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Miley Cyrus -- So You Think You Can Lap Dance?

5/12/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus felt more than the beat last summer as she got downright nasty on the dance floor with a slightly older gentleman during a wrap party for a movie ... and TMZ has obtained the video.
Miley -- who was 16 at the time -- was dancing with 44-year-old Adam Shankman during a wrap party last summer in Georgia for the movie, "The Last Song."  Shankman, who is openly gay, produced the movie as well as "Hairspray" and other flicks and is a judge on "So You Think You Can Dance?"

The people who shot the video say they were offended by the dirty dancing -- which included a graphic lap dance.

We're told Miley's parents were not at the wrap party.  Miley's reps had no comment.

Check out the full story on TMZ TV tonight.


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its not that her dancing is inappropriate. its that shes dancing like that with a 44 year old. i dance like that and sluttier since i was 14. but not with a man. however maybe she felt safer dancing with a gay adult. i mean, he should probably say something but he was probably tipsy and..i dunno, if i was ganna dance that slutty, id dance with a gay dude rather than a straight guy who might actually want to do something after.

1422 days ago


DUDE. why is everyone saying it is her or her parents' fault? he's a freaking 44 yo guy, he SO should have stopped. can you imagine if this was a 16 yo guy with a 44 yo woman, everyone would be screaming sexual assault. jerks.

Not to say that it's all cool with Miley. I'm a 17y.o girl and I can testify that there is no good reason for doing that, she knows better.

1420 days ago


hahaha ****ers, this isn't even bad.

1420 days ago


you people are sick and so out of line !! why was that person in there taping that party without her knowing that? thats bs and she is a teenager so stop being so mean and hatefull you all sound jealous

1420 days ago


i don't necessarily like miley, and i really don't approve of the whole grind thing, but really it's nothing new. Come on! Whenever you go to dances and stuff that's what everyone does and don't deny it. I'm not saying it was right for her to do the dancing, all i'm saying is to give the girl a break...she's a teen girl like every other teen girl in america. She's allowed to make mistakes.

1420 days ago

Haters Love Me    

oh please. grow up people. EVERYONE at this age, some even younger, do this kind of dancing and even worse kinds all the time. Even though this dude was older than her-by a lot-it still doesnt really make a big difference. like i said, teens to it alll the time, with whoever they can find. just because miley's famous, she cant do half the things she and other teenagers would be doing in normal life. get off her ass, world.

1420 days ago


Too all of you who posted a negative comment. Go F#ck your self-righteous self!!!!! That's right you read that right Go F#ck yourself!!!! World would be a better place if everyone minded there own business!! I don't tell you how to behave or live why the hell do you think you have the right to tell others how they should behave or act? Really, think about it! If you still think you should tell others how to act or behave then that means I have the right to look you up an harras the **** out of you. Maybe I'll find something out on your family members and expose their dirty little secrets. Warning, Mind your own business or I'll mind your business for you!

1420 days ago


Wow I think that adam was at fault, and miley was trying something new with someone she thought she could trust.

1420 days ago


there is no way he's gay

1420 days ago


miley your a bitch

1420 days ago


One must appreciate the comments of others and I must admit that I've not time enough to read them all however Miley is a commodity, I doubt that she was ever really a child. It is her life and she is taking charge of it for better or worse, yet those who stand in judgment probably suffer more from envy than observation of life is that those that protest the most often have the least to offer... No I don't approve but I cannot say that if the tables were turned perhaps you or I would also be called a whore. "Let those among you that are without sin cast the first stone." What a bunch of hypocrites!

1420 days ago


Yeah, if this was a Catholic school dance they would have split them apart. That music wouldn't have been allowed. The openly gay man wouldn't have been let in the door. Alcohol wouldn't be served to the attending adults.

Its all so very wrong, isn't it? Hanging out with a rich gay guy from work at a private party and dancing like every other person that ever goes to a dance place.......exempting the Catholic school dance places.

1420 days ago


First of all, in that whole bygod "video" you did not get one honestly good shot of her face! so what? your going to automaticaly think its her just because its the same body build and hair??? Unless you where there and saw her dancing like like that, hush it! And besides, anyone who as "never" danced like that is either mentally challenged, eldery, or you may just have too big a stick/corncob stuck up your snooty a$$'S

1420 days ago


You can't really blame go to a prom, that how all the teenagers are dancing! Adams was the adult in the situation he should have said something.. you can't always blame the person you don't like.

1420 days ago


They were offended by the dancing really???
This so dumb, they were just having fun. N it's not like they were likely to do anything after...I mean really you people will only be happy if she sat down and read a bible with an electric wire on her crotch at these kind of parties.

1420 days ago
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