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MJ Fans Dispute Lisa Marie's Cemetery Claims

5/13/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of Michael Jackson fans dedicated to honoring MJ's tomb claim Lisa Marie Presley was dead wrong when she insisted that the pop star wasn't getting enough love at his grave site -- and they have the pics to prove it.

michael jackson fans at michael jackson's grave

TMZ spoke with a rep from the "Original Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California" who told us they visit the site at least once a month -- and always flood the place with gifts and flowers. The group claims they've documented all of their trips with pictures like the one shown above, which was taken April 3rd.

As we previously reported, LMP had posted a message on her MySpace page yesterday, claiming there was too much "empty space" around the site and called for fans to step it up and send flowers.

But the rep from OMJFSC tells us, "You know what, we all know that we visit Michael once a month ... so like everything else we just have to find comfort in the fact that we know the truth.



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@ #11 PrincessGinger, you got that right, who the heck does LMP think she is, if she wants more flowers there, why dont she put them there. The guy is dead for heavens sake. LMP...waahhh waahh!

1626 days ago


11. I hate to sound cold or callous, but I don't even put flowers at my own father's grave. HE'S NOT THERE. Just his bones. and that's my DAD - whom I love dearly!

I think people who leave flowers and notes and teddy bears at star's graves are weird and need to get a life.

Posted at 7:22 AM on May 13, 2010 by PrincessGinger

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Your right, that sounds pretty cold & callous. You leave mementos at a gravesite not for the dead but to as an act of gratitude for all that person gave to you in life. Which in Michael Jackson's case, was quite a bit. You also leave them to help you to say 'goodbye' & 'you are missed'. Not because your weird & have no life. You are just showing you don't have a 'self-involved life'.

1626 days ago


Regarding the concerns that one might have to side step or walk over the mementos, flowers and such that are left at Holly Terrace, they are all placed to the side of the doors.

Michael's crypt is actually at the very end of a veryy long hallway and the FL guards take them in and position them around his crypt.

They are not in anyone's way.

1626 days ago

Christina G.    

I agree, Lisa Marie should put her money where her mouth is.

1626 days ago


One More Thing....

what's Lisa Marie gettin her panties in a bunch about?

She's an "EX" wife.....

You don't hear mikey's BF running around out there whining about no posies on mikey's grave.

You'd think these morons who visit the grave every month would be more likely to listen to mikey's boytoy over some wench who divorced him.

I'm not sayin...just sayin

1626 days ago


we love you michael! i always watch tmz on a live streaming at

1626 days ago

Voted 4 Obama and Completed my Census    

Flowers not cards. That's dumb to put card on his grave site.

1626 days ago


Fans are not allowed to go inside, so yes, the space around Mike's tomb is probably empty. I have seen video of a security guard taking some fan gifts to the tomb, but I imagine that the family would - or even Forest Lawn - would allow cards and stuffed animals to pile up there month after month.

I think silk flowers is a very classy idea. And Micheal was all about class, so thank you Lisa Marie!

MJ fans should not trash Lisa Marie. He wouldn't want that.
Furthermore, Lisa really did love Michael. She didn't marry him for money - she has her own. She didn't marry him for fame - she has her own. There was no prenuptial agreement because they loved one another. The reason they eloped is because they both knew "their people" would try to talk them into signing a prenuptial agreement for 'financial protection' and they wanted to show the world it was about the L.O.V.E.
Also, in the divorce do***ents, Micheal GIVES Lisa PERMISSION to write a 'tell-all' book, and she never has.

from Asd

1626 days ago


Good riddance child molester!

1626 days ago


I'm sure Lisa meant INSIDE the mausoleum where fans are not allowed to go.

1626 days ago


Thanks for telling our side of the story, please checkout our video's on you tube MJFSC. Michael, is showered with gifts and flowers each month. We will Never forget the King Of Pop, for he lives in our hearts always!

1626 days ago


I was in Forest Lawn and went to Michael's actual grave site. There were a few employess cleaning up the area and getting rid of old dead flowers to keep the area neat. It could be that Lisa Marie went at a time when the area had just been cleaned and therefore the flowers that fans had left had been removed so it was an "in between" time. People are not suppose to linger through the halls so its difficult for people to leave items for Michael. I think its a great idea to send silk sunfowers as those won't rot and need to be removed.

1626 days ago


I know the fans can't get inside, as far as leaving flowers outside the door...I've seen it in person. The fans represent big time. I'm sure if everyone could get inside where his tomb is, it would be a different story with the flower situation. People do what they can, it's all good.

1626 days ago


- Krysi

Good point! Thinking the same thing about her timing when she went to visit.

TMZ, good story & thanks!! About time HARVEY!

1626 days ago


I thought it was a nice gesture, but Forest Lawn Glendale doesn't allow silk flowers:

Oh well.

1626 days ago
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