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Sandra Bullock's Baby Shoot -- Jesse Was There!

5/14/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Jesse James was right by Sandra Bullock's side when she posed with her baby boy for that People photoshoot.

Sandra Bullock
Sources tell TMZ Jesse was not only present ... he was "incredible with both Sandra and Louis" -- and created a "healthy, loving and positive atmosphere."

Now get a load of the timeline.  We're told the photos were taken March 9 -- two days after the Oscars  ... and just a few days before the scandal broke.

So Sandra was apparently oblivious to Jesse's alleged affairs when the pics were snapped. 

Alas, we've figured out what was really going on when a photographer was snapped carrying baby clothes into Sandra and Jesse's home on March 9.

Now, the million dollar question -- are there photos of Jesse and little Louis Bardo floating around?  We're guessing since Jesse was there -- and at the time expected to co-parent with Sandra --  no way he wasn't in some of the shots.  Interesting the way it ended up looking like a single mom shoot.



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Professor Obvious    

Ah, Jesse with his signature pouty little kissy face, never fails to look totally retarded.

1587 days ago


I sincerely, pray, that Jesse and Sandra will be able to re-unite,when the fever of this situation calms down. Addiction is very painful for all concerned, and CAN when healing begins be such a life changing beautiful experience.And I never once believed most of the tabloids,Jesse James IS a GOOD MAN,just a little misguided, and Sandra, well,LOVE IS all that is important at the end of the day.

1587 days ago


ya i dont know about this story i think its lame ! move on i think she already has let it go hes an idiot who cares

1587 days ago


Hi, i'd like to sign out and not receive anymore of the sandra/jesse news. how do i go about it?

1587 days ago


OMG! thats all i gotta say.

1587 days ago


LOL, all those baby clothes and he was still naked for the shoot.

1587 days ago

Milkaholic Blowhan    

I wanna marry that washed up old lady Bullock, just so I could cheat on her. Nice adoption by the way. Keep trying to compete with Jolie and Madonna you low ender.

1587 days ago


I have lost respect for Sandra in the way she left Jesse's 3 kids. She was their step mom one day and the next she is on to a single mom with HER baby. Lets not forget that Jesse and Sandra brought Louis home and raised him with the other kids right there by their side. Jesse was wrong yes and she wants a divorce ok but to leave before the kids got home from school with out a word??? And she has not seen or talked to the kids since. The reports of Sandra spending Easter vaca with the kids is wrong she vanished. Sunny is the one who doesn't understand and is hurt the most. Sandra turned a blind eye and walked out of their life. Shame on her and I see her in a differnt way. I wish Jesse would hir a pr firm like sandy has and tell his side of the story. Her image is more important than working on her marriage.

1587 days ago


This is just a question so everyone dont get up tight. Why is it that with all the white babies in need of adoption movie stars and high profile people tend to adopt black babies? Seems to me that there are poor white kids that need love.

1587 days ago


If she realy doesnt contact with his kids anymore she is such a buch. I lost respect for her. Way to go Sandy.

1587 days ago


Kudos to People Magazine for waiting until Sandra was ready to introduce her son to the world. That's alot of information to sit on for that long.

1587 days ago


It's amazing how smart you tabloid reporters think you are... if look at the photos you will know that they were taken in there Huntington home way before this have photos of Sandra getting Sun flowers with Sunny, Jesse's daughter, from a florest and then you have the same Sun flowers being held by Jesse in another photo while he is heading into his home from the backyard all before the scandal...a rocket scientist I am not but it really did not take much for me to put it together that this photo shot was prior to the scandle.

I do not feel bad for Jesse James he made his bed; for every action there is a reaction,and if he truely love Sandra and his family he would have thought more of his actions because I don't care whether your famous or not you will always get caught, so if your not happy in your marriage and feel it necessary to seek relations outside of it...then you should desolve that marriage first...and to all men out there, every women want the same thing whether she is whore or a good girl they want attention, affection, and to be taken care of by a man, so go cheat on the one and go with the other and you will soon find out she is of the same mind as the one you left...

1587 days ago


You're a little behind, TMZ. It's already come out that yes, Jesse was there. The photoshoot was centered around the three of them, not just Sandra and the baby. The issue was supposed to have come out a lot sooner than it did, but when the scandal broke, People held it. Then they had to cut out ALL pictures of Jesse to make the photoshoot look like it had just been Sandra and the baby.

1587 days ago


#21 I agree, I also wish they could work it out. What ever the public thinks about the cheating ect. that's their business.

#18 In the People magazine article the beads were made by Sunny, Jesse's daughter who Sandy was very close to. One of the three children she was step mom to. Sandy left with out a word, Sandy's cell phone changed and there is no way for any of the kids to call her. Sunny was told "Sandy is away."

1587 days ago


I like Sandra Bullock and also she is a fantastic mother.

1587 days ago
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