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MJ Fans Dispute Lisa Marie's Cemetery Claims

5/13/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of Michael Jackson fans dedicated to honoring MJ's tomb claim Lisa Marie Presley was dead wrong when she insisted that the pop star wasn't getting enough love at his grave site -- and they have the pics to prove it.

michael jackson fans at michael jackson's grave

TMZ spoke with a rep from the "Original Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California" who told us they visit the site at least once a month -- and always flood the place with gifts and flowers. The group claims they've documented all of their trips with pictures like the one shown above, which was taken April 3rd.

As we previously reported, LMP had posted a message on her MySpace page yesterday, claiming there was too much "empty space" around the site and called for fans to step it up and send flowers.

But the rep from OMJFSC tells us, "You know what, we all know that we visit Michael once a month ... so like everything else we just have to find comfort in the fact that we know the truth.



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PamelaKay,'re saying "he was obviously high every time you saw him in the last 10 years"...interesting, I don't remember hearing your name mentioned as anyone he ever associated with.

Also, I believe you have some issues if you believe for one minute that Diane Dimond is a reputable reporter...I feel sorry for you because you didn't ever think of the good things Michael Jackson did for the only concentrated on tabloid really missed the boat. Diane has even been "called out" by some of her colleagues, so it's a shame you picked her to idolize.

As far as your comment about Michael being "ordered into rehab at least twice", please provide link.

1571 days ago


you know she's not going to provide jack because she just likes to lie and slander an innocent man without checking for proof she's an air head that can't read to save her life so I wouldn't be holding my hand on my hips waiting she's not going to provide jack sh**.
I've been asking for proof that Michael was/is a pedophile and a drug addict and other things and I get nada she's just lonely and has no one else that will put up with her stupidity she's an idiot.

1571 days ago

Patti Tray    

What I believe PK to be, is a staff member of TMZ here to keep the discussions(?) going for them to use on their TV show for ratings!

Show me Proof TMZ that I'm Wrong!~!

We All Know What The "MEDIATOID" Is Capable Of Doing In The Name Of RATINGS!!!!

I'll be right here waiting for your answer TMZ!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>

1571 days ago


Janet went to Vegas to try to get Wacko help for his drug problems and get him away from those three white kids because of the conditions he was making them live in, but he wouldn't even let her in the house. He was self destructing fast and Janet knew it.

1570 days ago


Just a couple of pointers, I would like to point out..for all those on these blogs going.."who cares; or the fans need to get a life." First of all, to millions of fans ALL OVER THE WORLD, MJ was more than just a "Pop Star". His fans sees his essence and Truth: He spend his WHOLE entire life giving to those who reached out to him, and those he reached out too--Thousands of people all other the world. And then there is his courage. Attacked by vampires in the media and vampires from the same people he had helped. Put it this way, every year, thousands of Americans, and I am sure sports fanatics around the world give honor and attention to their FAVORITE Sports team, wheather basketball or football or soccor. Millions of dollars are spent on a yearly bases on tickets, and marketing items, such as t-shirts, etc..AND this happens throughtout the year!!And haters or ingnorant people want to talk about Michael Jackson get a life..If me loving and honoring a man who gave his heart and soul in helping the world to become a better place, in saving thousands of lives, and who showed more courge and strength, through his humility and compassionate heart..Than I CALL ME A MICHAEL JACKSON FANATIC!! I'd rather spend my money, time, and energy in keeping his legacy alive..than give honor to..a bunch of grown men beating each other to death, or chasing a basket ball around..Next, and as far as Lisa Marie's comments--she sure seems shallow to me..If she would have just went in the internet she would have realized that MJ fans are very much way ahead of her..I think she is just trying to make up for all the she did against him, while he was alive.RIP My king, king of music, king of hearts..LOVE IS FOREVER..

1570 days ago


Send flowers that we are not allowed to see? Maybe the people that can get in should do the decorating.
You can see the inside with better photos here: These are the best, I promise.

1549 days ago


MJ and me shares the same passion for sunflowers....

1544 days ago


me and my kids love mj thank you for all the love

1517 days ago


this trash is really something and will do anything for attention. Strange she showed up after Debbbie Rowe. LMP we know the truth and no blog or altering of the facts changes a thing.
Sende the flowers to your father and stay the hell away.

992 days ago
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