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Collateral Damage in

Leno's Terror Joke

5/5/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno cracked a joke on his show last night, implying that the Times Square bombing suspect doesn't just support terror ... he also supports Conan O'Brien.

During the gag, Leno created a fake Facebook page for Faisal Shahzad -- on which he claims the perp was a member of several online groups, including Al Qaeda, the Pakistan Frequent Flyers Club ... and Team Coco.



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this is so wrong in many ways. JAY GO AWAY!!!!

1597 days ago


im on team coco but that was pretty funny

1597 days ago


To Leno's Trailer Park-Archie and Edith Bunker audience.....

This is sooooooo FUNNNNNNNNNNNY


(Laughing So Hard My Sombrero Falls Off and I Drop My Taco)

1597 days ago


such a coward. sneaks in attacks. what's the matter, jay, can't you do it out in the open?

1597 days ago


How old is Leno 12? Thats the ****tiest thing anyone could do... >.> First he takes his job back from Conan and now this? Why do people find this douchebag funny???

1597 days ago


seems like leno can only dish out low blows about the late night debacle. remember the hit on letterman's wife? such a phoney.

1597 days ago


remember, guys, let's all feel bad for leno because he got his show back.

1597 days ago


I'm so glad Jay Leno wants to turn time square getting blown up into low class joke about Conan. Really this is not funny. Guess Jay Leno didnt have family and friends that died in the WTC. SO LOW CLASS !!!

1597 days ago


He will have to pay the price of this joke. Terrorism is a serious issue and it is not supposed to be a topic for fun.
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1597 days ago

Rob J    

If Jay wants to poke fun at Conan, fine, that's fine.

But it was the TYPE of joke that I found uncomfortable. Basically associating Conan O'Brien and his fans with an attempted murderer.

I think I have a pretty good sense of humor, but that was a little inappropriate.

While I've been a big Conan fan from the very early days of Late Night, I still appreciated watching Jay at 11:30. I even attended two Jay tapings on various vacations I've taken to LA over the last 12 years. But after the whole blow-up this year, I basically sided with Conan. I stopped watching Jay (and NBC in general) totally cold turkey. And crap like this, only reinforces my decision.

Sure, Conan will lose to Jay in the ratings once he's on TBS, but so what? As long as it's a good show (and I'm confident it will be), that's all that matters. Higher ratings do not equal a better show.

1597 days ago


No one will remember when this disgrace and failed abortion dies.
The sound of laughter happens when he's in the ground.
Victims of murder wouldn't even care about the talentless
s*** Leno.

1597 days ago


who cares i found it funny, coco isnt all that funny at all.he got 30 mil, isnthat enough to forget t.v? go livein his mansiona nd have fun with a few hookers?

1597 days ago


MoronoLeno did anything for money.
This filthy ass face clearly couldn't take care of children;
it had no use for its wife, so it rubbed down
its cars for sexual gratification.
NBC throws money away like garbage;
that doesn't bring more happiness to
anyone, including O'Brien.
Letterman impresses no one, even if he's a billionaire.

1597 days ago


Kick their ass Jay Zing Zing bada bing!

1597 days ago


Good for Jay it's about time he starts attacking coconuts and coco. He's tired of the BS as I am. I'm tired of that whinny little Ahole, I do give a crap what people say team Jay all the way!!!

1597 days ago
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