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Michael Jackson Doc

in Mid-Air Emergency

5/16/2010 4:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray may have saved a life this morning ... 30,000 feet above the ground.

Sources tell TMZ Murray was on a US Air flight from Houston to Phoenix when a flight attendant came over the loudspeaker and asked if there was a doctor on board.

Turns out a passenger fainted and could not be revived. We're told Murray jumped out of his seat, evaluated the female passenger (who was in her 20s and traveling with a baby), and quickly noticed she had a "very weak pulse."

Somehow -- don't ask us -- Murray inserted an IV and was able to stabilize the passenger until the plane made an emergency landing in Albuquerque.

The passenger was taken for further treatment. Her condition is not known.


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Excuse my spelling (verdict).

1592 days ago


He still needs to pay for what he did to MJ!!!!!

1592 days ago


look "you are right" why don't u stick Dr. Murray up your a..hole and kiss the turf he walks on. You have a nerve to come and blast MJ Fans, u retarded idiot, it ain't all about MJ fans here, it's what is right and whats wrong. U are obviously another bumhole that saw with his "own" eyes, how many pills Michael Jackson took in his life time. people like u make me sick because they got no brain to analyze things for themselves but are totally braindead to media reports. You read the crap up there and ask yourself several questions a} how convenient especially so short before his trial, b. the whole set up IV my a..., the weak pulse issue. c. TMZ knows everything even when and what time you drop a fart so how come they don't know the woman's present condition, what hospital she is in etc... The fact remains something about the Michael Jackson case is not sitting right, too many mistakes, discrepancies, too quite for months now, this guy Murray should be media fodder all over the place, but this is the first thing I heard from him, apart from the appearances at the court, It was Michael Jackson that he suppose to have killed, was it not, the most famous person worldwide, yet you ain't hearing nothing, and I mean nothing, Murray isn't hounded down by the media, nothing, do you think this is normal? So when you mentioned the crazy MJ fans you got to consider all of these things, it is confusing, it does not sit right with normal thinking human beings, it is wrong!! Murray is but a little pawn in the big pond, his actions make him look so stupid and unprofessional especially since the article up there shows Action Man in action!!! But come on CPR on the bed, did not know the address he was at for the last 6 weeks, claimed there was not phone at MJ residence, waited 45 minutes to call for help, made three personal calls on his cell phone{I suppose one cannot dial 911 on a cell phone lol) gave MJ 6 different combination of drugs that would kill an elephant all of which are detrimental to the respiratory system and he is a cardiologist, come again my friend that believes in Dr. Murray so much!!! Why don't u go then and register at his clinic and let him treat you seeing that he is still doing his "thang" as if nothing ever happened, or should I say allowed to do it!!!!! So for all the MJ fans that are the real supporters u keep going until the "troot and nothing but the troot" (Dr. Murray's troot serum} will come out.

1592 days ago


helped someone that's a good thing.

Dr. Murrary still killed Michael.

not getting off that easy Doc.

1591 days ago


oh wow, OMGoodness he recalled medical knowledge to react this time properly to SAVE a life, if it is for real bless the lady as well as her loved ones but, may he STILL pay for reacting far to little & far to late for Michael! We do not need this kind of inconsistent poor medical practice anymore, it is time for everyone to stand up & make a change in our system for a better tomorrow.

Thank you TMZ for the airline's name I truly wished to be sure & know who NOT to make ANY future bookings with.

1591 days ago


What a set up. He is still a murderer. If I woke up and found out that he had put an IV in my arm, Notice, IF I WOKE UP, I would have pulled it out. This man and his legal team can not be trusted. Anyway how does a murderer get to fly all over the country? Only in America.

1591 days ago


#91. She is probably one of his babies mommas.

1591 days ago


& in the distant back ground you can hear;

Murray hold that look of true concern!! alrighty CUT,, Murray & all on the flight ER scene,, great job very convincing acting well done all of you that's a wrap for that scene. Will you all exit stage left as we set up for the next public smoke screen scene then asap please Murray enter stage right. OK, stage scene is now re-set,, please re-enter again Murray,,,, OH WAIT someone hurry do go get Murray another IV for the next scene of public deceit. Thank you, excellent,, OK, roll the tape & ACTION!

1591 days ago

James Woods    

Can TMZ please update this if the patient died. This doctor has about as much cred as a doctor at this point as OJ Simpson does as a loving husband.

1591 days ago

Dirty Sanchez    

Oh God, seriously Wacko fans like usual are in denial. It's a set up, it's a set, boo hoo! Even it was, who cares, honestly, no one should care or want to care about Michael Jackson. Instead of blaming others for MJ's death, how about we blame Michael Jackson? I'd rather read about Heidi and Spencer then this crap, and that's pretty bad.

1591 days ago


Wow, To bad he didn't play doctor the day Michael died.

1591 days ago


Dirty Sanchez
What if this was your father, or brother? It matters not that this is Michael Jackson it matters this happened to a person of the human race on this earth. If a addict asked his doctor for drugs, in a none drugged state or in a drugged state, a so called "DR" does not give them what & all of what they ask for just because they want it for their illness of addiction. He does not further inject it into them killing them ether. This so called DR says that is just what he did & then wishes this world to feel pity for his poor judgment that cost a life, one that did more for this world then this so called DR ever will. I think not!

1591 days ago


If this charge was about ANYONE else typing into this forum we would all already be charged & in or under the jail. YET, this piece of walking flesh is ALLOWED to roam this world & further yet still practice witchcraft hmm sorry medicine. Now I as the rest of the world has to worry not only about terrorist or birds flying into engines or volcano dust, but also what damn flight he is on or I might wake to his A$$ standing over me saying,, hello I was Michael Jackson's DR.! hmm well now I am really going to be in full arrest to the point to most likely die if he did. I am not even joking when I say if this happened to me or one of my loved ones my next stop would be an attorneys office for a person such as this being allowed to give med. attention to anyone under such charges. Drs are not GOD! They need to be held accountable just as any other person of the world has to, even if he was the last, *cough* so called "DR" of Michael Jackson.

RIP Michael

1591 days ago


The first thing that came to my mind was set up. Guess I was not the only one! What a joke.

1591 days ago
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