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Gene Simmons: I Can't Grind a Girl in Suit of Armor

5/14/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

KISS frontman Gene Simmons is striking back at an ESPN makeup artist he claims threatened to sue him for an assault he says never took place.

Simmons says on January 29 he received a letter from lawyers for Victoria Jackson, claiming that Simmons "humped" and "grinded" Jackson during a visit to ESPN's "SportsCenter." 

According to Simmons' complaint, filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Jackson claims she “suffered from humiliation, shame, embarrassment, anger, anxiety, loss of sleep and depression,” and demanded $185,000 or else.

Simmons has a simple response -- he was in costume the entire time -- which is like "a suit of armor, particularly around his groin area, making it impossible for Simmons to have done the kind of grinding that Jackson claims to have experienced."


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Doesn't Gene put his own make-up on?

1570 days ago


Ooops - I meant the common-law wife looks like Heide Montag with an additional 30 more years of surgery! Ewwww! Quit trying to be young again - grow old with dignity!!

1570 days ago


64. Doesn't Gene put his own make-up on?

Posted at 9:17 PM on May 14, 2010 by DDFredd

DDFred, who cares? Isn't he much too old to be putting on this charade in the name of rock-and-roll!? I doubt that he puts it on himself, since his eyes are probably not seeing too well at his age. He probably has make-up artists - haven't you seen those older ladies who are Gene's age, who try to put on their makeup? It looks terrible --- like they had put it on in a dark room. Old eyes just don't see well, so to answer your question, I doubt at his age that he puts his own makeup on!! More importantly, why the heck is he wearing such heavy makeup at his age anyhow? He should be relaxing in his rocker and drinking hot tea by the fireplace! Grow old with dignity, Gene!!

1570 days ago


No more costumes, Gene ----- be REAL!! Do you know what REAL means?

1569 days ago


Dear Gene,
You said that "I can't grind a girl in a suit of armour!" The true question, Gene, is, "can you grind a girl WITHOUT a suit of armour?" I don't think so - that is, without a some help of the wonder drug for limps (like you) called Viagara. Grow old gracefully and with dignity!!

1569 days ago


Gene can go away any time now.

1569 days ago


I guess one would have to know the whole cir***stance. Was it alone in a room and things got forceful or was it just some horseplay. I'm not saying it was right and I know at times a serious situation,but geez sometimes u just have to relax, have some fun and laugh, not hire a lawyer. I also noticed that most of the people on here that would agree with me are women too. You know when its in fun and when its not and you sure don't have to stand still for it either way.

1569 days ago


I remember an article where Gene statements about Michael. There were no nice words. And now he's under the fire himself! Does it feel good Gene? Shame on you!!!!!

1569 days ago


gene simmons looks like a perv, ugh-leee

1569 days ago


You know he did it - he is lewd,gross and way too old for him to keep us this act for much longer. I bet he thought he was doing her a favor. I shudder. He can't help himself - ego issues. My heart goes out to his idiot GF (he will never marry you, dear)and his surprisingly well adjusted children.
They do not deserve them ... maybe they were put in the wrong crib.
Sorry kids, dad is a loser. Bleck.

1569 days ago


What a load of crap! I think he should sue her for being stupid!

1569 days ago


I believe I'm going to have to believe Gene on this one. The pants that he's talking about are a type of European pants that performers wear protect that area making the area look larger. Roy, of Siegfried & Roy, wore these types of pants for his costumes in their Las Vegas show.

1569 days ago


Oh please!!! Gene Simmons and his wonderful "girlfriend!" and their children the best! That chick is dreaming!

1569 days ago


I used to like kiss , then i turned 14 -
He is a disgusting greedy self absorbed insult to jew-ish people!

1569 days ago


#15 - Who's the crazy old SOB? In your loose cannon haste to post whatever passes through your brain sans filtration, you obviously have mistaken Gene Simmons for Ozzie Ozbourne.
Gene Simmons has never used crack; he doesn't drink; he doesn't do drugs.

1569 days ago
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