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Lindsay Lohan -- Chaperoned for her Deposition

5/3/2010 4:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is headed back to L.A. for the deposition that she has blown off twice, and this time her mom Dina plans to hand-deliver her troubled daughter.

Sources tell TMZ Dina is actually worried Lindsay -- who is already broke -- will go deep in the hole if she doesn't show for the depo.  She's being sued by several people who claim they were held hostage by Lohan during a wild ride down Pacific Coast Highway in 2007.

The judge in the case threatened that if Lindsay was a no-show for a third time, she would lose the case.


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If Lindsey wants the help and her mom is going to do it there must be something there. Her mom may not be the best person but Lindsey trusts her over her dad. And if needing your mom to go with you to a deposition. I don't see a problem with that. I mean that girl has been through a lot and one thing we dont hear about are her brothers. They are both stable young men raised by Dina so she must be doing something right.

1602 days ago


I hope Lindsay gets her act together and makes a comeback like Robert Downey Jr did :)

1602 days ago



1602 days ago


Too bad about Lindsay, I just watched Georgia Rules last night, what a waste-such a talented girl....I hope she can get better soon.

1602 days ago


Sam, ....Please, come back & help Lilo through another sad episode in her life, she's always so mature & calm when u are w/her, u took great care of her when she left re-hab & probably saved her life & she was turning into a nice mature young women, but since u broke up w/her, her life has gone down the drain big time & she's a spoiled lonely, depressed brat again, ...please.... please have some pity for her, even w/all the cig buts & bottles she throws at you,...You did have some good times together no doubt & some fond memories......)))~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***

1602 days ago


Im glad that her mother is in town she can use all the support she can get. Her mother will always have her back she won't throw her under the bus like her father and Samantha Ronson. Also the Ronson clan is in LA so so Lindsay is really out numbered remember what happned the last time they were in town what Lindsay went through

1602 days ago


Obviously reading comprehension isn't a strong point for your average TMZ readers, even ones who claim to be lawyers... She's at the airport in NY you dummies, the deposition isn't until tomorrow May 4th!

There's a lesson to be learned here for the dummies. TMZ's headlines are ALWAYS misleading. It's a gossip rag for f_cks sake! You've got to read the story and then between the lines of the story too before you'll get at any truth, and often there's none to be found. It's just baseless rumors.

1602 days ago


Here's how a real gossip site that isn't bent on destroying Lindsay's reputation describes these same photos.

"Lindsay Lohan: Belly-Baring JFK Jet Setter - Posted May 3rd, 2010

Showing up for a departing flight, Lindsay and Dina Lohan were spotted arriving at JFK Airport in New York City on Monday (May 3).

The “Labor Pains” actress, who sported a belly-baring white top, and her mother seemed to be in good spirits as they made their way to security, keeping their sunglasses over their eyes all the way.

In other news, it was recently announced that Linds has finally landed herself a new movie role.

Marc Malkin of E! News says that Ms Lohan is set to star in an indie film called “Inferno” and will take on the role of a porn star named Linda Lovelace."

The only thing i would have added to that is this: Between Labor Pains (direct to video 2009) and the upcoming role of Linda Lovelace she's also starred in Machete (2010), which premiers in theaters in September. Some much for TMZ's claims that she can't get work anymore! She may not being 2-3 films a year like she was up until 2007, but if you had her problems you'd have a hard time keeping up with that schedule too. Anyway reports on her unemployability are greatly over exaggerated by TMZ, as is the claim she's broke. TMZ is just out to destroy her and it's disgusting the levels they'll stoop too to do it.

1602 days ago


It seems the only reason Dina get along with any of her children is because she lets them do whatever the hell they want to. If she ever spoke up and tried to really be a mother all hell would break lose. Remember her television show? If Ali didn't get her way she would rant and rave until Dina finally gave in. Just look at the difference between father and mother. The father finally gets his life together enough to care what really happens to his children and they do not want to know anything about it. In the meanwhile... the mother, Dina .... comes across like an angel in their eyes. Why? Again ... she allows them to do whatever and sits back and says "everything is fine" ... parroting exactly what her children tell her. Lindsay is fine. Ali is fine. However, the father, Michael who knows better is called the devil. Speak up, Dina and you'll soon find out just how your children really think of you. Opps... that's right. You really don't know how to be a real mother. Unless drinking and partying with your teenage kids is a mother... and allowing them to live in Hollywood un-supervised for years, watching your daugther get arrested, on probation, looking to go to jail, get sued, up all night, throws glasses at former lovers, strips just about naked, should I go on and now? Do you get the picture yet, mommy? WAKE UP!!!

1602 days ago


People keep comparing Lindsay to the come back of Robert Dowmney, Jr. However, remember ... he had to go to prison to finally wake up. HELLO ... prison does have that effect on people... and could... just could be the best thing that ever happened to dear old Lindsay. She might grow up just like her father did when he did time. Whatever it takes .... dear God ... please do whatever it takes to get through to the Lohan clan... in Jesus name I pray... even if it is sending Lindsay to jail/prison.

1602 days ago


YES .... just like Robert Downey, Jr. Just read what he had to go through before his big "come back"... It was no easy ride .. no slap on the wrists. It took some very serious prison time to get through this guy. Yes... Lord ... do it the same way you did for Robert. It just might save her life... forget about her career for the moment. She won't need a career if she does straighten out. It is almost gone now. Maybe that is what it will take. She is certainly in God's hands ... no doubt whatsoever.

Robert Downey, Jr.
Substance abuse,_Jr.

1602 days ago


It looks like Lindsay is pointing to a counter were her
and mom can do a line or two.

1601 days ago


WHY DO YOU RUIN YOUR LIFE LIKE THIS?? you are so lucky and you do not appreciate it. i would pay anything to be in your shoes. and yet you go around with your head in the clouds and not thinking straight. If i had your life I would NOT waste it on stupid BS like you do. You need to get your crap straight and live a better life. STOP letting others get to you!

1601 days ago


Wow has she turned into smashed goods, Mom is actually starting to look hotter. She wont get a clue until she has to serve some jail time, but she's managed to get out of it every time so far. She will probably have to do more fake rehab instead of jail time.

1601 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is such a rock star. She's out doin coke, disrespecting the legal system, lookin like hell. God bless the USA

1601 days ago
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