying she understood she wasn't supposed to drive when she was caught another time earlier (again, having caught the attention of the cops, her passenger had to drive her home). There were other aspects of her probation that she violated, for instance taking her own sweet time before signing up for the drunk driver course.

What else can you do with a rich scofflaw, anyway, but ground them for a while in the county jail? House arrest would be a joke, taking away her car wouldn't bother her a bit since she has others and could afford more, etc. If she lived in my state, she would have been in jail for a year. Probation means "keep your nose clean and we won't send you to jail".

Just because PB will only get 10 days doesn't mean that the local system isn't messed up. She should do the 90 days, as ordered by the judge, with only time off for good behavior (that would be 45 days). DUIs are serious, not smart to be soft on them. Surely there are other people in the jail who have been there a lot longer and are really nonviolent (just not famous) rather than having threatened to kill somebody with their car (which is what a drunken driver is doing, hardly nonviolent) and who need to get back to work and families. Let them out first, not these drunken celebrities.

1581 days ago


Who cares! She deserves to be there. I hope she ends up being someone's bitch. That is the only way drunks learn!

1581 days ago


She fought the Bottle, and the Bottle won.

1581 days ago


I guess she isn't considered a celebrity, so she got jail time.

1581 days ago


That's what she gets for hassle'n the Hoff

1581 days ago

Cynthia J    

Jesus H. This woman hounded her husband, called the cops on him, shot her mouth to the Tabloids--all about his drunken behavior. She's just a drunk, like David. My god, you have to really screw up to get 90 days in jail for drunken activities. Well, I hope she gets and stays sober. Good luck.

1581 days ago



1581 days ago


Mmmm wonder who will have their face buried in that mound during her stay...

1581 days ago


She won't be out in two days because she isn't really a celebrity. she thinks she is.....her WHOLE family is a hott mess, i mean a pathetic family all the way down to her neices, nephews and second cousins. she's how old and she got a D.U.I.?

1573 days ago
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