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Duggar Baby #19 Hospitalized for Tummy Trouble

5/8/2010 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 19th baby -- 5-month-old Josie Brooklyn -- had to be rushed back to the hospital less than a week after she was released ... this according to the baby factory herself.

TMZ has obtained a clip from "19 Kids & Counting" -- in which Michelle Duggar explains how baby Josie had a condition with her tiny little belly that they believed required medical attention ... so they took the child back to the hospital in Little Rock, AR.

Josie's arrival home airs this Sunday (Mother's Day) on TLC ... and the tiny child's return to the hospital airs Tuesday May 11.


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and these crazy asses want even more kids. didnt one of the older ones molest his sister (one of them, obviously) but the DAD covered it up? google it. THAT BABY JOSIE DESERVED A NUTRITIOUS, RIPE UTERUS, NOT A WORN OUT CLOWN CAR.

1600 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

Who the hell are those nobodys?

1600 days ago


I hope your baby heals and comes home to her family. Take good care.

1599 days ago


When you have 19 children you don't have a family, you have a "puppy mill" through indiscriminate breeding. To keep the population stable most families have 3 or 4 kids. For each child that you had after 4,other couples can't have any kids (to keep the population stable). But because you have 19 kids nearly 130,000 men and women can't have ANY children. Do you think you have such superior genes that you warrant 130,000 people having no children at all? I don't. You two need to learn some self control.

1599 days ago


When you become a mother and father you're obligated to raise YOUR children. This family has the older sisters be the care takers. It really is a selfish act. I think some of those children will rebel at some point.

1599 days ago


I just hope each and every child this couple has receives all the parental love and one-on-one attention a child requires growing up. I came from a large family and we always felt like we were a drain on our parents resources.

1599 days ago


I think this health scare with this babies early birth should be a wake up call to stop procreating. What dangers will happen with the next child you attempt to have ? Its ashame that these parents don't practice protection and I'm sure they believe that God is giving them permission to have as many children as possible. But is God providing all the love that the children need ? Is God providing all the food on the table, the doctor's appointments, the school clothes ?
I think the family has been blessed enough and should go forward and take care of what they already have and start practicing protected sex and no more children.
The youngest is probably going to be a medically challenged child with special needs. Duggar's you should pour all your love into taking care of your youngest now who is going to need extra love and attention. JMO

1599 days ago

rex kramer    

They might be different but they have never taken a dime from social assistance. I respect that.

1599 days ago


Someone please spade this woman! Enough is enough. Obviously it is time to stop. You are now endangering your baby's life as well as your own. The other children cannot be happy in that environment. Imagine your childhood filled with memories of taking care of all of your siblings, and parents that probably forget your name.

People it is time to BOYCOTT TLC! This has become the channel of "Tiny People" and "Multiple Births." It is the TPMB Channel. They really should think about changing the name. I mean really, what are we learning? That people are stupid. We already know.

1599 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Who needs more then 2 boys and 2 girls at the most? There are no other sexes. It's not like they have 19 girls and are trying for a boy,which I know would be stupid but at least it would offer up some sort of reason to keep having kids.

1599 days ago


19 kids?! Wtf!! Totally selfish, ignorant move. It wouldnt surprise me if she (and Hub) needed mental help...she sounds addicted to the idea of being pregnant. Insane.

1599 days ago


Look, just because the Duggars have different beliefs than you, doesn't mean they are idiots or whatever other name you want to call them. This is the way they believe God wants them to live their lives and I think that is very commendable given the fact those most people are afraid to show their religious beliefs. They're not taking any money from the tax payers, so who cares how they live their lives? They do give each and every child one-on-one time. I personally think that they are a beautiful family and I think that everyone should take a step back and learn a few things from this family on how to treat others. You wouldn't hear them say how crazy everyone else is for not having as many children as they do.

1599 days ago


Jim Bob, keep it in your pants. You're wife's been pregnant for 20+ years!

1599 days ago


Regardless of what they "believe" the worlds population would be OUT of control if more families had their selfish attitude. There is not enough time in the day to give 19 kids the attention they each need.

They may have enough money-currently-but this could easily end up being other taxpayers problem.

1599 days ago


This is old news.

1599 days ago
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