Charlie Sheen, Warner Bros. Not Negotiating

5/3/2010 6:13 PM PDT
Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. have not been negotiating for his return to "Two and a Half Men" -- contrary to several reports ... but sources on both sides are telling us they believe a deal will eventually be made.

There are reports out that the parties are close to making a deal. Not true.  As we first reported, Warner Bros. offered Charlie $1 mil an episode but Charlie wants $1.5 mil. Neither side has gone back with a counteroffer.

Both sides tell TMZ they believe the deal will be made either on May 18 or early in the morning on May 19. CBS announces its fall schedule on May 19 and the network wants to know Charlie is on board before committing. 

Sources on both sides continue to tell TMZ they believe the deal will be made for around $1.3 mil an episode.