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Joe Jackson: Don't Attack Conrad's Supporters

5/12/2010 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson is trying to prevent the army of famously passionate Michael Jackson fans from exploding on Dr. Conrad Murray supporters at his upcoming hearing -- begging MJ fans to not "lower" themselves to "their" level.

Joe Jackson

In a letter written to MJ's fans, Joe says, "We would like to urge fans that are planning to attend to please do so in peace, unity and love for Michael. There should be NO violence, NO slander, NO yelling, and NO bad-mouthing or name-calling of Murray or his supporters."

Joe continues, "By calling names, we are lowering ourselves to their level."

Joe says the message is simple, "Justice for Michael."


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1625 days ago

Cheryl A.    

WOW A non violent Joe Jackson. Too bad he was not violent with his CHILDREN.

1625 days ago


Joe wouldn't be getting richer by the minute, if it wasn't because of Dr. Murray. But its good he's looking out for everyone's safety.

1625 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Sorry, I meant not "NON" violent with his CHILDREN

1625 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Just say no to Joe

1625 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

I don't like Joe or Conrad "I killed Michael Jackson" Murray. They can both go the hell

1625 days ago


He is right, MJ Fans are seen as nutters, wrongly, but behaving badly will only confirm it, remember the gutter media still want to drag Michael down even in death. It will be poor Murray look whats he's got to deal with>


1625 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

THIS, from a man WHO USE to brutally TORTURE his VERY OWN children ALL the TIME!!! Get LOST JOE!!! My friends and I WILL STILL be ready to TICK OFF all supporters OF MURRAYS and teach them TO NEVER show their DIRTY FILTHY faces at THE COURT ever AGAIN!!! These people HAVE NO right to show up at the court TO DISPLAY SUPPORT for a man who KILLED MICHAEL JACKSON!!!F**K YOU JOE and F**K ALL of MURRAYS SCU*MBAG SUPPORTERS!!!!!!

1625 days ago


I hear what Joe is saying, but at the same time those Conrad supporters better watch themselves. How can anyone support a so-called "Doctor" who was careless with his actions?. Yes...Michael Jackson had his problems/addictions too, but the "Doctor" should've known better.

1625 days ago

solar panel    

Joe Jackson is one of Conrad Murray's supporters. Link the dots. It makes sense. Joe is probably quite disappointed that Murray got caught.

1625 days ago

Richard Ott    

No yelling? No bad-mouthing? Joe Jackson must think we're
absolutely stupid. What did he ever do to the Jackson
family when they were kids, except make their lives
miserable? And, just when Dr. Conrad Murray could be
headed off to jail, the same person who ultimatly killed
Michael Jackson, himself. Just when our worst nightmare
is about to be over by sending Dr. Conrad Murray to prison,
Joe Jackson wants no yelling or bad-mouthing about him?
Great, and I suppose Joe also wants no jailtime for him. either.

1625 days ago


Okay Joe -

We leave'em up to you to handle! Obviously the fans won't act like fools these people are paid to act like supporters, just like the PR stint w/Olsteen. If something happens then it will be on Dr. Quack's end.
Joe you handle the trial and getting JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL, the fans will be praying you and your family! **STAY FOCUSED JOE!**

1625 days ago


hey TMZ, where did you get that version of the letter? ;)

1625 days ago


This must be a joke. Sorry Joe, but my group will have all of our pies ready to throw in Murray supporters faces. We are making dozens of them. Can't wait til the fun begins.

1625 days ago


Oh stfu catfish face, coming out JUST NOW with this statement after a year of MJfans hatred and the public hateful lowclass spectacle they made of themselves outside Murrays arraignment! Now, just since the Klein/Pfeiffer death threats, and most notably Joel Osteens personal invitation to Murray. You with your pathetic damage control efforts!! You're always so obvious & ridiculous you sinful devil straight from Hell itself, and a day late and a dollar short. The entire world has seen YOU and these MJfanatic in their true light. And it sure hasn't been loving and peaceful!
And your...."Joe continues, "By calling names, we are lowering ourselves to their level."
WHEN....has Conrad Murray, his attorneys, supporters or anyone connected with Conrad Murray EVER...and I repeat EVER! conducted themselves in a less than a totally respectful & dignified manner either in public or during taped interviews?? NEVER! Not once..Since you and your dysfunctional family, and your son Michael Jackson caused this whole sordid business to come about on June 25th......NEVER! Sweeping so many innocent lives along into your cesspool.
"lowering to their level"...buddy you have NEVER been up to their level...and never will be! stfu moron

1625 days ago
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