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Lisa Marie -- Thanks for the MJ Flower Shower

5/17/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Marie Presley just sent a "thank you" bouquet to the florist that decorated Michael Jackson's tomb with sunflowers -- because if there's one thing a florist needs, it's more flowers.


TMZ has learned Presley sent the flowers to -- along with a personalized card that said, "Thank you so much for donating the beautiful flowers."

As we previously reported, the florist sent more than 1,500 sunflowers to Forest Lawn Cemetery on Friday (pictured below), after Lisa Marie begged MJ's fans to do a better job of decorating Michael's tomb.



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Its a beautiful gesture from his fans to try to decorate MJ's tomb, if they want to do it, they can.
For those who call him freak, have you ever known the history? do you know what are you talking about, or the false allegations?

You can love or hate a person, judging, never. MJ's fans have the right to honor who, for us, is the best artist of all times, and the biggest inspiration in our lifes.

1558 days ago


MJ haters is only the lonely people in the planet,who doesn't know what is love for other human being..maybe they even never be loved by anybody in their misserable life's....

they are so hate MJ,and says mean things about him,cause their envy him...for having so much love from around the wolrd...even in death...

for all MJ haters,you can't change anything with your comment...MJ fans around the wolrd will always loving him forever and you just wasting your time...

please go to YOUR OWN idol's site...and making comment there!!!
but i forgot, you're to rude to do're just lose abbility to loving another human being!!!

go to the curch...and ask GOD forgiveness
i know your life is full of hate,envy and other mean things....
so misserable.....

1556 days ago


If you would like to see some quality shots of the flowers take a look at this link:
RIP Michael

1555 days ago

starr balay    

Dont you people get it, she just wanted to include us fans, now thats a part of Elvis in her, his kindness and caring, rest in peace MJ and Elvis, we will love you forever.Twinkle*Starr

1554 days ago

Mere McLean    

Dear Michael, Sorry i have to say this but,People, People, wats the hell is going on here, there are rude comments about Lisa who is just trying to be there for Michael, and as for the flowers, all she was doing is telling all his fans around the world, if anybody, & i mean ANYBODY want to send flowers to Michael explaining he loves SUN-FLOWERS,Get a grib of yourself & leave Lisa alone......Lisa, You are one truely person that Michael is looking down at you & saying THANK YOU for sharing your love for me & all my FANS out there telling them I LOVE SUN_FLOWERS which are my favourite, From the bottom of my heart..Once Again THANX.....A Great Fan Of Michael...Love you & R.I.P. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1552 days ago



1522 days ago


haters just say that coz they didnt get the money in charity by MJ>>
so nice to say of a heavenly talented man who just meant to entertain and not to rob u off
so haters plzz get some brains and leave hating for nothing.

1520 days ago


Lisa go to hell you never cared about MJ you were only using him. To Trish you sick wacko why dont you get a life. I think you are obsessed with MJ and mad that he never looked in you direction I am sick of you trivial folly you idiot

1495 days ago


MJfan4life you are obviously an ass for stating an opinion like that. What kind of fan are you if you are going to bash a person that Michael dearly loved. Get real, you are not a true fan of Michael Jackson.

1495 days ago

Colleen McKay    

Wow people, why all the negativity toward Lisa who only wanted Michael to be remembered and to have his favorite flowers with him. I think Lisa is a super human being and has a big heart. Don't knock her for something you obviously don't have yourselves. Get a life, will you please????

1495 days ago
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