Prosecutor: Lindsay Should Do Time

5/19/2010 5:00 AM PDT

Prosecutor: Lindsay Lohan Should Do Time

TMZ has learned the prosecutor in the Lindsay Lohan DUI probation case thinks she's violated her probation and should be sent to jail.

Sources tell TMZ the prosecutor believes the judge made it clear during the last hearing -- either Lindsay proves she's in full compliance with the terms of probation or she goes to the pokey.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay has not attended all of her alcohol ed classes -- she has been to 10 classes and needs 13 for full compliance.  In addition, Lindsay has not attended all of the classes in 7 day intervals, as the judge required.

An official from the alcohol ed program has sent a report to the judge saying Lindsay is in compliance with the terms of the program.  The report does not address the fact that she has not attended all of the required classes.

We have not spotted Lindsay on U.S. soil in the last few days.  If she doesn't make it to court ... the judge will issue a warrant for her arrest ... period.

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