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Conrad Murray Supporters Plan Demonstration

5/9/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's supporters are pissed off that only Michael Jackson fans are represented when the doc shows up in court ... and we've learned they're planning a big, big demonstration at next month's preliminary hearing.

Sources close to Murray tell us a group of his friends, patients and fellow church members -- numbering in the "hundreds" -- will be outside the courthouse at Murray's next court hearing to show solidarity.

We're told the group will rent buses in Houston and Las Vegas -- where Dr. Murray has his medical practices -- and drive them to L.A. for the June 14 court date.

We're told the catalyst for the sojourn was that pesky banner that flew over the courthouse at the last court hearing, demanding justice for MJ.

We have some signage ideas for next month's rally:

-- "Conrad Murray doesn't kill people. Propfol does."
-- "Michael killed himself. Get over it."
-- "Black or white, free Conny tonight!"
-- "Conrad is no smooth criminal."
-- "Everyone makes mistakes -- allegedly."


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I do have sympathy for Murray because I don't beleive, and have never believed, that he meant for Michael to die that morning. But there comes a time when an honorable person who truly had remorse would stand up, be a man, and simply take responsibility for his actions.

Yes, Michael was also responsible for what happened in that he allowed himself to partake in such a dangerous procedure. But Michael is dead, so he already paid the ultimate price. Now it's Murray's turn.

I'd have so much more respect for this doctor if, like the man who failed to establish enough fireproof safety measures in that Rhode Island nightclub several years ago, he just apologized to the Jackson family from his heart, pleaded guilty, accepted his punishment and then when it was done, took steps in life to discourage doctors from freely providing so many unnecessary drugs to rich, influential patients. Or ANY patients.

1595 days ago


and what freaking article are ya'll reading? TMZ is reporting about Dr. Murray supporters, they are not bashing MJ, they are not saying they are a Dr. Murray supporter. If TMZ pisses you off so much why are you on here reading & commenting on their articles?

1595 days ago


78. I do have sympathy for Murray because I don't beleive, and have never believed, that he meant for Michael to die that morning.

Posted at 7:15 AM on May 8, 2010 by Cathy


Are you serious?

Murray KNEW what he was doing was unethical and dangerous. MAYBE he did not mean to KILL MJ but he had to have known the risks of using the propofol outside of a hospital setting without the proper monitoring equipment.

This is a doctor who put his patient in harms way and ultimately caused his death because he only saw $$$$ and craved the notoriety of being able to say he was Michael's doctor.

1595 days ago


Am I serious? Yes, yes I am.

"MAYBE he did not mean to KILL MJ"

That's what I said. That Murray didn't mean for Michael to die that morning. I said nothing about whether or not he knew the risks. As a doctor, he should have known them and undoubtedly did. But he still didn't mean for Michael to die. He may have wanted the noteriety of being Michael's doctor, but he'd have to be crazy to want what's happening to him now. That's why, like I said, he didn't mean for the procedure to result in death. I'm guessing Michael didn't either. But they both knew the risks.

1595 days ago


*LMAO* They've got to be kidding...that's funny. Let those Murray supporters show up; hope the swat team is ready.

1595 days ago



**** FrankenJacko!

He was an arrested developed, psychologically warped, pedophile fraud who used others to gain glory and riches for himself. Thriller? If it hadn't been for the great Quincy Jones Thriller would have been just another run of the mill album ending up quickly in the Wal-Mart and K-Mart throwout bins.

FrankenJacko was the biggest fraud there was. Fake face, fake little girl voice, fake life history, closeted queer, little boy ****er, musical and dance move rip-off, and right up there with that stupid "cat woman" in New York, Jocelyn Wildenstien, for horrific, monstrous physical appearance and general body dysmorphic dementia.

Son of a bitch should have been chucked into San Quentin to become some big burly Ku Klux Klanner's butt bitch. See how he liked it when he's the victim.

FrankenJacko blew chunks and little boys. Glad the sick freak's croaked. We should all go to his grave or mausoleum and piss all over it in the name of all his little boy victims. This freak was just as bad (because of his celebrity and privilege allowing him to get away with his crimes) as the likes of a John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. And if this doctor helped FrankenJacko along into his special pervert's hell, even if accidentally, then he should be proclaimed a hero. Who knows how many little boys he saved from being FrankeJacko's victims.


1595 days ago

TMZ Staff

1595 days ago


Whatever Cathy...

If you feel sympathy for this poor excuse of a human being, then that is your perogative. But I doubt you would be so forgiving had he done the same to one of your family members.

1595 days ago


He has supports by the 'hundreds' Mj has supporters by the millions. I have we already forgot how crazy the REgan Hospital was when he died. I hope the Docs 'supporters' have bull horns.... They gone 2 need em!

