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Text Messages: Cruz Had Other Hitmen Lined Up

5/16/2010 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0515_juanCarlosCruz_EX9TMZ has obtained a series of text messages between former Food Network host Juan-Carlos Cruz and the homeless men he allegedly tried hiring to kill his wife -- and it seems Cruz had other potential hitmen in the wings if 3 guys turned him down. 

The homeless men whom Cruz allegedly solicited told TMZ he gave them a phone to contact him.

According to the texts on that phone, they became frustrated and threatened to bail on the gig because of Cruz's payment plan -- ten 100 dollar bills ripped in half ... the guys would get half of each bill when they agreed to the hit and the other halves after they kill Cruz's wife.

Cruz texted the men: "Have already been burned with whole bills then no show thats why do it this way."

He then texted: "Have 2nd party ready 2 take over if u dont want it r u in?"

Cruz also used the phone to set up meets with the men -- one text read, "Call me i have a proposal," another read "Meet me at the spot in a hour," while another said "Meet at starbucks 10 am to discuss details about wed."

We're told the last few texts were from the day Cruz was arrested. Cruz wrote "I am on my way" twice, "By [sic] there in a min" and finally "Almost there everything ko [sic]."

No, everything was not ok for Cruz.  The 3 homeless men were secretly working with cops.


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Some advice TMZ... I watch the Food Network religiously and I don't even know who this guy is. No one cares. I know you are all excited about it, but it's just not interesting to 99.9999999% of the people that come here.

1622 days ago

petet p    

thats really not cool...



1622 days ago


"TMZ has obtained a series of text messages between former Food Network host Juan-Carlos Cruz and the homeless men he allegedly tried hiring to kill his wife"

because homeless people always have cell phones....

1622 days ago


I was reading this in awe - not for the fact that this seemingly nobody was getting any kind of press just because he had a show on the Food Network that apparently nobody watched - but because I was hoping to see how these homeless people had cell phones.

I mean, there are so many questions TMZ needs to answer right now that can easily rectify their journalistic integrity - fill in these blanks:

1. How do homeless people afford cell phones?
2. What kind of plans do they generally get, pre-paid or monthly plans?
3. If they pay monthly, where do they get the bills sent to?
4. If they pay monthly, don't they have to have good credit? What would they put down as salary? There's no place for cents on the form!
5. Where do the homeless people plug in to charge their phones?

Finish this story, TMZ!!!

1622 days ago


People are acting like this is no big deal because this guy is not famous enough? A woman almost lost her life because her husband seriously put a hit out on her! Are you all that desensitized to human life to honestly not care?? I don't care if this man was just a sous chef in the background on the Food Network or Wolfgang Puck himself! TMZ gained some intricate information on this man's disgusting plot to end his wife's LIFE!
I am scared to ask what exactly makes someone valuable to the readers of TMZ when it comes to life or death.

1622 days ago


IN REPLY TO by Smooch

Not everyone will go out at the ripe old age of 100,
surrounded by family and loved ones, while singing kumbaya songs.

Some people will go out in accidents. Some people will go out by illness. Some people will go out by natural disaster, Some people take themselves out, and some people will get MURDERD.

These are the undeniable facts of life. in the end we all go, method not important.
It was almost time for this woman to go.....
So stop crying like a little b#tch, your time will soon enough come as well.

Again, method not important.......Artofwar

1622 days ago


Now can we stop bashing America? Where else in this world do homeless people text?

1622 days ago

Mr. Bate    


1622 days ago


john did you read the story says the guy gave them the cellphones

1622 days ago


Touche' Karen.

However, that still doesn't answer the part where they can charge them.

1622 days ago


I do remember this "guy" on the food network. WOW!

1622 days ago


What kind of homeless people can afford Starbucks?

1622 days ago


OMG Thats the same Juan Carlos that did the National Body Challenge on Discovery Channel. He lost alot of weight too. Dang you never now who is crazy.

1622 days ago


The story reports "The homeless men whom Cruz allegedly solicited told TMZ he gave them a phone to contact him."

I think TMZ did okay with explaing that one.

1622 days ago


How does a homeless man have a cell phone? Where does the bill get sent?

1622 days ago
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