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'Pretty Wild' Star: Take Down My Nude Pics!

4/29/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tess Taylor -- one of the stars of the reality show "Pretty Wild" -- is fighting mad over some nude pics of her that just surfaced on a website ... and now she wants them taken down, or else.


TMZ has obtained a cease and desist letter Taylor's lawyer sent to, which posted topless pics of Tess holding a giant bong.

In the letter, Taylor's lawyer says the pics were posted "illegally" and violate her privacy ... their legal eagle is threatening legal action against website owner Nik Richie unless he takes down the pics ... stat.


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Lol, isn't that the guy that Shayne Lamas just married? Anyway these girls are complete trash and their mother should be ashamed of herself for raising such pathetic, disrespectful, stupid, trashy girls. They deserve what they get for being so ignorant. No one gives a **** about these nasty girls. The only reason people watch their show is the same reason people watch Springer and Maury, because TRASH sells. Girls like these make people like Paris Hilton look like a role model, lol. They're on their way to becoming the next Lohan's, but at least Lindsay had talent before she turned into a trainwreck.

1603 days ago


So Why did TMZ post that letter? Isn't that an invasion of privacy??? TMZ doesn't care about anyones rights, they care about humilating anyone for MONEY! Harvey needs to grow the eff up and mind his dam business. NO ONE GIVES A CRAP ABOUT THESE KIDS OR THE JERSEY SHORE CAST!

1603 days ago


got to the and you'll see the'll also see that Nik is refusing to take them down....sorry kids, once you post pictures on line, they become part of the public domaain and are almost impossible to get removed.

if people would just stop doing stupid **** on film, sites like the dirty wouldn't even have to exist.

1603 days ago


Congrats on drawing even more attention to these pics...which was most likely your sole intention.

This violates her privacy? Seriously? Hard to feel too sorry considering she has cameras following her around 24/7 for a reality show. Even harder since her family is famous for invading the homes and privacy of celebrites in order to steal from them.

There reality show is just a giant train wreck. These pics are the least of their worries.

1603 days ago


lol...We all know that she leaked these photos herself. Just another fame whore in Hollywood..

1603 days ago


sorry never heard of her who is she and y does it matter

1603 days ago


Why take them down? She has a nicer set of boobs than I thought she did.

1603 days ago


So... are they going to come after TMZ now with a Copyright complaint for publishing the letter without permission? LOL

1603 days ago


Like she didn't know this would gain her some footage. It's quite simple, you don't want nude photos posted on websites of yourself.. DON'T TAKE NUDE PHOTOS OF YOURSELF!!! I realize their mom (aka the woman raising Tess) is a looney bin and did pose for Playboy, but they need to think for themselves now that they're over 18 years old!

1603 days ago

leo schlick    

Partly take back what I said before - didn't know who she was and didn't realize she's all over the Internet. I am so glad I'm not a young girl - such pressure to all look the same and have perfect bodies and think celebrity itself is a good thing.

1603 days ago

rebecca weeman    

hmmmm....first paris hilton, the kardashians and recently chelsea handler and now the pretty wild girl. Chelsea is exec producer of this show do you suppose this is an E channel thing

1603 days ago



1603 days ago


she is rather ridiculous crying "invasion of privacy" when she is on "Pretty Wild" acting the fool. I guess the outrage is that she is being paid for that. I bet if he threw some cash her way not only would she be thrilled to have the pictures out there she would probably take more and sell those, too.

1603 days ago

Snow White    

How dumb do you have to be to pose naked with a bong and expect privacy. LMAO. The little skank had this coming. Those are some seriously saggy tits for someone so young.

Behave like a slut,be perceived like a slut- and so it is!

1603 days ago


Harvey, Please explain to the underlings about the power of a C&D. I have dogs with more bark than a C&D.

1603 days ago
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