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D.A. Down with Warrant

to Arrest Lindsay

5/19/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County District Attorney wants the judge in the Lindsay Lohan case to issue a warrant for her arrest ... this according to well-placed sources in the D.A.'s office.

It's solely up to Judge Marsha Revel, who has already made it clear ... she will issue a bench warrant if Lindsay doesn't show up for her probation progress report tomorrow ... and as we first reported, Lindsay will not be there.

Lindsay claims her passport was stolen and she's getting a replacement tomorrow.

We're told Lindsay will not be arrested when she lands at LAX ... it's a misdemeanor warrant and she'll almost certainly be allowed to turn herself into the court.

Our D.A. sources say the prosecutor in the case will scoff at Lindsay's excuses for not completing her alcohol ed classes and for not appearing in court.  As one source said, "She needs to feel the consequences, and jail could end up being a good thing for her."


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me not you    

Honestly, how on earth do these LA prosecutors get any satisfaction from their jobs at all when jail time in that city is nothing more than lip service? It's a travesty that criminals there get 20 minutes of jail time and then released to cause more damage. What a sick place California is. So glad I don't live anywhere near Froot Loop Land.

1597 days ago


if a bench warrant is issued prior to her application for a temporary passport, could she be apprehended in cannes (though there is no extradition treaty there)? or, can the u.s. embassy in france deny her u.s. passport based on the fact that she is a wanted fugitive?

sounds so melodramatic, but there is a possibility, could there not?

1597 days ago


doesn't lindsay qualify for a motion for a continuance since, in all fairness, this would be her first request?

1597 days ago


Just arrest her and get it over with already. She's a waste of precious oxygen...

1597 days ago


Please arrest her so TMZ will stop posting about her every time she takes a piss.

1597 days ago

Peter Sc    

I am happy to learn that the economy is up and running again so we can increase the prison population with people who it would do no good to serve time.

The original crime was some sort of DUI.

Fine. The first question is: Did she kill or hurt someone?


Then it is a number of (many) community service hours and ....

... no driving BEFORE she has taken the number of alcohol education classes the judge finds fitting.

From then on it doesn't matter if she ever do the classes. It should be up to her and anyone else who commits a DUI if they want to deal with their problem. If they don't then the consequence will be that they have to walk or take public transportation for the rest of their lives.

It is very clear that she wants to maintain a lifestyle which can not be combined with driving. It is her choice. If people want to hire her for various job, it is their problem.

Only when people drive without license or they did hurt some, prison should come into consideration.

It is a waste of the court's time and the tax-money's of the citizens.

1597 days ago

LA Native    

Just think about it Linds...if you live through this, you could maybe get a job writing soaps.
But to be honest, I think we are on suicide watch now. You have nobody left to blame but yourself and I hope they don't put you in jail and you know why? MY taxes pay for it and we need the money for more important things right now.
Get an effing clue.

1597 days ago


90 days + 30 days for each missed class + $100K in fines. All time should be done in the county pokey.

1597 days ago



1597 days ago


Now the LA DISTRICT ATTORNEY is calling for an arrest warrant. Not that the "Asstant" DA is not also saying the same, yeah! Finally! I wonder how many people are calling the LA DA's office and demanding EQUAL JUSTICE!

1597 days ago


Danger. Lohan fatigue setting in. Why the hard-on for her? TMZ has done like 50 blurbs on her in the last 72 hours. Did she ignore one of your guys staking out Katsuya or wherever at 2 am, and now you are retaliating for the slight? We get it that you have a bat-phone to BBerke and SCHolley. But geez, give it a rest already, Harv.

1597 days ago

The Stevo    

Here is exactly what is going to happen:

She will get a reprieve, an extension from the judge. Her hearing will be delayed a month or so.

She will come back to L.A., party, then rush through the remainder of her classes just before the new court date.

The judge will express her displeasure, but rule that she was in compliance with her probation, and release her with no punishment.

She will then go back to partying (and falling down in front of) Chateau Marmont every night while TMZ is right there to show us everything.

She will get no work in movies or TV and be a useless waste of space, but Harvey and crew will continue to showcase her every time she so much as gets a bagel from Panera Bread as if she is a major starlet.

Mark these words for future reference. TMZ can go on and on about how she is going to jail, we can go on and on about how she is manipulating the system, but what I typed above is EXACTLY what will occur.

Thank you.

1597 days ago


OK I said this once and I will say it again this is what needs to happen.

1) Issue warrant for her arrest 2) Arrest Lohan ASAP 3) Bring Lohan before the court in cuff 4) Make new date for hearing 5) Have LL stay in jail with NO bail until her next hearing date as she has shown the court that she is not responsible enough and cannot be trusted to attend her court hearings.

See it is as easy as apple pie.

1597 days ago


Send the bitch to jail!

1597 days ago


How conveeeeeeeenient.....her passport just "happened" to be stolen.
More like "lost" by her on purpose so she can get all the free booze and drugs she wants at Cannes and tell everybody how great she'll be as Linda Lovelace.
Yeah, let's see if the movie ever gets made at all.

1597 days ago
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