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Spencer -- I'm Glad Heidi's Mom's in Foreclosure

5/7/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heid Montag's mother facing forclosureHeidi Montag's mother is facing a serious real estate problem back home in Colorado -- and no one could be happier than her son-in-law Spencer Pratt.

TMZ has learned a bank in CO is foreclosing on an undeveloped piece of property owned by Heidi's mom --- Darlene Egelhoff -- claiming she owes $187,385.62 on a $189k loan she took out in 2006.

When we reached out to Spencer for comment, he told us, "If that's true ... that is the best news I’ve heard all day long."

Apparently, Spencer still holds a grudge for the way Heidi's mom handled post-surgery Heidi on the season premiere of "The Hills"  ... you remember, when she told Heidi she wasn't pretty and made Heidi cry.

Anyway, Spencer wasn't done going off on Darlene, and added, "Anybody who would do what she did to her daughter – my amazing, beautiful, magnificent wife Heidi – on national television ...  should be put in a straight jacket."

Attempts to reach Darlene for comment were unsuccessful.


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He's a douche and she's a joke but at least you gotta respect someone who stands strong behind their partner.

1629 days ago


Really TMZ, are you that desperate for a story that you have to get a useless comment from Spencer?. Yeah, I agree with Philly...Spencer is a MAJOR Douchebag.

1629 days ago


Way to cement relationships with wife's family. This guy is such a tool.

1629 days ago


Heidi belongs in the straight jacket. No sane person gets 10 surgical procedures done in one day.

1629 days ago


I like Spencer -he makes me laugh. I just started watching the show recently and him & Kristin are my favorite characters.

1629 days ago


Can you really blame the mom?? I think she should get kudos for being honest! Most parents won't admit when their kids are disgusting looking but she was honest and you have to respect that!!

1629 days ago


Turning herself into a Skid Row version of a Barbie doll isn't the only mistake that this dumb girl has made. She's been so fixated on her looks that she forgot every true woman's cardinal rule: You use a douche and throw it away! You don't marry one!

You don't let anyone disrespect your mother, especially one who told you the cold, hard truth when no one else, including your "husband", would even bother. And this creep has a history of disrespecting her family and the people she supposedly cares about? It also appears that he's on a deliberate campaign to alienate her from everyone who gives a damn about her. I just don't understand how or why anyone would connect themselves to someone so despicable. And the sad thing is that once he's used her for every bit of publicity and famewhoring he can, he'll just discard her like yesterday's garbage.

It's really sad because from all outward appearances, this girl needs psychological help. No one with healthy self-esteem and body image would surrender themselves to be sliced, prodded, poked, and stuffed from stem to stern.

1629 days ago


this creep has a history of disrespecting her family and the people she supposedly cares about? It also appears that he's on a deliberate campaign to alienate her from everyone who gives a damn about her. I’m Glad Heidi’s Mom’s in Foreclosure

1629 days ago


Spencer knows better then anyone that it was the script handed to Heidi's mom. She was just reading the lines that day. Just as Lauren outed Spencer for everything he does on the show is scripted.

As far as Heidi's looks. She looks like any other girl in California. She blends into the crowd as an average girl, not ugly but nothing special.

1629 days ago


Press is press, and btw Sphincters a good one to talk about someone else needing a straight jacket, and one other thing.....karma karma karma

1629 days ago


she is rather manly looking now..that jaw has got to go

1629 days ago


Darlene doesn't seem like the type to follow any script. She didn't say that Heidi wasn't pretty. She was asked a question, and she answered it honestly, but in a nice way. She's not a 'yes' person, and as a mother, that's a good thing. Yes, Spencer is a funny guy,but he's also very sinister. He doesn't truly love Heidi, because if he did, he wouldn't have been trying to alienate her from her family, which he's been doing(somewhat successfully) for some years now. The problem with Spencer is that he's jealous and bitter that his own family don't love him the way that Heidi's love her, and he's determined to do everything that he can to break that up. He is a self-loathing and dangerous individual, and people shouldn't be disarmed by his apparent cuteness and wit.

1629 days ago


Total disrespect from the son-in-law. He isn't the type of "man" you marry. We'll be reading about a very unhappy ending for these two. No "man" would let his wife feel so low, that she has to carve herself up for his or anyone else's gratification. They're both pathetic creatures.

1629 days ago

Wanda W.    

What did Heidi's mom do ? Have the courage to tell her own daughter the obvious,yet painful truth ? If what Heidi has done to herself passes for "beautiful"these days, then those few wrinkles around my older eyes must be a death sentence. That "couple" are both in serious need of a good wake up call as to what constitutes REAL beauty. From what I can see out my older,wrinkled eyes, neither one has a friggin clue !

1629 days ago


I saw that meeting and I thought her mom did pretty well, all things considered. This wasn't a little thing, it was 10 procedures and altered her looks in a number of ways. Heidi is the one with problems, and Spencer is one of her biggest.

1629 days ago
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