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Collateral Damage in

Leno's Terror Joke

5/5/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno cracked a joke on his show last night, implying that the Times Square bombing suspect doesn't just support terror ... he also supports Conan O'Brien.

During the gag, Leno created a fake Facebook page for Faisal Shahzad -- on which he claims the perp was a member of several online groups, including Al Qaeda, the Pakistan Frequent Flyers Club ... and Team Coco.



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Mary Ann    

I'm not a big fan of Conan, but I do think he got a raw deal and for Jay to just keep rubbing salt in the wound is CLASSLESS.
Your day will come Leno. The only thing funny on your show anymore is "Headlines."
Johnny would be ashamed.

1575 days ago


Really? That's the best joke he can come up with? Really sad and so not funny.

1575 days ago


Leno sucks! The only time his show is kinda funny is when he reads what other people say (headlines) and if he has a comedian as a guest. I bet Leno fans watch Soap Opera's too.

1575 days ago


Seems ageist generation psycho is out to get Jay. They should forget dissing good old days pop culture because they got other things to look forward to in their bad new days future---like climate change and illegal alien invasion. LOL!

1575 days ago


Eyeroll - Fallon's joke was at the expense of the terrorist that we can all be in on...not a cheap shot at Conan, or more importantly fans of Conan. It's one thing for Leno to go after Conan but he apparently has a chip on his shoulder against people who prefer Conan to him. He won. He needs to get over it (and himself) and accept the fact that not everyone is a fan. He clearly has enough people that are so to go after anyone who isn't is just petty and classless.

1575 days ago


Wow, that's really low of Leno. To assoiciate Team COCO with a fanatical terrorist who just attempted to bomb Times Square, what a jerk. Jay you owe Faisal Shahzad an apology! He doesn't deserve to be lumped in with fanatical nutjobs like Team COCO!

1575 days ago


Jay Leno is a late night GOD. The best Conan O'Brien could do is take a show with a good rating and drive it into the ground. Heaven help you, TBS, because when Conan starts on your network you'll see a debacle the likes of which Turner has never experienced before.

1575 days ago


Scoop alert! FYI: Conan's masturbating bear skit was probably ripped off from a costume party orgy in a 70s porn movie called Marathon. Google it. What that might mean is that Coco is a jerkoff. And so are his fans.

1575 days ago


Team fugly face's dream comes true.
Leno's true colors are in the excrement
he pushes out, after he eats his meat-only bullcrap food.
Money buys nothing for this chump.

1575 days ago

Pornosec Prole    

MARATHON, that was an old as the hills porno movie, way long before VHS, DVD and the internet. So old that Conan would have had to attend an old school jerk off theater to get the idea for that autosexual bear joke. I wonder if he saw Pee Wee Herman there...

1575 days ago


After all the stuff Jay has taken from most of the late night hosts,I think he should give as good as he gets,team Jay.

1575 days ago

Michelle Nelson    

First, Jay is not bright and his delivery is stunted at best. Second, Jay is a homophobic prick. Does anyone remember when he asked that actor to make his best "gay" face? What an assho#e. Thirdly, Jay has no loyalty and no business-sense. Whatever promises NBC has made, once he loses his job at NBC he will be a persona non-grata in Hollywood. His short-sightedness has caused him the "good feelings" one must evoke as a comedian. He's a **** and I wish he would retire.

1575 days ago


Good for Jay it's about time he starts attacking coconuts and coco. He's tired of the BS as I am. I'm tired of that whinny little A word, I do give a crap what people say team Jay all the way!!!

1575 days ago


Leno is a tool

1575 days ago

Pornosec Prole    

Jay has fame, fortune, a fleet of rare autos...and The Tonight Show. And what's more, at least he doesn't lift his jokes from pervert smut films. LOL!

1575 days ago
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