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Madonna Journals

Yanked from Online Auction

5/5/2010 5:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A multi-million dollar online auction for a lot of Madonna's old private journals came to a grinding halt Monday -- thanks to a last minute intervention from Madge's reps.

Madonna Journals
The mystery man behind the auction -- who claims he obtained the 12 journals and other Madge memorabilia in a blind auction -- tells TMZ, eBay removed his listing around 10AM Monday morning ... because a rep for the singer was able to convince eBay that "they" were the rightful owners.

A rep from eBay confirmed they did receive a claim from Madonna's camp and have since pulled the auction from their site.

As for the seller, he's still adamant that the stuff belongs to him. He's also pissed because he's expecting to rake in at least $2.5 million from the sale.

So far, no comment from Madonna's camp.


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Dude, you can't copyright someones else work as your own and publish it. Not without getting your pants sued off anyway. That ideas a one way ticket to the poor house. It's a bad, bad idea...

1635 days ago


I call BS on this one.. If anyone else saw the stuff they had in a storage locker that they stopped making payments on for sale on ebay the auctions would not be pulled. If these items were of any vlue to the assistant why were they left in a storage locker that the rent was defaulted on? This would mean that anyone who as ever had their items sold that were in a storage locker could get their stuff back. The assistant wants them back so they can profit off of them... I do think though the asking price of 2.5 million was way too high

1635 days ago


who cares....

1635 days ago


Can someone explain how these are copyrighted, I don't get it, I thought you need to buy a copyright to copyright something.

1635 days ago


#4"The guy may have bought them fair and square, but the chain of custody is a little tainted. Kinda like stolen property. If Madonna's ex assistant had possession by other than legal means, she is entitled to them back. Besides only a skeeve would take a ladies diary and use it to make money, while she is alive, or Madonnas. Is there not also something now called an implied copyright? That would extend to such works as private journals and diaries?"

Excellent line of thought, #4. The fact that the seller didn't do the right thing and quietly give back the journals to Madonna, says to me that the skunk should have had all those assetts taken from him/her.

1635 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

The person bought this stuff through a legal process. It seems to me that if the original owners of whatever are going to be allowed to say, "Oops, didn't mean for that to get away from me; I want it back," we can't really know if we truly own it. I buy cool stuff at flea markets and even participated once in a storage unit auction--a LOT of work as you have to haul away EVERYTHING in the unit and most of it is JUNKOLA--and if I bought something that I later learned was listed as stolen--a bicycle would be a good, easy example as its VIN could easily be reported to the police and yet it could be just as easily sold at a flea market--I would be glad to return it to its original owner, hoping, of course, to at least get my money back. But something like this notebooks and such, if Madge didn't report them stolen, they weren't stolen; they were mismanaged. And the person who bought them owns them and should be able to sell them. Besides, in this case, Madonna has enough money to buy them back at a price which would surely please the new owner.

1635 days ago


The buyer did not acquire these illegally. He PURCHASED these items so he is indeed the rightful owner. If Madonna didn't want these books to get into the wrong hands, maybe she should have kept an eye on the whereabouts. She could have easily had them destroyed or put into a safe deposit box. Ebay had no right to cancel that auction.

Ebay sucks anyway. They once canceled an auction on me saying that they believed my designer handbag was counterfeit and they wouldn't let me relist even after telling them I could produce the original receipt! I later found out that this particular designer goes through all the auctions and has them all canceled as counterfeit. (I guess they don't like the fact that someone may not have to purchase a new one.) Ebay sides with the big dogs, not the little guys even if its wrong.

1635 days ago


Ummmmm what's the big deal?? I don't think there isn't a part of Madonna's life she hasn't made public...she's bore everything to the world, so what's the BFD?? The guy bought the property legally...he owns it...end of story. If you don't want something in your journals in the public eye, you better make an offer to the guy who owns them legally...don't be using your money and high profile lawyers to f this guy over!!!!!!

1635 days ago


You can't copyright this. Wouldn't she have to submit copies of the text to have it officially copyrighted? If she doesn't even know what's written on specific pages, it's just basically like finding a piece of paper that some famous person scrawled on and threw away. You can't copyright that.

1635 days ago

Mad On Ya    

She didn't seem to care about them for the last 20 years, so why should the rep have any legal footing in this matter?

The guy's better off selling somewhere else other than Ebay. He can still make good money.

1635 days ago


I thought that Madonna's camp at first had insisted that the journals weren't actually written by her? But that being said, it seems to me that your own personal journals should belong to you, even if their guardian didn't pay off the storage fee for them.

1635 days ago


Oh Stop! They're only valuable if they have Madonna's PIN # in them.

1635 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

Madge should just buy everything back from the ebay site.

1635 days ago


Same author as the Hitler Diaries...

1635 days ago


If they aren't her journals like she said, why go to this much trouble. He paid for them, he should be allowed to sell them!

1635 days ago
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