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Sandra Bullock Adoption -- The Signs Were There

4/30/2010 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These may be the biggest clues so far that Sandra Bullock was living with baby Louis Bardo -- and they surfaced before the Jesse James scandal broke, but no one connected the dots.

The photos (above) show Sandra taking out the trash just days before the Oscars -- at the Orange County home she shared with Jesse.  We now know Sandra timed the trash run so the container was left on the street just before trash pickup.  We're told ... had anyone gotten close, they would have smelled baby poop.

And then there's this ... take a look at the pictures taken just days after the Oscars (above) -- but still before the scandal broke.  That's Chi-Lin Sun -- the photog who shot the Bullock baby pics for People -- going into the Bullock/James O.C. home, carrying a baby blanket and baby clothes.

So Sandra was sly, but the clues were still there.


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Nice...Good for Sandra.. glad she is ditching him with divorce..especially with this adoption in her life now.

1635 days ago


Really guys? The second half of this post I MAYBE see being minor news... but the baby poop clues... jesus.

So TMZ missed out on the scoop she'd adopted like everyone else. Why are you backtracking now... to prove you can best point out the clues everyone missed?

1635 days ago


Her garbage cans smell like baby poop? TMZ you are a bunch of idiots.

1635 days ago


This is seriously getting pathetic TMZ. Two stories now looking at every move made months ago to see if we can connect it to the fact she had a baby then we didn't know about - omfg give it up! A picture of her wheeling a garbage can is now a sign?! Are you serious?

1635 days ago


This just goes to show that TMZ ISN'T up to par anymore. Your obsession with non-celebs and non-news is getting old. You don't even report on current celebrity deaths - I have to read that on FOX NEWS!!!!

Unless you get back to what you used to be, I'm deleting you from my bookmark.

1635 days ago


I doubt Sandra was as sly as you imply. I think that no one picking up the clues speaks more to how little people care about her and her white trash soon be ex.

1635 days ago


She was sly, but the clues were still there?! What are you babbling about, TMZ? Clues you and ALL the reporters didn't catch on to. I love it!!

1635 days ago


You guys are reading WAYYYYY too much into the trash thing lol. They have dogs. Poop is poop I have had both baby and doggie poop in my trash. Gave me a BIG laugh here.

1635 days ago


Admitting you are all too dull to notice clues to a big story unfolding isn't the most flattering story...but kudos to you for pointing out how truly ungood you are.
I truly don't know how you do it with paps lower on the IQ scale than Paris and Kim.

1635 days ago


Why didn't that s***-sucking Jesse James take out the trash? He is one humongous piece of ****.

1635 days ago


Who cares when, where or how Sandra adopted her baby! THE BOTTOM LINE IS "SHE ADOPTED A BABY". Sandra has a huge heart and the baby is very fortunate to have been adopted, period.

1635 days ago


I don't care! So you didn't get the scoop. You'll get another one some day. Give this a rest please.

1635 days ago


Okay, this is kind of a ridiculous story, but, . . . Sandra does look spectacular, even wheeling a garbage can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1635 days ago


HA HA I LOVE the fact that the story about Sandra adopting that beautiful baby boy broke when SHE wanted it to!!

1635 days ago


Wow, wonder why she didn't want to put her trash out until just before pickup. Maybe the fact that she has paparazzi staking out her home watching her every move, even taking out the TRASH? Huh... nah, that couldn't POSSIBLY be it.

Give the poor girl a break. Let her enjoy her new baby and new life in peace. I'm personally glad she chose to introduce her new son to the world HER way. Because honestly, it's none of our business what's in her trash!

1635 days ago
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