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Kate Gives Sextuplets Daddy Time for Birthday

5/10/2010 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin has decided to give her sextuplets the one thing they want on their birthday that no one else on that planet would wish for -- a little quality time with Jon Gosselin.

A source close to Kate tells TMZ she has offered to let the kids see Jon this afternoon -- even though it isn't technically his day in the custody agreement.


We're told Kate plans to cook the kids a special birthday breakfast, ship 'em off to school, and then Jon could have the kids in the afternoon ... should he so choose.

No word yet on if Jon accepted the offer.


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I am willing to bet a grand, that not only did Kate's publicist get this story put up, Kate made sure that Jon was going to be unavailable, before she made the offer.

1628 days ago


I doubt he is even in the area the kids are at. At least we "know" Kate is in the same timeframe as the kids; she can be there to make breakfast.
Neither parent is there for them overnight from what I can see. What a shame. Nanny's must read them stories at night.

1628 days ago


WAY to go Kate, get this all on film, what a good mother you are letting your ex see the kids when it's not his day, jeez it has nothing to do with lawyers, money, camera's, both of you are not even D list, Jesus, get back together and leave everyone alone, go away somewhere and STAY OFF TV

1628 days ago


They need to see their dad more. How nice of Kate to grant the kids their wish. I wonder how much money he had to pay her to see them?

1628 days ago


Looks like Kate's PR/TLC/handlers/legal team might be busy reading the blogs. Now that's taking the high road! Jon's new lawyer needs to request a structured visitation schedule that specifies HOW important events are share or split. Kate having control of the visitation schedule was bull crap. BOTH parents are co-parenting, therefore the courts may need to step in to provide equitable and reasonable time with the kids.

1628 days ago


Did she tell him this or just the media? Isn't she just a saint to allow her children to see their father on their birthday. Get him on a strict schedule then throw a day at him when he's already come to terms that he will not get to see the kids and if he can't be there for some reason you get to can call him a loser. Like most divorced Dad's who's ex's have them under a barrel, he's probably already planned and accepted that he will see his kids and celebrate their birthday with them on the day he is allowed to by the courts. This little stunt just reinforces what a bitter tyrant Kate really is to her kids and husband.

1628 days ago


What judge granted her so much power and why? Jon needs a better lawyer who can go back to court and explain to the judge that it is not Kate's right to choose when the children can see their father, and it is not the father's right to visit either. It is the children's right to see their father, and if Kate gets in the way, when they get older they will figure out what a s***my rat their mother is, who only cares about being on TV.

1628 days ago


I can't believe this story was posted. Neither of these two morons should have procreated. Unless one or both are more than idiots (pedophiles, alcoholics, very abusive etc) these poor kids are the only ones losing. It just keeps on, too. How 'gracious' of Kate to 'allow' their children to see their father on a birthday! I think the kids have long been more mature than their parents. What makes it worse is how often Jon and Kate are in the media. If either cared about the kids they'd shut up and learn to be parents.

1628 days ago


If Kate is there for her kids so much that she deserves to call all the shots, how come she HAD to write a book with letters for them instead of just telling them how she feels? Becuase she is an absent parent too. Jon has to get a new lawyer and take that wanna-be mom, actress, dancer, baby machine, bottled blonde, to court and seek full custody. She loves her "career" so much that she leaves those kids with the help, but doesn't let the father be there for them? Jon should stay home with them so she can take off to California and follow her dream, which now, doesn't include her kids since she is only with them when they are going to get mommy dearest on TV. I'd rather be an orphan than have her as my mother.Kate is a piece of trash.

1628 days ago


Is that a picture of Kate, or is it the birthday cake in the shape of her ugly face? If it is the cake, it has waaaaaay too much frosting. If it is her face, she needs to chill on the make up, for no matter how much she covers up, we all know that under all that mess lies the woman who left her kids behind because they weren't making her money or getting her on TV. She will always be brunette, fat, bitter, mean, cold, selfish, and most importantly, unliked and looked down to by all of America for selling her soul to the devil.

1628 days ago


It angers me to think she holds that much power. Those kids are Jon's kids and he should be able to see them as often as possible. When did she become the Judge who can deny or accept ? Those kids love their father, no matter what he does or doesn't do. Please whoever released this statement get a life. Kate isn't God and she didn't have those kids without the help of their father. Give the guy a break, they are his children too KATE !

1628 days ago


no one else on that planet would wish for special birthday

1628 days ago

Seriously Get a LIFE    

Wow, there are some bitter busy body b*tches on here posting like they are on the rag.

It is great that she got to celebrate with her kids Sunday with the kid's friends and it is great Jon gets to see them tomorrow after school.

Stop b*tching and ragging on Kate! You make yourselves look worse then anything Kate has ever said or done EVER!

Looks like some of you need to increase your daily fiber.

1628 days ago

Seriously Get a LIFE    

Barbie, go seek out some anger management courses. Get some help for your addiction to hate Kate.

She is who she is, her children love her and she loves them, Jon loves them and the children love him.

DEAL WITH IT! Seek out a shrink to help you cope and get rid of your anger toward Kate.

1628 days ago

Seriously Get a LIFE    

ROFLMAO, you go Kate. Keep on living your life while the GWOPbot losers have no life but to focus in on your life (even to the point they zoom into your photos.) Their issue is not with Kate, it is with themselves, it is so obvious. I worry more about the children left in the care of these venomous haters. They let Kate literally effect their mental health. It is hilarious! Good for the kids, they get to see both parents. Move your lard butts off the computer now and stop hating. Go find something you love to do instead of hating on Kate.

1628 days ago
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