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Michael Lohan:

I'm Not Backing Off Anything

5/6/2010 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan's lawyer, Lisa Bloom tells TMZ in no uncertain terms ... Michael is not backing down or backing off his stand to get Lindsay into rehab.

Michael Lohan & Lindsay Lohan

TMZ reported that Michael was backing off his threat to force the issue.  We were told the lawyers were "trying to resolve things amicably."  But resolving it amicably does not mean Michael is backing down or backing off, Bloom says.

Bloom tells TMZ, "There has been no agreement as to anything.  All options remain open to save and protect Lindsay.  That is Michael's #1 priority."

Bloom adds, "Michael wants Lindsay to go to rehab.  If she doesn't, all options remain open.  He loves her.  Her decision not to meet with him or go into rehab puts him in a very difficult position."


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This moron must use TMZ as his indication on when to make a statement.

1630 days ago


LL is an adult (although she may not act like one). Parents no longer have legal authority over the children when the hit 18.

Time for this loser to leave her life and quit playing to TMZ to get attention for himself.

1630 days ago

Nancy "O"    

Lindsay needs help, and her Dad needs help. Ummm....and Harvey Levin needs help!

1630 days ago


michael may be a jerk but his daughter needs serious help. she may be an adult, but just like britney spears, she's acting extremely irresponsibly and dangerously to herself and to those around her. it probably will be the court forcing ms. lohan to change, but wouldn't it be nicer if she got help on her own and not because of a judge or her jerk dad? parents show their love in numerous ways, and who are we to say it's wrong for her dad to want her to wise up before she ends up in prison or the hospital or dead?

1630 days ago


shideous family

1630 days ago


LOL Lisa Bloom talking to TMZ? they must be getting desperate! Lindsay is an adult, since her probation commenced she has not broken the law. All of this is based on Michael Lohan's say so. He is an obnixous thief and abuser. His extensive criminal record speaks for itself. If Lindsay had any hope of getting her career back on track, her father, with the help of TMZ, may have put a stop to that. Michael Lohan wants to control Lindsay in every way, its sickening. Stop this before its too late.

1630 days ago


It hurts me to say this - but, Daddy Lohan is right - if he doesn't get Lindsay into rehab before May 20th court hearing - Lindsay will be in jail - for a long time.

1630 days ago


His stupid whore lawyer sure learned a lot from her stupid whore mother. Everyone on earth knows he only cares about using Lindsay to get attention and whatever else he can. Let his dumb ass lawyer take it to court...oh, wait, she never will because there is not a judge on earth who would give that deadbeat dad any control over anything.

1630 days ago


This is so ridiculous. I have no idea why you're spending your time talking to a man who has been so abusive to women that his ex-wife has successfully gotten a restraining order against him. You even ran a story a few months back about how he beat the crap out of his ex-girlfriend. This is a man who the Lindsay, her mother, and her sister want nothing to do with.

Michael Lohan is nothing more than a fame whore, moreso than any other member of the family. He is the one talking to TMZ, going to other media outlets, and talking badly about Lindsay whenever he has the chance. Then he turns around and says he loves her and wants her to get better? He loves her money and probably refuses to believe that she's broke on her ass.

Do I think Lindsay needs help? Yes! But a person will only get help when he or she decides that the help is needed. I don't wish her dead or anything, but there's nothing Michael can do, even if he really did care. He and his ambulance chasing lawyer need to respect the wishes of the rest of the Lohan family. In fact, I wouldn't be too upset if the media stops paying attention to him and he disappears from the public eye completely.

1630 days ago


This man is nothing but money hungry. Does his daughter need help? Yes, she does, but he has underlying reason to help her....It is called money. Children are a product of their parents. He has NOT been a parent and now he wants to act like the parent of the year? It disgusts me. I wish Lindsey would get help and get herself together, but not because a man, an absent father was trying to profit from it! If he wants to help her than make sure he DOES NOT make a profit and give his daughter his unconditional love.

1630 days ago


@jsepeta, There's no "just like Britney Spears" about it. Before a conservatorship was established for Britney she had been 5150'd twice for mental health evaluation. The second time she had to be taken away strapped down to gurney after after 3 hour standoff during which she allegedly threatened to harm to her children. She also appears to have bipolar disorder, a serious mental heath disorder. There's no similar grounds to get a conservatorship in Lindsay's case.

1630 days ago


HAHA #9! You are so right!

1630 days ago


just two words, SPERM DONOR. he should have been concerned 15 years ago or so. and someone is permitting his younger daughter to go party with lindsey/ DUH. ????????? wha??? screws loose.

1630 days ago


Michael Lohan isn't going to get anywhere with this. He's just trying to get attention and TMZ continues to report on it to keep the "story" going. He can't force his adult daughter to do anything. He knows it and so does TMZ. It was extremely difficult for Britney's father to gain legal control over her and he only was able to after it was shown she had a very serious and legitimate mental disorder. Lindsey can party herself to death if she wants. But more than likely the only thing that will die is her reputation and career.

1630 days ago


Wonderful story truly a great contribution to america.

1630 days ago
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