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Sandra Bullock's Baby Shoot -- Jesse Was There!

5/14/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Jesse James was right by Sandra Bullock's side when she posed with her baby boy for that People photoshoot.

Sandra Bullock
Sources tell TMZ Jesse was not only present ... he was "incredible with both Sandra and Louis" -- and created a "healthy, loving and positive atmosphere."

Now get a load of the timeline.  We're told the photos were taken March 9 -- two days after the Oscars  ... and just a few days before the scandal broke.

So Sandra was apparently oblivious to Jesse's alleged affairs when the pics were snapped. 

Alas, we've figured out what was really going on when a photographer was snapped carrying baby clothes into Sandra and Jesse's home on March 9.

Now, the million dollar question -- are there photos of Jesse and little Louis Bardo floating around?  We're guessing since Jesse was there -- and at the time expected to co-parent with Sandra --  no way he wasn't in some of the shots.  Interesting the way it ended up looking like a single mom shoot.



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This has become the most uninteresting celebrity story of the last 5 years, and TMZ continues to pick apart a photo showing a woman unloading stuff that could possibly be baby clothes, from a couple of months ago, and continue to speculate about it - it's just insane. No one cares!

1622 days ago


The vanilla gorilla turned into a ``````` chimpanzee ``` real quick!!

1622 days ago


Go Sandra! She's been through a lot, but still manages to be a classy, and respected woman. Jesse James, you're a fool. I will never fully understand men who cheat, and down grade. You should of valued, and cherished what you had.

1622 days ago


Sandra was oblivious a few days before the scandal broke? You're basing this accusation on hearsay from a photo shoot? HELLO?!?! She's an Oscar-winning actress! DUH.

1622 days ago


Why no pics of dad and baby?

1622 days ago


enough is enough....

1622 days ago

Dawnie B    

Have to call B.S. on this story! If this was taken prior to the announcement of J.J.'s affairs, why wasn't she wearing her wedding ring when announcing the adoption? My guess is that the story happened as People reported it. Stop trying to speculate and leave the poor woman alone. He screwed around, got caught, she filed for divorce and is moving on with her life. Story over.

1622 days ago


It's all about 'image'. I wouldn't be surprised if Jesse isn't still in the picture with Sandra and the divorce is a cover to save face. Only time will tell, but nothing in Hollywood surprises me anymore. It's a parallel universe.

1622 days ago


Anybody else getting tired of this story? She obviously took her last movie role a little too serious. Was there no caucasion kids that needed a good home. This one doesn't look anything like her.

1622 days ago

Jamaican sam    

Kid's like "WTF!?" And can you blame him?

1622 days ago


Am i the only one that noticed Sandra wasn't wearing her wedding ring in this picture? .. Hey TMZ! If it WAS before the scandal broke, where's her ring? ..............EXACTLY!
Sandra Bullock isn't the person who would take off her wedding ring for a story..c'mon now, she's america's sweetheart. begs to ask the question.. was it REALLY 2 days after the oscars? Was Jesse REALLY there? ... i think not!
also..this is news? Really? , Congratulations for throwing in Sandra's face everywhere she goes, every magazine cover she looks at, tmz tv, all of that, and other paparazzi, that her husband was an ******* that did an unforgiveable thing to her. Im sure she appreciates that !
You guys have too much time on your hands. Get a real job. Contribute to society, .. no? you got better things going on there? Better things to do, HHAhahahaaaa... obviously not.

1622 days ago

Christina G.    

You're just now figuring this out, TMZ? It seemed obvious when you first posted about the photographer unloading the baby clothes in the car, based on the timing. Don't you read your own articles? My guess is that her wedding ring was photoshopped out of the pictures.

1622 days ago


TMZ why Sandra is not wearing her wedding ring if photos are taken before?????????????????????
Dont belive everytihng what you hear to spread misinformations.

1622 days ago


Did the baby come with those beads or did she have to buy them separately?

1622 days ago



1622 days ago
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