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Charlie Sheen

Plea Deal Close

5/1/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0430-charlie-sheen-ex-getty-1TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen's lawyers are deep in plea negotiations with Aspen prosecutors and a deal is close -- in large part because Charlie's show is hanging in the balance.

Sources close to Sheen tell TMZ Charlie's team has one goal -- the plea deal must be made by May 19 ... the date of the CBS upfronts, when the fall schedule is announced.  We're told CBS is skittish about re-upping the show if Charlie's fate is uncertain.

Insiders involved in the contract negotiations tell TMZ it's increasingly looking like Charlie will cut a new deal with Warner Bros. for two more years of "Two and a Half Men."

As for the plea deal, sources say there have been "numerous conversations" between Charlie's lawyers and Aspen prosecutors.  As we first reported, the hang-up was over whether Charlie would be pleading guilty to a felony or a misdemeanor. 

We're told it looks like Charlie will end up pleading to one count of misdemeanor criminal mischief for breaking Brooke Mueller's eyeglasses.


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It's the oversized influence once again of HAL HADDON (The Ramseys, Kobe Bryant), in the State of Colorado. It's sickening that the cops still found the knife in the upright position that Sheen used to threaten his wife, and they still have to plea the case down. Yes Just Us is expensive for the Rich, but worth it, to buy your way out of ANYTHING, just as long as you pay Hal Haddon MEGABUCKS.

1636 days ago


I seriously hope some of these posters don't serve on a jury. The assume all kinds of stuff. I am female, 59 and been married 40 years and I weigh facts in evidence. I don't have gender bias' nor do I just jump to conclusions because of someone's past. They just might have changed from where they've been previously. I think Brooke is one scary mother and wife. It's clear the Aspen Police didn't take what she blew and what she registered as any kind of factor here. I think she KNEW what would get him jailed and used that in a small fight with him. That's why she wants to retract it now-it wasn't true to begin with. That's filing a false pol report. And he broke her glasses-that's laughable. If my husband ever sits on my eyeglasses I am going to call the police and say he broke my glasses, arrest him.

1636 days ago


Time for Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods to get a place together.
They can call themselves, 'Two and a Half Wangs"!!

Neither of these guys should ever be allowed to get married again
or procreate.

1636 days ago


CBS cares more about this show than supporting a person who threatened their spouse with a knife to the neck artery? A tooth pick can kill at the neck. If the DA let's this go, they can be bought.

1636 days ago


CHARLIE NICE TRY WITH THE HAIR CUT!!!!!! What is that saying you can fool some of the People some of the time!!!!! Trying to get our attention off of your marriage problems and your wife by putting all the attention on GOOD OLD CHARLIE AND HIS OLD CRAZY WAYS.

1636 days ago


I KNEW IT WAS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!!!!! Charlie love the spot light and the money to much to leave the show and the network needs him to much to fire him, IT'S LIKE A HUSBAND AND WIFE????? ( I hope you all got my little joke!) And for some strange reason everybody loves Charlie even the Cops if you get what I mean!!!!!

1636 days ago


It's only a matter of time before Sheen kills a woman. Like his buddy OJ Simpson (Sheen used autopsy/crime scene photos of Nicole Brown Simpson to threaten Denise Richards) and Phil Spector, he has been able to BUY his way out of REPEATED violent incidents involving WOMEN ONLY (he wouldn't dare treat men like this, he would be seriously injured), and the violence from him keeps getting more severe.

1636 days ago


Oh, to be rich and famous. Just another example of $ & fame - can you say Michael Douglas's infamous "oh, it was hard to be a rich kid" & his son gets 5 years for how much pain his drug pushing caused how many families &/or lives? - & Hollywood logic prevailing once again. Then there is the law the rest of us live by.

1636 days ago


This wrong, he needs to face reality, go to jail and think about. His ex wife Denise was right all along, he is sick.

1636 days ago


Hope she got a huge payoff for she & the kids, but how sad that he didn't get jail-time - he's gonna end up killing a woman, just like psycho Phil Spector who's in prison for shoving a gun in a girl's mouth & she's dead because the gun went off...

1636 days ago


He violently grabbed her glasses off her face and broke them, in addition to holding the switchblade to her throat (that police found laying open in his travel bag). He needs to be put away & CBS should be ashamed for promoting someone like this.

1636 days ago


See, here's how it should work. Both parties know each other is nuts and they themselves are nuts/trainwrecks. So, the court should rule that, okay, from now on, you two stay together whatever happens is your own fault except if the children are harmed in any way whatsoever. And, he probably could benefit from some house arrest time. But the show should continue. Or, he could just jump off the deep end now and save everyone time and trouble.

1636 days ago



Go get a vasectomy, get rid of the wife, pay for your kids, and never get married again unless you have a great pre-nup. Just some advice from a commoner.

I love the show and would hate to see you leave.

1636 days ago

he still looks nice    

i'm still a frEEKing dream world about him and I think he's going to just be exactly where he is and like TO BE, i don't even care if he gEtS drunk and anyoen else would be his best woman but i won't want to think he shouldn't be with his wife , it should work out , and I like just sticking away from one thing that was slowing me down and I like blowing bubble's outside and icecream with coffee and i love my shoes even though thier not great fancy , and my eyes are wide awake and clean and just not as preety and even if my jeans are tight I DON'T GET DOWN ABOUT BEING a bit FAT , i'M OLD HE'S OLDER, and thats what I get in funny thought about charlie sheen OMG I never though some one like this but I would never say who I am because it would be out of my place and i'LL NEVER SEE HIM and IT WOULDN'T MATTER ANYWAY, ps HE LOOKS GOOD WITH ANY BODY ESPECIALLY PREETY GIrLS, and wish i was just like them 2,,

1636 days ago


Charlie Sheen is an irrelevant suck-hole, notwithstanding the fact that his father was a very good actor ... but getting back to what's really important here, again I have to say that I'm surprised that the "Buddhist" played as well as he did at the Masters ? However, when you stop to think about it, perhaps it wasn't so surprising, if you consider that he probably played at least 25-30 practice rounds at Augusta during the weeks prior. There's no doubt that he and his team likely put "everything" they had into hitting a "home run" there, thus hoping to restore his credibility and image, etc. It was a "one time" opportunity at redemption, that they knew they had to seize. Unfortunately for them, they came up short ... and after the months of hard work and preparation, that must have been extremely deflating and very damaging for them. What we saw yesterday (ie: a defeated and dejected Tiger) is merely the reality of where we are today ... and it's likely to only get worse, from here on in. I hate to say this, but I've got an uncomfortable feeling that this may all eventually end like OJ ...

1636 days ago
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