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Michael Jackson in Sunflower Heaven

5/14/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Marie Presley's prayers have been answered -- TMZ has learned a flower company is about to deliver a field's worth of sunflowers to Michael Jackson's burial site in Glendale, CA.

Michael Jackson sunflowers

Jason Levin from tells TMZ he's shipping several thousand sunflowers -- which were Michael's favorite -- to his mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetery today.

Levin's donation follows Lisa Marie's MySpace posting Wednesday, complaining that Michael deserves more than the few bouquets, candles and gifts that currently surround his tomb.

Ask and you shall receive ... sunflowers.



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The King's Kaween    

LMP is fake and crazy. Yeah...she wants plublicity. Debbie Rowe was married to MJ as well and I bet she isn't dreaming about asking people to put fake flowers anywhere. LMP acts like she is the guru of marriage over MJ. She can't lay claim to him after only 18 months of a hellish marriage and twisted divorce that happenend 12 YEARS AGO!!!

I did what MJ wanted me to do...and donate something to the children and people in need...not put a fake flower at a tomb. LMP used to beat and yell at MJ...I witnessed this. She was a liar as well...I just don't understand why MJ put up with that woman for 18 months...because of the sex and hope of her having children? He wasted his time...greatly!

1589 days ago


Wow.. THIS IS SO NICE!! THANKS SUNFLOWER GUY!! THanks to Lisa Marie for making this happen. With all the negativity and hatred out there it's refreshing to read a story like this.

1589 days ago

Angela Channing    

What a waste. How about donating some sunflowers to some nursing home patients in memory of MJ? Even in death, there is self-indulgance with MJ.

1589 days ago


Check out the website for this company. They have a community page and do many wonderful donations. This is another thoughtful gift. How nice of them.

1589 days ago


Michael DESERVES more???? Newsflash....He's dead.....

How dare this woman appeal for gifts for someone no longer in this world...... wouldn't it serve a better purpose to donate to a homeless shelter....animal charity....anything at all besides thowing money on the ground????

She ought to be ashamed of herself.....

1589 days ago





1589 days ago


Forest Lawn removes funeral flowers after 3 days, all other fresh flowers after 5 days, and fake flowers are not allowed. There are always things at the door outside for Michael. But things get taken in or removed. Just because you see one item there, it might be the first thing placed after removal of other things.

1589 days ago


She should pay for the flowers herself. She should order a large delivery every week. She cant afford it.

1589 days ago


i wonder if they are silk sunflowers? as she mentioned he liked

1589 days ago

Karen Jackson    

I think it's great the fresh sunflowers are being sent to brighten Michael's resting place. I thank the donor of the flowers for their generosity. Don't listen to the MJ haters. Lisa, I know you cared about Michael, I thought you made a beautiful couple, I'm sorry it was shrouded with doubt. I am also suprised by the person's comment who entered and said it was empty and sad. Where are all the flowers & gifts, that are delivered by fans on a regular basis? Isn't FL being considrate enough to bring them in for the the fans who worked so hard to share there love with Michael? I know I made a special candle & I hope it was brought in to be lite by someone to say a prayer or just to add a comforting glow on a family visit.
I really hope someday the family will open these doors for those of us that care so deeply and just want to sit a moment and share our love with him. We are not there to destroy, we are there to LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

1589 days ago

Lily of the Valley    

It's sooooo good to know that LMP called and hired this company to do this so she wouldn't look so stupid. Of course, this is really about her and not MJ. SHe's the fake grieving widow right? THis is the same one that bashed him at EVERY SINGLE opportunity she could find and television station that she could find. But he loves her right Kay? Please some of you are a bunch of empty headed idiots who fall for anything that shoveled before you like a pig trough. This simple bitch was a bitch to him when she was married to him and now her Karma has come and the chickens have come home to roost with all her guilt. If you went to visit him, why do you feel the need to blog about it? Because you wanted everyone to know you went. If you felt he didn't have enough flowers and such that measured up to YOUR standards, then take Daddy's money and go and buy some....oops forgot, you just did that! Fake Beyatch! I hope her ears are burning.

1589 days ago


to Larry yes you the comment on top ,,,GO **** off and leve my baby Michael alone with your BS,,,we love you Michael 4 ever ,,I don't care what ppl say or do to put you down I well love you always ..I well sent you more sunflowers my Angel ,,:) let me say one more thing HE well get back at you that are hater's and the ones that made fun of hem well see ,,,the real Man b 4 ur Eyes he well have the last LOL..let that set in your head .MUCH LOVE HEHE,,,

1589 days ago


Lisa pay for the flowers yourself. You can afford it. We cant.

1589 days ago


Beautiful flowers for a beautiful person. Love you forever Michael!

1589 days ago


For you posting hateful comments - that much acid in your system may cause you a bleeding ulcer one day. Being bitter and hateful, and taking delight in making other people sad, is not good for you.

The marriage of MJ and LMP is their business alone, but I would be very surprised if she didn't yell at him. That's what you do if someone you love hurt themselves. If servants were eavesdropping and jumping to conclusions is of no importance.

Of course LMP can buy her own flowers for the tomb, and she likely does. If you posters want to donate something to sick kids to honor MJ's memory, you do so and shut up about it. Maybe she does as well, what do you know?

1589 days ago
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