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Keanu & Charlize

The Long Kiss Goodnight

5/4/2010 11:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron didn't just share a romantic dinner at a Beverly Hills restaurant last night -- they also shared a really intimate goodbye hug and kiss on the way out.

Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron
As the two walked out of Bouchon restaurant, the two locked in a really snug embrace and then tenderly swapped some cheek kisses.

It wasn't exactly a makeout session -- but it wasn't the way you'd send off your grandmother either.

UPDATE: More evidence -- when they hugged each other goodbye, Charlize's hands are clearly UNDER KEANU'S JACKET!


So we gotta ask ...


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I heard about this before I saw it so I expected to see something completely different. This just looks like good friends hugging. I don't see anything intimate here. Sorry. Plus she just broke with her guy after 10 years. That's gotta be tough.

1600 days ago


if you remember, and if you dont, watch it. they were in sweet november together. think about it. makes sense to me....i love 'em both. theyre better together.

1600 days ago


Keanu is hot. Why so much hate? He is a good guy. I know.

1600 days ago


Keanu , Baby ... I <3 you but when are you going to lose that jacket you have been wearing for the past three years? Kisses

1600 days ago

kleo jess    

Hi, I'm Kleo, a teacher, have a hobby as writing screenplays for the actors I like, for example, for Mr. K. Reeves. If you can imagine him in a role of a bit strange scientist in a dolphinarium ("We belong to the ocean") with Julia Roberts, or in a role of Vincent Van Gogh, read my stories on: kleojess (dot) com or find me on fb.

1600 days ago


They've known each other since they made Devil's Advocate together in 1997! Then made Sweet November together where they were lovers, in 2001, so WHY now? She wasn't with her ex-boy Stuart until 2004. What, after all these years they now find each other attractive? Keanu might be more to her now, he is EXTREMELY wealthy (Matrix movies, he got a percentage, look at his IMDB page). Money talks and makes people happy. Stuart had none, Keanu has lots. See what going on here? At least he's tall enough for this amazon.

1600 days ago


To those crazy people think that Keanu is gay, you r crazy... he is totally a man, a firm man that many women desire.

I think Keanu n Charlie would make a great couple, they r at the same level of fame and acting (they r both wonderful actors) n they r HOT. If u r think they r old n u r just interested in some puppy love of Miley n Liam or Joe n Demi... u r so immature. This is the real love!

1599 days ago


Totally gay. He used to be at the gay bars all the time with his lover in Honolulu in the early 90's. We know in the community.

1599 days ago


I used to go to alot of gay bars and im not gay in calif we have tons and all go not just gay people we all get along here and the gay bars are fun to go to

1599 days ago

Joe Blowe    

Who's the ****ing loser who keeps posting those food recipes??!!

1598 days ago


Keanu is not a gay, and he is not in love with Charlize. It's just a PR and they are great friends.
And also, he is not retarded.
I believe that odd people are more normal than *kinda normal* humans around us.
He just never has met a woman who would feel him, real him,and understand the way he is. And see his *inner world*.
None of those chicks in his life were not able to get it and get him, that's why they left him in peace after trying to be *MOM OF HIS KIDS and wify* and not getting what they normally want from a normal guy. He is not a normal guy. He is DIFFERENT.
He is not looking for a normal girl neither. Obviously. Otherwise he wouldn't be Single for so many years. And whatever dates he had, he remains single, always. Because those girls didn't touch his soul, they are just unable to see and feel it. That's it and it's my IMHO.
And soon or later he'll meet a woman (she's not famous yet), but not an actress for sure. And have with her kids.
When it's happen, send me bunch of roses please )))) Peace and love for everybody 1

1597 days ago


I've alwy's had the hots for Keanu, I mean really who is Brad Pitt anyway? Keanu is much more of a handsome man. I hope this will b a great relationship for him and of course Charlize as well.
I'd heard rumors that Keanu was gay , so what, never believed it. I wish he was my man!

1595 days ago


They look very nice together. It was time for him to find the love, after what happend with his son

1591 days ago

James Bond    

Keanu Reeves prefers to laugh off rumours questioning his sexuality rather than consult his lawyer.

He told the New York Post: "I try not to live my life by what other people say. People were gossiping about what the king and queen were doing way back when.

"It's just human nature. We like talking about other people."

A French magazine claimed in 1995 that the Mr Reeves had held a gay marriage ceremony with the film producer, David Geffen. Mr Reeves denies ever meeting his "husband."

1590 days ago


yesss..i wish this was true..they r very gorgeous couple..come on, get married and have children..

1583 days ago
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