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Lindsay Lohan - Problem Pupil

5/5/2010 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan has not attended the required number of alcohol ed courses -- and we're told school officials are saying Lindsay has "a bad attitude" and "entitlement issues."


TMZ broke the story that Lindsay is bound for jail because she hasn't been in alcohol ed class at least once a week -- as required by the court.

There have been reports that Lindsay made up the courses she missed, but we've learned she is still -- as of this date -- deficient ... she hasn't attended the required number of classes.

Fact is ... even if Lindsay makes up the classes, the judge made it clear in an earlier hearing, "Defendant must attend program at least once a week without fail ... defendant must be in full compliance to not be in violation." 

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, takes issue with our story, telling TMZ, "Ms. Lohan is on track to complete her alcohol program within the time frame set by the judge, and any classes she missed were made up for."

Based on what we know about Judge Marsha Revel, it's almost certain she'll order Lindsay to appear in person on May 20.  In addition to missing classes, we're told Lindsay's bad attitude at the school will have a big impact on the judge.  So the stage is set for a showdown.


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1601 days ago


What can her attorney say? You know she read and understood the fine print but you get the feeling with Lindsey that they can't get through and tell her much of anything.

The good news for her heath is she can forget going out to party now because she is probably going to be dealing with drug testing and probation violation if she does anything at all.

I have seen very few child stars grow up healthy.
For every success like a Ron Howard it seems you get twenty addicted adults in downward spirals.

1601 days ago


TMZ IS GRRR888!! This chick is lookin' like she's in competition w/ the way her Nana looks OR maybe Nana looks a hell of lot younger!! I agree w/ some of the comments, ole lookin' lindsay won't do any more 83 minutes, if that, of jail time!!! :(

1601 days ago

DW Wood    

Latest Lohan Saga:

Lohan to star in movie about porn star (source yahoo news Canada)

Lindsay Lohan has landed the lead role in an independent movie about 1970s porn star Linda Lovelace, one of the film's producers said.

The 24-year-old actress will play Lovelace, who shot to fame with the landmark 1972 porno movie "***********," while Bill Pullman will portray Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner in the period drama, producer Wali Razaqi told the Los Angeles Times.

The film, called "Inferno," will be based on the events of Lovelace's life and will delve into the "difficult stuff she went through and overcame," Razaqi said.

1601 days ago


Seriously, that photo was modified with Photoshop (tm) or Aperture (tm), wasn't it?

1601 days ago


She's signed on to play Linda Lovelace in upcoming feature shoot. Bill Pullman will play HEFNER. Indy film... should be good as a cheap porn star...I mean life imitating art...right?
Who cares about this Bulsh*t alky school... she'll be gettin' drunk in her on set trailor soon....

1601 days ago


Chameleon Girl!!!!!!!!!!! Lindsay can change her appearance more dramatically from picture to picture, than any other person I have ever witnessed. And, yes, I realize that this is an older photo. But, we have all seen the steady, daily coverage.

1601 days ago


Lets play this out. She shows up late for court, cries a little bit and Judge says she'll slap her hand if she does it again and everyone goes their own way

1601 days ago


@ Flip, . . . I wonder what type of "research" Lindsay is doing to prepare for her role as Linda Lovelace. I wonder if there is any chance that Ms. Lohan could potentially be over qualified for a role, for a change!!!!!!!!!!!

1601 days ago


I bet she is fun all tweaked out, squirly fun. More drugs more fun.
Pass the loose juice!

1601 days ago


she needs for the system to knock her "entitlement" problem down with a great BIG whack! Another weirdo drug addict spit out by Hollywood who has turned into a big fat zero, a drain on society!

1601 days ago


yeah sure she will be "punished" maybe spending 45 minutes in a holding cell, or being in her own private cell. I guess when she is dead by 25 or less then people will realize how the tough love they were so afraid to give her would have saved her life. It did mine and I was WWAAYY out there...just not in the public eye.

1601 days ago


THIS GIRL NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP not only for her own good but for the good of everyone and everything she comes in contact with. Know one can help Lindsay but Lindsay and she doesn't seem to care and all the attention everyone is giving her adds fuel to her fire.

1601 days ago


As a multiple DUI offender Blohan is looking at a minimum of 60 - 180 days for such gross violations..After repeated warnings she should do at least 90 days ,but since its Hollyretarded Court she'll probably get a keep up the good work an a shiny "IM TRYIN HARD" button from the Judge..

1601 days ago


I really wish they would leave this poor girl alone.No one really knows anything about her just the spin that the tabloids have chosen to use to misrepresent her.I have always been a fan and will continue to be one.I will not think she is a loser until I meet her for myself and see

1601 days ago
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