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Anna Nicole Auction

Who Wants a Pony?!?

5/15/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For all you Anna Nicole Smith fans who were dying to get a hold of her life-sized bronze pony, showgirl Halloween costume or her 1992 Mercedes Benz ... now's your chance.

Julien's Auctions will be selling the Anna merch -- along with all sorts of other Anna-related goodies -- on June 26 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

In the meantime, check out the pics ...


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Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Is Howard Stern still living off of his parents? He was a lawyer so he is probably advising Larry. Larry is Dannilyn's father so he has every right to take care of her. He wasn't even in the Bahannas when Stern and her doctors fed Anna Nicole all of those drugs that killed her. It is so crazy that they think they will get any of Marshall's money. It will never happen.

1592 days ago


Has anybody seen the child walk and play like other children or did the Methadone affect that area of her physical development?

There is nothing redeeming about any of the players in the disturbing saga but the one for whom I have the least compassion is the personal lawyer. How could someone whose older parents put him through two of California's finest universities turn out so poorly and then claim that these same elderly parents were supporting him when she died? Did anyone check for offshore accounts? He always looked so creepy lurking in the corner with her purse or the dog while watching her make an absolute fool out of herself while under the influence of legal and/or illegal drugs?

The one for whom I held compassion was the son who was subjected to that disgusting reality TV show and their sordid lifestyle and then have his young life tragically taken from him in his mother's maternity room of all places?!

Never, ever forget the "Clown Video" which likely encapsulates their disturbing lifestyle in a nutshell. What a freak who passed a bar exam!?!!!

1592 days ago


You people are nuts, Larry's been a great dad. The stuff he's selling is for his daughters continued livelyhood. She's needs tons of security alone to protect her which costs lots of money. Larry is a photographer and won't leave his daughter to go on far away locations so his work suffers so that he can stay close to her, I would do the same. He's said to have many items put away for Danielyn for when she's older of her mother and brother so be quiet you don't know them personally so you have no right to judge. Anna would want her daughter to have everything life has to offer so selling off some of her stuff will only help her live more comfortably. Larry hasn't cashed in his daughter, he loves her very much so get over yourselves and get a life!!!!!

1591 days ago


Larry Birkhead is a homosexual paparazzo who impregnated drug addict in order to become rich and famous. Anna and her friends knew that Birkhead was gay. He was just a little lap dog for Anna. She only wanted a baby and he wanted money. Birkhead knew Anna was a drug addict, but didn't care.

Is it moral to impregnate a drug addict for money?

1591 days ago


I know many were not a fan of hers, but honestly NONE of us knows what truely was discussed between Her, and Jay Howard. Yes she worked as a dancer, but uh he was there. He met her there meaning she did not lure him to come there it's where they met. Just like many others she had people who were users of others around her, and thought they were friends.

I DON'T like a few of the items being sold due to some seem just wrong to sell, and should be kept for her daughter. I think he's taken her out to see her mom, and brothers resting place once. The painting is something that shouldnt be sold it's of her mom, and brother to me that's not something you want to sell. The pic of Jay Howard I can't understand selling that again it's of someone ELSES family not something I would hang, but there are people who will buy it cause she had it. I would LOVE to have one of the dresses that is displayed, but lord knows what it will go for.

1590 days ago


The items like the Mercedes are the kinds of things that Anna's husband J. Howard Marshall bought her in an effort to provide for her during his lifetime, given that he specifically omitted her from his will. By giving her cars and jewelry and real estate he aimed to make sure she was comfortable without giving her any of his estate, which is why her prolonged claim against the Marshall family was so absurd. Thankfully the 9th Circuit has seemingly issued the final word on the matter, that Anna's claim is not deserving of a monetary award. Looks like this is Larry's last big chunk of change from Anna's stardom so I hope he is able to make it last for Dannielynn.

1589 days ago


How much did all this stuff end up going for anyway? Does anyone know?

1521 days ago


Anna Nicole wanted fame..she got it. In life as well as in death. She wanted to be immortalized in death like Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately men took advantage of her and she let them to get fame and fortune.
The one who gets hurt in the end? Her daughter. If I could afford some of her stuff..I'd buy it.

1497 days ago
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