Charlie Sheen -- Plea Bargain Hang-Up

3/15/2010 3:34 PM PDT

Charlie Sheen -- Plea Bargain Hang-Up

The prosecution in Charlie Sheen's Aspen case is not looking for jail time, but wants Charlie to either cop a plea to a felony or stand trial ... sources tell TMZ.

As we first reported, Charlie is more than willing to plead guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor with no jail time. And we're told Charlie wants the case dismissed outright at the end of the probationary period.

So the hang-up in cutting a deal is not jail time -- it's whether Charlie pleads to a misdemeanor or a felony. Charlie's position -- prosecutors in Aspen routinely accept misdemeanor pleas for these cases.

But we're told the Aspen D.A. believes Charlie has already gotten one free bite of the apple, because in 1997 he pled no contest to misdemeanor battery in a domestic violence case involving then-girlfriend Brittany Ashland.

We're told the Aspen D.A. feels -- given Charlie's prior -- a felony is appropriate.