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D.A. Down with Warrant

to Arrest Lindsay

5/19/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County District Attorney wants the judge in the Lindsay Lohan case to issue a warrant for her arrest ... this according to well-placed sources in the D.A.'s office.

It's solely up to Judge Marsha Revel, who has already made it clear ... she will issue a bench warrant if Lindsay doesn't show up for her probation progress report tomorrow ... and as we first reported, Lindsay will not be there.

Lindsay claims her passport was stolen and she's getting a replacement tomorrow.

We're told Lindsay will not be arrested when she lands at LAX ... it's a misdemeanor warrant and she'll almost certainly be allowed to turn herself into the court.

Our D.A. sources say the prosecutor in the case will scoff at Lindsay's excuses for not completing her alcohol ed classes and for not appearing in court.  As one source said, "She needs to feel the consequences, and jail could end up being a good thing for her."


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Forget Lindsay, let find out if the judge is going to keep her promise.

1586 days ago



Give it up...everyone who reads your crap thinks you are a sorry, pathetic mess.

1586 days ago


Oh YES, we Crackberry Addicts will ALWAYS know where our Blackberrys are at! Drunk, coked out, OR sober! (I would be the latter). (o:
All joking aside, my daughter was initially a fan of LL's when she was about 10. LL and Hilary Duff were her favorites. LL's first album was actually ok, her singing is pretty good. But from personal experience, smoking (anything, but esp cigs) reeks havoc on the vocal cords. Anyway, when my dtr saw LL growing up and getting wild she took the posters down and I never heard that CD played again. To this day (my girl just turned 15 on the 7th) although she'll never tell ANYONE outside of myself, Hilary Duff is still someone she looks up to. Hil has done so well for herself, sure she's grown up and started doing more mature photo shoots (Maxim) and movies but its easy to see she's still a good kid. You never see her out partying til she pukes, or rolling out the front door of a bar wasted to Mars. Even though HD's parents ended up divorcing later in Hil's career you can tell she was raised right and by caring parents who didn't let her fame go to her head.
Too bad more child stars didn't end up this way.

1586 days ago


Send the stupid bitch to jail. I can't stand looking at her face. She looks like my vomit.

1586 days ago

Christina G.    

The embassy says that it can replace a lost or stolen passport in 2-3 hours for imminent departure situations. That means she could have been back Wednesday at the latest. Oh please, please, please let the judge send her to jail for the maximum allowable time and with strict orders not to let her out early. Skank.

1586 days ago


GANGSTALKING is ugly.. it looks like a certain shady Vegas-Chicago group for this stalking frame up job! Who did she make mad or not sleep with?
Daddy or Jenner?
Google Gangstalking to see for yourself ...
How did your lunch with ***** go, Harvey?

1586 days ago


I can make my armpit fart! Poof!!

1586 days ago


Lindsay is proof that god does not exist. You read countless stories of accidentaly overdoses, car crashes, murders. Young people dying before their time. Sad cases where people who actually have some sort of meaning in their lives, loving friends, family, etc and those families and friends having to live without those people. Then you have people like Lindsay and wonder to yourself, why the F*** hasnt this person od'd. She has no relavence to anything important, she contributes nothing to society, she certainly isnt a role model, unless you happen to be a walking beer bottle. Im sure it doesnt help when you have a mother whose a leech and a father whose, for lack of a better term, a little f***** nuts, but cmon. I hope her next film is Harold and Kumar Take Lohan to Guantanamo Bay.

and if i hear one more person call Michael Jackson a beautiful wonderful person, im going to David Carradine myself in my closet. But thats a topic for another day

1586 days ago

LA Native    


we're hoping against hope Stevo, and I hear ya...we've seen it happen many times before. But now, we're really MAD AS HELL AND NOT GOING TO PUT UP WITH IT ANYMORE. I would hope that this judge will have some sort of clue as to 'whats going on here' and at least make an attempt to save some face and do whats right for us law abiding citizens and give equal justice for all. You do the crime, you pay the time. Enough already. No more chances.
Effing California. And I live there. It really sucks anymore.


1586 days ago



*joins angry mob*

I agree with you Donna, let's see if the judge is going to make good on her promise. Anyone else would be locked up.

1586 days ago

LA Native    

One more queen of english....about the continuances..she;s had a few. This case is from 2007.

Last chance Linds...times up. (we're hoping, and you seem to have few followers anymore or are they all on the effing phones trying to save your ass right now? Hey Dina, you know we are talking about you, what a disgrace you are)

1586 days ago


Arrest her! She believes she is above the law! BS she lost her passport! Lock her drugged out butt up now. I am so tired of spoiled brat celebrities getting away with murder.

1585 days ago


Why, Why, Why??? Why is this person in "entertainment" news? Was'nt her last movie some Herbie movie back in '98? So she's a drunk, so what? So is 3/4 of Hollywood. But at least that 3/4 has some talent.

1585 days ago


The judge better realize all eyes are on her. If she doesnt follow through with her threat, she will just send a loud message that she is unfit to sit at the bench. She will be seen as an enabler of celeb special treatment.

1585 days ago


Sure hope she gets drug tested when she comes back. Hope it was worth it dumb azz. Seems she acts like a 12 year old trying to make up a story for someone to believe,just how dumb is she? Sorry,of course we all know now! She acts like she needs to be grounded only the sad fact is she is 23 and doesn't realize it. I guess she has topped paris as the laughing stock. Shame they all come from the same group. Kartrashians are next. You can laugh at this whole group of non-talent has beens that are desperate for attention.

1585 days ago
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