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Joe Jackson: Don't Attack Conrad's Supporters

5/12/2010 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson is trying to prevent the army of famously passionate Michael Jackson fans from exploding on Dr. Conrad Murray supporters at his upcoming hearing -- begging MJ fans to not "lower" themselves to "their" level.

Joe Jackson

In a letter written to MJ's fans, Joe says, "We would like to urge fans that are planning to attend to please do so in peace, unity and love for Michael. There should be NO violence, NO slander, NO yelling, and NO bad-mouthing or name-calling of Murray or his supporters."

Joe continues, "By calling names, we are lowering ourselves to their level."

Joe says the message is simple, "Justice for Michael."


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Say what you will about Joe, but he is right. And contrary to what everybody wants to believe, Joe Jackson Loved his son. Even Michael knew that. Joe was probably raised the same way he raised his kids. Everyone is not meant to be a parent. Everyone is not good at it. But it is not our place even as those who love Michael very much to judge his family. He would not like that at all. You are not doing Michael any justice by attacking his father One of MJ's fav quotes was "Do not judge a man until you have walked many moons in his moccasins"- This goes for Joe too.

1625 days ago


Why not just tell people I’m an alien from Mars?
Tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight.
They’ll believe anything you say, because you’re a reporter.
But if I, Michael Jackson, were to say, “I’m an alien from Mars,
and I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight,”
people would say, “Oh, man, that Michael Jackson is nuts.
You can’t believe a damn word that comes out of his mouth.”
~Michael Jackson

Correspondent Richard Ben Cramer goes behind the scenes to investigate
television coverage of the Michael Jackson story.
In this look at the people, organizations, and economic pressures
that have led to the tabloidization of American television,Frontline uncovers media bias.

On June 13, 2005, a California jury fully exonerated Michael Jackson of despicable crimes against a child.

For at least two years before the indictment against Jackson was filed, the case provided unprecedented fodder for American media to revile and eventually utterly devastate the reputation of an outstanding American entertainer, father, son, brother, and friend.
Armed with poison pens, the media—tabloid and mainstream alike—launched an all-out war against the truth. To coin a phrase, American journalism became medialoid—mainstream media infected by tabloid journalism. Abandoning all semblance of journalistic integrity, medialoid descended on a courthouse in Santa Barbara, California, to feast on the soul and spirit of a man considered by many to be one of the greatest entertainers and one of the most prolific humanitarians America has ever produced.
That an otherwise honorable profession as journalism would act in concert to destroy a living, feeling, striving and contributing human being just to achieve ratings is abhorrent.
The collective effort of American media to nullify the jury’s decision is not a figment of the imagination. Their effort is viewable and verifiable. This website will prove that Michael Jackson suffered mightily at the hands of American media. There are other countries whose media were just as malicious and destructive, but we’re concerned only with how American media destroyed the life of Michael Joseph Jackson, an innocent man.
Michael Jackson’s Image Remained Heavily Burdened
This website has been built, page by page, by a group of Michael Jackson’s admirers. We are advocates not only of the man but of Truth. So many in the press relentlessly mocked and vilified Michael Jackson for years.

The contents of this website will attempt to answer that question.
MJ Bashir Jacket

Our petition is about making sure those
entrusted with journalistic power
are prevented from manipulating the facts
and abusing those about whom they write.
The Bashir Betrayal

Join us by signing the petition.
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1625 days ago


64. is joes mustache a tatoo ? check it out
Posted at 8:46 PM on May 12, 2010 by Rachel

It's inked. And that's not meant to be a's inked on catfish whiskers.

1625 days ago



Today at 1:35pm
"Greetings MJ Fans....
While visiting him a few days ago at Forest Lawn , Riley and I couldn't help but notice that , while there are a few bouquets , candles and gifts there is a very large empty space around him and in front of him that could use a whole lot more.
While , I am sure that the staff at The Holy Terrace do their very best to place what is sent and what is placed at the door at his tomb , I thought you might like to know that he would want and deserves more than what is there and I had an idea.......
Some may or may not know this but his favorite flower was the Sunflower.
They made him happy because they looked happy to him , thus, he called them "The Happy Flower".
When we were married , I would try and fill up rooms with them wherever he was.
I wanted to bring something to place near him that he liked and that wouldn't die so I brought a large vase of silk sunflowers and placed them near him.
This barely made any kind of dent in the atmosphere so I thought of maybe letting those who care know what the situation is and how we can solve it.
I know how much he loved and appreciated being showered with Gifts and flowers by his fans , I thought if whoever wants to bought just one silk sunflower each and sent it , the whole area around him and in front of him (As well as the two large empty vases that sit on either side of him) could be filled up in no time , which would be much more appropriate than what the current status is right now.
We can all cause a "Sun shower" if you will...........
He deserves to be flooded and surrounded , LETS SURROUND HIM!
Lots of Love,~LMP"

There are two Forest Lawns in LA which is confusing,
Below is the correct address to send them to:

The Holy Terrace At Forest Lawn1712 South Glendale AvenueGlendale Calif, 91205

1625 days ago


Pearl Jr its very interesting..the book as well as the letter...ok so here's what I wish:

PPL: USE your you think that possibly maybe Dr Murray and Joe Jackson arent the monsters you believe them to be?

and who here has a perfect father? Not me..mine has issues with that in mind I cannot condemn Mr Jackson..

