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'Black People-itis'

5/11/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBA rookies Brandon Jennings and DeMar DeRozan claim they were suffering from a unique affliction on their way out of Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in L.A. yesterday ... "black people-itis."

Among other things, the two rooks also checked out the local ladies, showed off their "jerk" dancing skills in the parking lot, and discussed the possibility of Jesus being black ...

Yeah ... these guys are awesome.

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lmao @ elsa, thx for the laugh that was some funny ish...

"black people-itis" is the PR way of saying it i guess...
however, the only time i use that word is when i'm describing it... you know, after you eat, that thing white people can't catch (lol)...

1563 days ago


so u see, u ignorant people out there. all the races were together along with the animals in one big boat. the baot thaat naoh built. eand every human being on theis earth can be traced back to them.

1563 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1563 days ago


how is it racist if these individuals are helping to perpetuate the stereotype? And why is it so cool to be black? if i made a comment about being cool because i'm white, I would be labled as a racist. is that not a double standard? so far all they have shown me is that they are full of themselves and have no respect for women and lack class.

1563 days ago


oh my bad people,
i have alot ot time on my hands. i just researched that ham is the father of the black race. he was the son that naoh cursed. he is also the father of cannan,who is the father of the jewiish people.th cnnanites were enslaved in egypt and this was justified by the curse that was placed on ham. the people who enslaved black also uses this same reason to justify slavery.

1563 days ago


I can't believe nobody has taken issue with the fact that the photographer not only said that DeMar DeRozan was on a playoff team, but that he also called him "DeMarcus."

Get yer **** together TMZ.

1563 days ago

John 8:32    

Listen people...

Race as we know it is a myth, a social construct. A social
construction or social construct is any phenomenon "invented" or
"constructed" by participants in a culture or society, existing
because people agree to behave as if it exists or follow certain
conventional rules. "The Social Construction of Reality" (1966).

"One example of a social construct is social status!"

-(John 8:32)

1563 days ago


I like my Jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt....cuz he likes to party

1563 days ago


no, nobody would label you racist for acting white... that's a stupid statement.. geez, how can one be labeled racist for acting his own race? Yes, they can do it, because they are black. Just an asian could poke fun of Asian customs if he saw fit. It's only racist if there is malicious intent behind it.

These guys are not being mean to anyone. Making fun of one's own customs has been around for a long time. Hell, Jerry Seinfeld made a whole routine out of his upbringing. Would u label him an Anti-Semite??? Get real.....

And yes, Jesus was dark.... Not that nonsense they have around these days of a brown, blue-eyed, pale skin guy. His "transformation" to the figure around today, occured with the European artists centuries ago.

1563 days ago


Umm, who says white people can't get "The Itis". That's some bulls*it. You give us white folk some turkey & stuffing & cranberry and Sh*t, were asleep in like 20 minutes!

1563 days ago



oh, wait...they are black...only they can say racist stuff...now, had a white person said the exact same thing tmz would be reporting something different.

gotta love double standards.

1563 days ago

fishy won ton    

why dooz black folk like dat futher muckin fried chikin so much???

I likes it 2 but day eats dat **** out of it???

could some one pleaze x-plain!!!...tanks

1563 days ago


Elsa - did you run out of batteries? You seem pretty upset about this meaningless video. Use the Lithium, they are long lasting!

1563 days ago


The NBA is a complete joke. Look at these two losers!

1563 days ago


Wow! Must only be old a** white folks who visit this site cause everyone knows what the "itis" is. I even know what the itis is & I am not black. Cmon TMZ dont ya have black ppl working for ya who could have interpreted unless they arent really black????? Slow day huh???


1563 days ago
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