1595 days ago


MiMi - why so angry and hostile? I think Murray should be punished for what he did, and I've said that many times. Just because I don't think Murray was a premeditating, malicious killer that morning doesn't mean I don't think he was careless and irresponsible and should pay for his actions. I think his medical license should be revoked permanently and I think he should spend some time in jail. But I don't think the man should be hanged in the streets or go to jail for the rest of his life either.

Holding onto anger is never good. It won't bring Michael back. And if Murray admitted his part and took responsibility for it, the Jackson family might have seen it in their hearts to forgive him. But it doesn't look like he's gonna go that route.

1595 days ago


Propfol? It's Propofol.

1595 days ago


62. MJ got off on being a pedaphile because he has money, jurors were star struck. Just like Blake and OJ. At least MJ children are being properly cared for now.

Posted at 6:30 AM on May 8, 2010 by julie

I assume that IF you had money and was accused of a criminal act you would NOT have spent "your money" to defend yourself!!!!

Don't be afraid to do some real research on the FACTS OF THE CASE and stop BELIEVING WHAT THE MEDIA/TMZ PUT BEFORE YOU!!!!


And don't forget that Roman Polanski admitted to raping a teenage girl and RAN AWAY!!!





1595 days ago

And thats the truth    

Conrad Murray has been preparing for this trial for quite come time. He has played the "victom" card in his church to make people feel sorry for him. He took the pics outside of MJ's mausoleum as to gather sorrow for him as well..... the poor me syndrome.

Either he was too stupid to realize that he could not administer Propofol properly, to egotistical, or irresponsible..... maybe a little of all three.

He has many children that he does not pay for. He purchased medical equipment that he has not paid for. His house was in the early stages of foreclosure. He listed that he did not owe any back childsupport on his medical license renewal. One thing is for sure. He is not known for being an honest man.

It does not matter that Michael wanted the drugs. All Conrad would of had to say is "no". It is a simple word with a lot of meaning. If every doctor was an honest human being with morals, Michael and many others would still be among us.

As for the people still believing that Michael is a pedophile. The FBI was investigating this man for years and found nothing. Twelve jurors decided there was no evidence as well. When they raided Neverland, they found only straight porn found and nothing on his computer contrary to what the media was stating.

He had books of art statues that were naked people. Classic antique art pcs. had a lot of nudity. I myself own a painting with cherubs that resemble the cherubs in the Sisteen chapel ceiling. Guess what, they are naked as all cherubs are. They are also boys. Cherubs are usually little boys. Michael had a lot of paintings with cherubs in them. Big deal. He loved antiques and victorian items just as myself. I suspect the ones that are accusing him of being a pedophile because he has paintings of cherubs that are "naked little boys" had never stepped foot in a art museum. Trust me, you will see nude paintings and statues all over the place. Do yourself a favor and get a little culture in your life other then surfing the net.

The first accuser was a man that had asked Michael for 20 million dollars to make a movie. When Michael declined, the man then came up with the molestation story. After the family had gotten the monies from Michaels insurance co. the dad sued his son to get the sons share of the monies. Later the dad then tried to kill his own son with some weights. Sounds to me that this guy was the most self centered money hungry a-hole I have ever seen. Needless to say that when he killed himself last year, no one came to the funeral.

The second accusers had gone to JCPenneys and tried to sue the store and I think they received around $100,000. The mother said a security guard had sexually acosted her. They contacted Jay Leno and Chris Rock to try to get monies from them as well. She was sending her kids to acting classes. I am guessing so they could be more believable when they were trying to extort monies from people. They know that Michael had paid the first accusation without a fight so they thought they were going to get 20 million as well.

The only thing Michael was guilty of was being naive and a poor judge of character. Unfortunately he paid for it with his life.

1595 days ago

Joanne Davies    

Those supporters should be on trial like Murray then....If they support what he did, they are delusional!!!.....The world is finally waking up and listening...Micahel was not the monster the median and tabloids have made out for decades....he was human being caught up with the WRONG people, surrounded by yes men and leeches....Someone has to pay for his death and Murray has put himself in the fireing line, so he needs to man up and take his punishment!!!!....If it was up to me he'd get life!!!....Justice for Michael!!!

1595 days ago

Rito Valdez    

It doesn't matter how many people or friends Murray has, there will still be more MJ fans. If I were them I wouldn't go because you know there are going to be some could turn out to be rather nasty...the man has stooped so low to say that Michael killed himself...everyone knows thats B.S. MichaelJackson's family, friends, and fans just want justice...just like it would be in any other case..if one of us had done something like take another persons life we would be heart goes out to Michael's children and mother...they've lost their DADDY and SON due to this idiots incompetence...and "Dr." Murray doesn't even seem to have any remorse...its all about L.O.V.E...justice for Michael...WE LOVE YOU

1595 days ago
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