Nor can I or will I condemn Dr Murray..I once thought I needed to hate Dr Murray but something called the truth changed that..

much love to michael..

1625 days ago


Just because MJ said don't judge didn't mean he was
He's buried & gone because he had increasing mental issues.
He needed psychologists, instead of concerts.
Most people don't trust everyone & behave dangerously
but he did. He wasn't too mighty
to hurt anyone & anything; he refused to accept that;
MJ stuck by the fake friends & religion until the liars
hit him where it hurt the most - his financial fortune.

1625 days ago


Violent MJ fans? What are they going to do, be even more gay than usual?

1625 days ago


Michael's fans are far superior to anything that "The Conny Army "can bring forth. Conny is finished. Awww what a shame...

1625 days ago

The Netherlands    

Beat Murray!!
I really hope this man will beat up!

1625 days ago


Along came Joe - 2.0......
Okay, so it was kinda funny reading that Joe said to keep things conservative--coming from him, one of the modern-day PT Barnum's, it's laughable. HOWEVER, what he says IS right. Michael would NEVER promote violence, but I don't think he would've had a problem with the name-calling and trash-talking at Murray...he's done it a few times himself (read Montolla is "extremely devilish".)
I personally would love to be there in June for the Pre-lim, but I doubt I can break away. If I am able to make it, it would be very hard to keep from asking Murray's supporters what type of Meth or crack they're doing, and more importantly, ask Murray WHY DID HE GIVE MICHAEL THE PROP and WHO ARE THE OTHERS INVOLVED THAT HE's COVERING FOR?
God, I wish there was some way to really turn the heat up on Murray so he'd talk--he's been having it pretty good for someone accused of murdering the world's greatest mega-star icon...
Bottom line, My Michael is gone and as LisaMarie said, you don't bring him flowers anymore....
No Peace till Justice!!

1625 days ago


@All. Please, please stop badmouthing Joe Jackson for things that happened AGES ago. He is a 80 years old now. he did then what most fathers did in those days to keep their kids from ging astray. The fact that he is relentlessly fighting for his son right now should be commendable to all os us. If MJ forgave his father,we, his fans should try too. We LOVE MJ don't we??

1625 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

Joe says the message is simple, "Justice for Michael."

I am here to tell the world that Michael did get justice.
Thanks to Dr. Murray.
The world is a better place without MJ the child molster.
Burn in Hell MJ

1625 days ago


Joe continues, "By calling names, we are lowering ourselves to their level." <-------And what level is that Joe Jackson ? Dr. Murray supporters deserve to be there, just like Michael Jackson supporters deserve to be there.

What Joe's really saying is all you Michael Jackson fans need to check your violence, name calling, and insanity at the door.

Dr. Murray needs all the supporters he can get because he apparently killed the greatest man on earth. Being a fan of his music and talent is one thing, but being a rabid fan is another thing.

And all the postings from the past year have shown how deranged most of the fans are. We are all entitled to speak our minds, yes, and so are Dr. Murray's supporters. They may not support what the doctor did, but they support him as humanbeings,as friends and family because he is still just a humanbeing.

1625 days ago


Ich bin auch ein MJ Fan! Aber ich verstehe viele Fans nicht die : Richter , Geschworenen und Hänker sind . Ist das was Mj wollte das die Fans DR. Murray so grauenhaft beschimpt und betroht wird ? Ich bin auch für Gerechtigkeit aber nicht so für das gibt es das Gericht wo endscheidet was passiert nicht wir Menschen (Fans)sind das gericht und Hänker . Die Wahrheit wird Siegen . Angenommen er ist doch unschuldig Dr. Murray und angenommen MJ würde noch leben !
Würden alle Fans sich bei Dr. Murray endschuldigen ? Bei MJ wenn er noch leben würde Richter,Geschworene und Hänker sein ? Das möchte MJ nicht.

1625 days ago


All I can say are these: beLIEve. Let Dr. Murray go; NOT GUILTY. And Joe Jackson shame on you. You beat those kids with rods, hangers, tazers... you should be on trial as well. And to encourage violence Joe... that is the deep root of this; sick. Joe is worried bottom line. Truth will prevail; Dr. Murray is NOT GUILTY!

1625 days ago
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