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Rachel Uchitel: David Boreanaz Ain't In My Life

5/6/2010 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel just released a statement through her attorney Gloria Allred, in which she claims that she has nothing to do with the David Boreanaz extortion scandal. 

Rachel Uchitel and David Boreanaz

Here is the statement in full:

David Boreanaz is not part of my life, nor will he be.  I am not in communication with him and do not wish to be. 

I have made no claims against him and do not plan to assert any. Any statements to the contrary are false and I hope that this statement will finally end any speculation about this issue.

I am looking forward to a life that is not filled with scandal, rumor, innuendo or false statements about me. I will not have any further comment regarding David Boreanaz.


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hey Rachel, hows the herpes medication working out?

1629 days ago


Then keep your pants on and your legs closed HOE

1629 days ago

Jason Chambers    

But herpes lips sure are, bitch!

1629 days ago


now aren't you proud of yourself girl..... no one even knew that you existed until you became the world known whore. very impressive.. so you keep smiling girl....and be real proud of that!!! lol

1629 days ago

Just Sayin    


1629 days ago


Tsk tsk TMZ. How I enjoy avoiding work at all costs by casually *cough obsessively cough* viewing celeb updates. However..... a simple proofreading error in the FIRST sentence? If you can effortlessly pick on Brad, Snooks, Jen, John, Kate (the list could go on...), can you not pick UP a simple spelling error? Don't worry. I still adore you.

1629 days ago


well dumb ho skank, you should have thought about what kind of life you wanted before you slept with Tiger, Boreanz...and I am sure there were MANY are ALWAYS GOING TO BE KNOWN AS A HOMEWRECKING SLUT who deserves nothing good in this life..YOU REALLY NEED TO CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU MAKE SUCH STUPID STATEMENTS LIKE THIS...

1629 days ago


It amazes me that you can even smile at anything.. the entire world is laughing at you and you are absolutely nothing in this world to anyone but a whore. You just remember one thing girl... what comes around goes around...and I would be my entire life on the fact that god will NEVER allow you to have one bit of happiness...if so.. it will never last...because you are what you are and it is what it is. I am so sick of seeing your plumped fake lips and hearing your and Gloria's name... you are both worthless pieces of ****.

1629 days ago


Boreanaz was probably the back up if she couldn't get any of Tiger's money.

1629 days ago


of course david b. is not in her life b/c he does not have
1B like tiger w. but if he did, she wouldn't even put out
a statement, she would shut up, put out her hoe hand and
wait for another 10M.
where is the 'statement' about tiger- oh! yes, down in mexico
swimming with her crabs!!

1629 days ago


Well, quit screwing married famous people and maybe you won't have these issues in the future, ya dumb whore.

1629 days ago


Your a HO and pseudo-madam. Your dreams of privacy and respect were over the moment you slept with every celebrity that paid you $100 to get on your back.

1629 days ago


Seriously? no one cares about you or what you're doing or who you're doing you are totally irrelevent, now go away.

1629 days ago


"I am looking forward to a life that is not filled with scandal, rumor, innuendo or false statements about me."

Then stop sleeping with married men you gold diggin groupie! Perhaps then this sort of statement would not be necessary....

1629 days ago


A ho is a ho! Deny Deny but it still makes you a home wrecking slut. Karma is a bitch no matter how much money you and that money hungry ish attorney extorted from Tiger.

1629 days ago
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