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'Celebrity Rehab' Lacking Celebrities

5/17/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0516_celebrity_rehab_logo_EXThere is no shortage of celebrities that need rehabilitation -- but the VH1 show "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" can't get any of them to star on the show next season.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ they have struck out left and right trying to find A, B, or even C-list celebs for the show. As we first reported, they had their eyes on Lindsay Lohan and Heather Locklear, to name a few, but were quickly shot down.

The show was able to get a tentative commitment from a few D and F-listers, but our sources say the network rejected them.

We're told there was a deadline last Friday to lock down the cast, but since they don't have ANYONE signed on ... the deadline was extended to Wednesday.

One thing is clear -- no cast, no show.

A rep from VH1 could not be reached for comment


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So it will be the Andy ****, Gary Busey, and Shifty Shellshock show next season. What's new.

1598 days ago


Wow! How D- or F-list can you be that the network would turn you down!?! Inconceivable. Would LOVE to see that list!
C'mon TMZ, put that "investigative journalist" hat on and get to work.

1598 days ago


So, the show was able to get a yes from "D and F-listers" who say they need help, and the show turned them down 'cause they aren't famous enough?

That's ****ed up! That goes to show that Dr. Drew is more looking for fame rather than helping people reach sobriety.

1598 days ago


This show has only had D and F-listers. The biggest names on the show were Dennis Rodman and Gary Busey. Why would the show think they could get Lindsay and Heather? Besides it never helps anybody. They are fall of the wagon by the time the show airs.

1598 days ago


Kiefer Sutherland !!!! Probably Too "A" List For This Show,However
He Needs Help For A Major Drinking Problem. David Hassellhoff as Well.

1598 days ago


how about Brook and Charlie sheen

1598 days ago

Mountain Drew    

I don't think too many celebrities want to put themselves out there that they have a problem. It makes them harder to employ. Sure, we see them acting up in the headlines, like Lindsey Lohan, but to actually come out and be on record and show off your worst moments doesn't exactly guarantee you that next hollywood break.

1598 days ago


i guess lindsay won a small victory , but i guess when dr. drew goes out and says that his treatment is loading lindsay lohans car with drugs ( planting evidence ) and then calling the cops to get them arrested ...does not fly with celebrities as a type of treatment they want to participate in , how funny . talk about taking a hit professionally

1598 days ago


so a show that tries to help people with addictions turned down people for not being famous enough???riiiiiiiiiight shows how much they are really out to help people.

1598 days ago


I would expect anyone who watched last season's shows were so traumatized and horrified at the behavior of Mike Starr, Tom Sizemore, Heidi Fliss, and Kari Ann(whoever she is), they would run like hell to a private treatment facility. There they wouldn't have to sit around 24/7 smoking cigarettes and insulting each other but actually might be offered treament which would fill their time with positive recovery and less of the constant boredom these celebrities seemed to be suffering from causing them to occasionally try to kill one another. In the past, I have watched the show to see the recovery happening. This last season, I could barely watch the whole hour and often felt like getting drunk after watching. Some were clearly there just for the money and publicity (like Dennis Rodman) and had no intention of getting sober. The rest felt incredibly shaky as far as any long-term recovery wonder they can't get anyone to go through the hell that was last season's show.

1598 days ago


Not too worry.

Dr. Drew can keep himself way busy with his newest occupation -- dinging innocent people like Sandra Bullock.

1598 days ago


Looks like there are a lot of smart celebrities out there. Everyone knows at this point that Dr. (and I use the title VERY loosely) Drew couldn't cure a hangnail.

1598 days ago


Larry is as annoying as Simone. Or maybe he is Simone. And here I thought we were rid of her forever...

1598 days ago


@ManiacalZebra: Funny!

1598 days ago


So Dr. Drew's show is too good for D-listers now? *ahem* Isn't he one of them??? I can't stand him. He's a quack "celebrity doctor" and nothing more. I don't think anybody is mistaking his advice for "treatment".

1598 days ago
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