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Bruce Willis Accused of $27,700 Rug Burn

5/7/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Willis in lawsuit over a $27,700 rugBruce Willis is accused of murdering a $27,700 rug -- and according to a lawsuit, his weapon of choice was red wine.

The alleged victim is a handmade wool and silk rug that Willis' interior designer selected from Mansour, a fine rug store in L.A.

According to a lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the rug people delivered the goods to Bruce's L.A. pad back in December in perfect condition. They even gave the actor a 10% discount -- but they made it clear, "All sales are final."

Fast forward nearly 6 weeks -- after Bruce had the rug altered a few inches -- the rug store claims Bruce suddenly wanted to return the rug ... even though he hadn't yet paid for it.

But when the rug people came to collect, according to the lawsuit, the rug had been stained by "spilled or dripped red wine."

According to the docs, Mansour claims Bruce's people claim they didn't cause the wine damage -- but the rug people claim the stains definitely didn't exist when they originally delivered it.

Now, Mansour claims they're stuck with a stained rug -- and they want Bruce and his people to pay for it ... full price!!

Bruce's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ his client never purchased the rug ... it was delivered to his home on consignment. And, Singer says, the rug wasn't damaged or dirty but Willis still offered to clean it. Singer calls the suit "ridiculous."


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The only rug bruce willis needs is on his head

1629 days ago


And another rich celebrity gets his way. Hopefully they will never do business with him again and will spread the word.

1629 days ago


"Bruce Willis is accused of murdering of $27,700 rug"

Does this sentence make any sense? Damn you people are stupid!

1629 days ago


"On consignment", Bruce's people say, meaning: Bruce expected to get the rug for FREE as all these millionaire celebrites expect everything to be GIVEN to them, as they are SO special. NO rug company is going to "give" a $27,000 rug that is meant to be walked on and possibly damaged (as it was) for "free". Willis was just trying to pull a fast one, ruined the rug and didn't want to pay. Shame on him, he's worth millions. NEXT time I hope this rug company learned their lesson and make these celebrities pay in FULL, UP FRONT before the rug is delivered as it seems they cannot trust these rich lowlifes.

1629 days ago


Willis still offered to clean it. Singer calls the suit "ridiculous." The Lawsuit

1629 days ago


who cares its Bruce Willis hes the man. So don't hate. like you people have never done anything like that yah right

1629 days ago


If all sales were final, why did the rug people go to Bruce's house to collect it? Maybe because all sales are final for everyone but a rich celebrity.

1629 days ago


they collected it because he didnt pay for it,,what do you want them to do..DUH.....

1629 days ago

me not you    

Who the hell needs a $28k rug? Shouldn't this guy be watching his pennies? It's not like he's relevant anymore. I'm gonna laugh my a$$ off if I read about him going bankrupt!

1629 days ago

BOBO Nofingers    

4 28 grand they should wrap clean and ship the dead bodyrug for THE TIZ TIZ TMZ simucasters/ark dwns and gaydar radar crew cast and stinker

1629 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Come on Bruce, EVERYONE has spilled somehing in a carpet at SOME TIME in their life. Put on your big boy pants and act like a man!
And why, if the rug was loaned to him, would he alter it a few inches? PAY UP!

1629 days ago


come on Bruce you to good for this, Handle your buisness, like my boy use to tell his girls KNOW YOUR DAMN PLACE GIRLS.

1629 days ago


Mary Mansour has only herself to blame! Why on God's earth would she give merchandise to a Hollywood homosexual like Bruce WITHOUT getting cash payment immediately? We suspect the rug was basically worthless but Missy decided to give it an inflated value later.

1629 days ago


Okay, here's how we solve this.

Where's the sales receipt/slash consignment contract?

Oh, there isn't one? Too bad, so sad.

1629 days ago

Leigh Ann    

I hope the rug vendor wins. Here's a case of another "entitled" celebrity that thinks he should stick it to the vendor. Everyone owes him. Why was he able to keep it for 6 weeks and he still hadn't paid? Would non celebrities get away with that? NO. The people that actually work hard for their money would never get away with this. And Derek, you moron, you're a jerk. Hope someone damages something expensive that belongs to you and you can't re-coop your losses. See how enchanting it is when it's your hard earned money that's taken from you. You ignorant, non-sensical, illogical putz.

1629 days ago
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