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Lindsay's Dad to Judge: Rehab, No Jail

5/10/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a letter Michael Lohan's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, has sent to the judge in Lindsay Lohan's DUI probation case ... asking for inpatient rehab or alternatively, random drug testing.

Lindsay Lohan's Dad
The letter -- which appears to be an attempt to keep Lindsay out of jail -- acknowledges "... Lindsay may have violated the terms of her probation by missing multiple court-ordered alcohol education classes."

Bloom says Michael is "gravely concerned" about Lindsay's "deterioration" and is urging the judge to put LiLo in a private drug rehab facility in New York. Michael also wants family counseling.

But if the judge won't go for rehab, Bloom and Michael are asking the judge to extend her probation and subject her to "frequent, random, court-ordered drug testing."

The letter ends with Bloom saying Michael does not want his daughter to become "the next Hollywood statistic."


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Lindsay needs a real shot of reality. She needs to go to jail. She is spoiled and addicted. She should not get another chance at rehab she didn't take it seriously. Lock her in a cell to figure it all out herself since everyone has tried to help and or warn her. But in Hollywood judges wont put a female celebrity in jail no matter how wrong she is!

1625 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Death watch 20 10

1625 days ago


sounds good to me. obviously jail isn't going to help, otherwise the threat of it would have. too many people in jail are in need of help but don't get it, only to return to society and pick up where they left off. with exception to an elite few, a stint in jail added to their resume only worsens the situation leaving them to frustration and feeling useless and then they figure "whats the use" give up any effort and start taking the easy way out

1625 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

The skank needs to go to jail like anyone else would.

1625 days ago


Really now, do you REALLY think she's gonna go to jail!? She didn't appear for several court dates and mandated classes (ie:violated probation) and she still gets off better than any of us would!

1625 days ago


why do these "celebrities" always seem to get off easy, missing court dates and violations to your probation mean nothing, what happen when they KILL someone because of there DUI's.

1625 days ago


Any father would've done the same thing. I think she needs rehab more than jail, too. I don't think he's as bad as everyone makes him out to be. People who speculate that he's doing all of this to get Lindsay's money must ask themselves a pretty rational question: WHAT MONEY?

1625 days ago


LL is making drugs look like a game and our legal system look ineffective.
It's like a commercial for apathy that is constantly running in full view of impressionable young Americans.
She's demonstrating that there is no consequences for illicit drug and alcohol abuse.
She needs to go to jail because she manipulates evry recovery program she's been in.

1625 days ago


By the way, for people who want to make "profound" commments on here, it is much more credible if you can actually SPELL and use proper PUNCTUATION!

1625 days ago


Ah.....a little jail time seemed to be just the ticket for one Roberty Downey Jr. His life and career seem to have taken a turn for the positive. Just sayin.....

1625 days ago


i hope the judge sends her to jail, there she will sober up. but, lets face it the judges don't enforce their rulings.

1625 days ago


Why not. It's not like she's some hispanic or black person. She's a real american.

1625 days ago


Jail will not do her any real harm and being dried out, fed slop, and uncomfortable is not such a big price to pay. The judge could give her a year in jail which will mean she does 37 days. I think a month in jail is a very good solution and she can always go to rehab when she gets out. Paris did 23 days and now she doesn't drive when she is out at a party, seems like she learned so why not try that solution for Lindsay?

1625 days ago

Just Sayin    

oh we can pick? Micheal Lohan needs to FALL BACK. HE BUGS & NEEDS A HOBBY

1625 days ago


1. Nice letter, very professional - the letterhead gives every indication serious nature of the conversation... NOT.

2. Michael's lawyers clearly can not even write a letter to a judge, without couching his own interests as primary.

On the other hand, perhaps he has turned over a new leaf and is entirely genuine. Just saying.

1625 days ago
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