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Lindsay Lohan's Dad Going for Conservatorship

5/2/2010 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Michael Lohan will be back in L.A. Monday ... and he's telling people he'll start the legal ball rolling to create a conservatorship for Lindsay Lohan.


Lindsay is in NYC but refuses to see MIchael ... and daddy Lohan says it's now time. 

As for a possible conservatorship, Lohan is telling people he'd gladly serve as the conservator but is open to someone else assuming that role.

Michael Lohan also says he does not want his daughter to go to jail. As TMZ first reported, Lohan is on the fast track for a jail cell because she has squarely violated the terms of her probation.  A court day of May 20 looms for Lindsay.

Michael wants Lindsay in rehab but not a traditional, group facility.  He wants to go the Brooke Mueller route -- a private home with lots of doctors.  What Michael isn't factoring in -- that type of rehab is bocu expensive and Lindsay is broke.


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The problem with Michael obtaining conservatorship is that he himself is less than a step himself at returning to prison. That is like asking a snowman to guard the tulips. Or, the fox to guard the duck. Michael isn't stable enough to take care of his own affairs. Harvey, you should sue for conservatorship of Michael.

1602 days ago


Puh-Lease! Enough with this publicity wh0re already. "He's going to do it, he's talking to lawyers, he's giving her one more chance, he's made an ultimatum, yada-yada-yada.

This guy is a first class piece of human trash, married to another piece of trash, with a daughter who is the biggest piece of human trash. The younger daughter is getting a first hand look at what she needs to be like to stay in the spotlight which she has taken an instant liking to.

Your "reporters" ought to check to see if LiLo has any life insurance out on her with daddy, mommy, or an unnamed or challengeable person listed...because all I see happening is daddy and mommo (daddy for sure) doing their level best to drive this girl to suicide.

If I could take out a life insurance policy on a stranger with a payout even in the event of suicide, I would take one out on LiLo...because her family is doing everything but holding the bottle of pills to her lips.

If I were her, I would pull the trigger and get/name my own conservator, spend every last penny I have assuring that her family is disowned and has ZERO right to anything she has whether she be living or dead...not as a trustee or as a direct beneficiary. I bet they would leave her alone then.

1602 days ago

Good riddance!    

A nice jail cell for a couple of years would be a great thing for this drunken thief!

1602 days ago


Micheal needs a conservator! He's one messed up little man. He hasn't got the brains, common sense or sense of decorum that God gave doorstops, let alone what he needs to manage someone elses life. He is one step from prison himself, so I doubt that any self respecting Judge would even consider that jack@@@. Your 15 minutes are over. So get off your high horse, sit down, shut up.

1602 days ago


She does need help. She also needs someone looking out for her interests, but that should not be Micheal. He is only in it to get control of her money and to keep himself relevvant. Does he think he gets the same deal as Jamie Spears, $16,000 a month? I hate to spill the beans but right now she's broke! Maybe that will solve her problems right there, no money, no Micheal.

1602 days ago


If you want to write in french on your site please spell it correctly.

English VERY

thank you

1602 days ago

me not you    

I don't understand why Lindsay is dragging her feet legally. She is an adult and she should have gone to court a long time ago to legally divorce herself from this guy, sever his parental title forever. If she would have done that, this guy could be arrested for harassment. Lindsay, wake up and get him out of your life!

1602 days ago


It's BEAUCOUP and not bocu.

1602 days ago


What the heck is "bocu"? Do you mean beaucoup? Don't be lazy -- if I want to read really poor writing, I'll check out Perez.

1602 days ago


Does anyone know who is paying for all the lawyers it would take for Michael to try for this thing? Also, all the flights out to LA, hotel, meals, etc. Does he have a job anyone knows about? The only thing I can think of it that he is promising the lawyers that their fees will be paid after the assets are turned over to a conservator--i.e. Lindsey will pay them.

A fact of life is that these things take money--just like most things.

1602 days ago



Are you seriously that stupid?

1602 days ago


Spelling class for TMZ writers


1602 days ago


This is a idle threat and that's all it's even been. There's no grounds for a consevatorship. That's why he keeps threating to go to court but he doesn't actually do it. How much you want to bet that Monday and Tuesday come and go and all he's done is make more public ultimatums to Lindsay through TMZ "or else"? Of course the last time he tried to coerce her Lindsay called his bluff and what did he do? He blinked and gave her a couple of extra days to "think about it" then sulked and flew back to NY in a huff when she stood firm in calling his bluff.

I can't wait for Lisa Bloom, who's spent most of her so-called legal career as a TV personality "legal expert", to take this to this to court. She's got bupkis and she knows it. They're going to get laughed out of court. This is going to end just like the rest of her frivolous suits, like your sexual discrimination suit against the BOY SCOUTS of America for not letting girls in! *rolls eyes* Yeah that one worked out real well for you Lisa! *snicker* Legal expert my ass... at least your douche mother Gloria Allred gets results. And Micheal why did you hire a trial attorney whose area of practice is suing for sexual discrimination and other victims rights? Why not a family/estate law firm that actually has experience with conservatorships?

1602 days ago


But her father posted that Lindsay has the AIDS virus.
She should be under medical care if she is Hiv-positive.
The party life will kill her even faster, and she may also endanger others by spreading AIDS.

1602 days ago


Beaucoup. What the hell is bocu? It sounds like a hair
salon shop name.

Which illiterate at TMZ is trying to sound literate?

1602 days ago
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