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Lawrence Taylor 'Welcomed' Home by Wife

5/15/2010 4:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_lawrence_taylor_EX_AP_08TMZ has learned Lawrence Taylor has finally returned to his Miami area home for the first time since he was arrested for statutory rape -- and sources close to the NFL legend tell us he was "welcomed" back by his wife.

We're told Taylor had been staying somewhere near NYC -- it's unclear if he was staying with friends or by himself.

Sources tell us Taylor's mood has drastically improved in the past few days.

LT's wife, Lynette Taylor, has staunchly defended her husband in the past -- telling us she believes the entire thing was a "setup."

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HIS OLD LADY SAYS:.....it was a set up! ! ....what an ignorant bitch..........his DNA is in the condom found on the bathroom floor,....He's already agreed that he had sex with the girl and paid her 300 bucks.......his stupid, ugly dumb ass wife, just smells his money.........as if he'll have any left after this is over....hahahahahahahaha.................

1591 days ago

positive look    

I think he was set up too.

1591 days ago


"Taylor's mood has drastically improved in the passed few days."
Good to hear...we were so worried. Now, how about the young girl who was beat into submission for his pleasure. How's her mood!?

Question to wifey: How's the water in that Egyptian River you exist in? (Da Nile)

1591 days ago

Cheryl A.    

How was he set up? Did someone hold a frying pan upside his head unless he "did" the LITTLE GIRL? Lynette needs to change her name to Cleopatra, Queen of DENIAL.

1591 days ago


SHe is so stupid. He admits he was in the same room and that he supposedly pleasured himself and it was a set up. He was not with his wife pleasuring himself, but with a child prostitute. Where do these stars get these stupid women from. There is no way he would stand by her if it was her that was caught with another man. Women, stop being stuck on stupid!

1591 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

These dopey wives of athletes *know* their husbands stray but choose to stay together for their own lifestyle. They don't wanna give it up. Right, Mrs. Sparky? Mrs. LT is no different; her self esteem must be in the crapper and still, she defends that idiot.

1591 days ago

kate kroll    

What a foolish woman she is! How could she be so naive to believe what this lowlife has been spewing since his arrest..Wake up girl & smell the coffee! If it looks like a pig, acts like a pig, it is indeed a pig!!! I hear Elin's attorney's are always accepting new clients. She has to know that this is not the first time he has screwed around!!!!

1591 days ago


The law says a 12 year old boy is competent enough to be executed in the electic chair, but a 16 year old girl can in no way be held responsible for telling a lie that causes a man to commit a felony sex offense. Everyone knows that's wrong. The girl could have resisted the pimp more. And she didn't have to run away from a loving, stable home to become a prostitute at age 16.

1591 days ago


Of course he was set up! If you're black you automatically claim you were set up or that race is involved. It's worked wonderfully for many years.

1591 days ago


This is the spot light that LT's wife has been looking for

1591 days ago


The fact remains that he hired a prostitute underage. He paid dollars to this child for whatever perverted sex acts LT wanted. The man is a piece of garbage no matter which was you slice it.

As far as his wife goes. Wake up honey and smell the coffee. Whether there was actual intercourse or not, YOUR husband PAID for a prostitute.

1591 days ago




1591 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

I hope she beat the snot out of him.

1591 days ago


he contacted a pimp he ordered a girl I'd bet the bank he got exactly what he ordered, he's a pig & deserves everything thats coming his way.

1591 days ago


Of course she would say that. If he's gone, who will pay her bills?

1591 days ago
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