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Allred Attacks Boreanaz -- He Claims Extortion

5/4/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a legal pissing contest erupting over TMZ's story yesterday, that attorney Gloria Allred tried to get a 6 figure settlement for a woman who had an affair with David Boreanaz. Now Allred is threatening to blow the lid off the affair, but Boreanaz' lawyer is calling it an extortion attempt.

Allred claims Boreanaz' lawyer -- legal pit bull Marty Singer -- tried contacting the mistress and only then did Allred get involved.  Allred says, "We discussed the possible resolution of my client's legal claims against Mr. Boreanaz by mediation."  Allred does not say what legal claims the mistress had.

But Singer was more than willing to tell TMZ about Allred's legal claim.  He says Allred's claim was that Boreanaz had promised the mistress that she was "exclusive," even though she knew he was married.
As we first reported, the woman had a very short-term liaison with Boreanaz -- 2 or 3 times -- he paid her money but she allegedly kept demanding more, and then threatened to go to the media unless he upped the ante.  Boreanaz told the story publicly yesterday, and shut down Allred's claim.

Now Allred says, "My client has not told her story to the press, but now that Mr. Boreanaz is attacking her she has decided to tell the story of their relationship, so that the truth will come out."

Singer tells TMZ, "On April 23, the woman left a very threatening message that she was going to the media, that my client had not given her enough money ... It is true I did leave a message for the woman because of the extortionist threat she left with my client.  On Monday, I received a call from Gloria Allred and she told me the woman was looking to get paid at least 6 figures."

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What kind of **** is this?? Legal EXTORTION?? BLACKMAIL?? Go fall in a puddle of aids Gloria.

1630 days ago


Pay up, or else??? Gloria Allred is facilitating blackmail.

1630 days ago


Gloria Allred is just a vulture of the lowest kind. She reps all these "victims," who were led astray by the married men they were involved with. I cannot stand this woman. She is the lowest of the low. If there was extortion, she should be reported to the state bar and her license revoked to practice law. It is s*** like her that give lawyers a bad name.

1630 days ago


Lol Damn she is sooooooo money thirsty!!!!!!!!!! GLORIA GET A FACE LIFT YOU UGLY HO!!!!! and STOP EXTORTING PEOPLE FOR MONEY U SELFISH HAG!!!

1630 days ago


I still don't know how what Letterman's 'extortionist' did is different from Gloria's actions.

1630 days ago


Why isn't Allred being charged with extortion?
Tiger Woods really set a bad precedent in paying off the sl*tty looking and acting ukital..uckital.. yuckytell..or whatever her name is

1630 days ago


When in hell are guys going to learn if they cheat not to pay a girl. She was paid to keep quiet. Once you start feeding strays they keep coming back for more. After the thousands of dollars she got she ends up trying to extort him, She fails and then decides to tell..What is even sadder is new outlets will pay her for the story..Girls like this give other non gold digging wh@#$ a bad name. You see girls you too can get rich and all you have to do is spread your legs to a rich married celeb!

1630 days ago


Why hasn't Allred been arrested already for always being a party to extortion. That woman needs to have her license taken away and be thrown in jail ASAP. Letterman's extortionist is in jail, put these people in jail too along with Allred who is a party to it.

1630 days ago


I hope you get the worst form of cancer Gloria...hope it's painful and excruciating... better yet, getting gang-raped by a pack of dogs in an alley isn't a bad idea either for her.

1630 days ago


I don't condone cheating but really this ugly jew needs to go to jail. Is she nuts or what ?
Extortion and blackmailing are not allowed I presume ! What does she want ? More money. She can dream because I don't think Boreanaz is as stupid as Cheetah. If Uglytell the puta believes she can extort every famous married man she slept with she's completely delusional.
I hope Boreanaz doesn't give up. They can release their stories. Who cares about two whores - Uglytell and Alred made a nice couple. Two jews who only think about money. I hope they rot in hell.
They'd better think about innocent people : wives and kids !

1630 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Will somebody please arrest these two skanks? Does the "my client knew he was married but thought they were exclusive" claim sound familiar? Same thing those wh*res Allred repped who had been doing Tiger Woods claimed. Hope we don't have to endure more embarrassing news conferences and incessant crying asking for an "apology."

1630 days ago


If it wasn't clear before can take all of Tiger's & Jesse's & Boreanaz's mistresses, toss in every "working" girl between L.A and Vegas, AND GLORIA ALLRED IS STILL THE BIGGEST WHORE OF ALL!!!

Why does this bitch still have a license to practice law? She is clearly just an extortionist, it's her MO, and the only "law" she still practices.

SHE'S DISGUSTING, and an embarassment to legitimate lawyers everywhere.

1630 days ago


Allred needs to take a step back and look at the direction her professional career and character is going.....representing skanks who's sole purpose is to hook up with married men then try to extort money from the hookup.

1630 days ago


I hate his show Bones. What a waste of airtime.

1630 days ago


She really needs to be disbarred.

1630 days ago
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