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Lawrence Taylor's Wife Cancels Larry King

5/6/2010 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The heat is clearly on Lawrence Taylor... TMZ has learned his wife just canceled her interview with Larry King.

LT's Wife Cancels on Larry King at Legal Team's Discretion

Lynette Taylor was supposed to appear on King's show via satellite from Florida ... but she just 86'd the interview ... we're told her husband's legal team has something to do with it.

We're told Lynette says she'll appear on King's show next Monday or Tuesday.

Larry ... don't hold your breath on this one.


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She canceled because LT is G-U-I-L-T-Y. Get his cell ready 'cause he's gonna be there soon.

1599 days ago


the wife is claiming a "set up"...blaming the A&E show that is coming out about him, trying to put him in an even worse light to drive ratings for the show. If he's considered crazy, she herself should be committed. What wife would go to that end to defend this drug using, HO using goofball? All this nonsense of set up, he never had sex with that girl, blah blah blah...Its OJ all over again... Attorney Mark Geragos is on Larry King right now spouting the same garbage---name the last case Mark has actually won. Anytime Geragos proclaims someones innocence its a guarantee they are guilty and will go down. buh bye LT. America just doesnt go for underage sex by adults, even if they pay for it. Fool

1599 days ago


I think she got over the "shock" of the news - and realized that alot of the evidence points to her hubby's infidelity! After all, I'm sure the cops video taped everything, plus they have the evidence -- and the used condom will have both participants DNA on it. After Elin Woods, Sandra Bullock, Mrs. Steve McNair, among MANY others lately in the news - I don't think women are going to "stasnd by their man" anymore. Even though these guys live two lives - one with their wives and family, and the other with their tramps.

1599 days ago


And I think she realized how "stupid" her "conspiracy" theory sounded. After all, this guy has quite the troubled life history!! Integrity is not part of his lifestyle motto.

1599 days ago


These type of husbands are all so good at leading double lives - and the wives are always the last to know --- or to believe!!

1599 days ago


That Larry King is hard on the eyes. Ouch! Anyways, I doubt she can fool herself any longer and realizes she is married to a two timing weenie. She really should get checked by her doctors STAT for whatever it is he has no doubt brought home before. I feel bad for Sandra Bullock and Elin Woods knowing they have had sex with all the filth their husbands banged. Just damn.

1599 days ago


Maybe Larry can discuss how to have a successful marriage. Saginaw Michigan, go ahead ...

1599 days ago


While this enabler cancels Larry King, she should also get busy cancelling this marriage.

1599 days ago


Why is Larry King purple in all of his pics? Is he really purple?
Just wondering. I don't think I would want to go out with a purple person. Does that make me a bigot? It's just that dead people are purple and it would be kind of creepy.

1599 days ago


I recognize Taylors picture but that other picture is not a human being -is it? Looks like someone put a pair of glasses on a lizard. Oh- those jokers at tmz.

1598 days ago


Guilty --- Guilty ---- Guilty ---- Just look at the way the attorney is acting... He is bought and paid for so that he can set the Guilty free.... I just wish it would have been his daughter that this big black thug had raped... Then he would be singing a different story.... Guilty and a piece of Trash....

1598 days ago


She tahught she was getting a prize when she disrupted his previous marriage.lolol...the laugh is on her...lololol....Oh and I by the way she is protecting her lifestyle not her marriage there is no marriage there.....If there was why would he be raping a 16 year old???? He is a s*** bag and laways will be, and she deserves everything she is getting out of it......

1598 days ago


While this enabler cancels Larry King, she should also get busy cancelling this 'lifestyle'.

1598 days ago

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