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Meredith Vieira Blasts Matt Lauer Affair Rumors

5/17/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meredith Vieira is finally taking on the rumors surrounding her "Today Show" co-host Matt Lauer -- claiming he's definitely not having an affair ... and she's definitely not his mistress.

Meredith Vieira
Moments after Vieira arrived at LAX yesterday, Matt's co-host of four years proclaimed, "As far as I know, Matt's very happy."

As for the reports that Meredith was some sort of "other woman," Vieira said, "My life is way too boring."


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Meredith denies being Matt's lover!?! C'mon! Matt is HOT and Meredith is NOT!

1618 days ago


Boy there is a visual image I do NOT need rattling around my head.

1618 days ago


I know there's no prize for this, but I've been "first" twice in the last twenty-four hours! What are the odds? I haven't been first EVER, and I've been commenting for decades? Time to buy a PowerBall ticket? Odds are only 196 million to one that I'll win. Place smiley face here.

1618 days ago


merideth isnt hot?? ahhh, all things considered she is very beautiful. Unless of course your 12 years old, then i get that.

1618 days ago


Meredith is an idiot and a complete fool. Can't stand her.

She has no idea what Matt does when she's not around, so for her to make definite claims about his love life is not her place.

She is not his wife, not the supposed mistress. She is a co-worker. I hardly think he would confide in THIS particular blabbermouth, who exudes lack of decorum at every turn.

Everything she says has sexual innuendo around it. I loathe her. And whatever she says shouldn't be listened to.

1618 days ago


Matt is kinda hot. At #3, your crazy.

1618 days ago


#3 I've gotta admit that Matt's rating in the gay community skyrocketed when pics of him in the blue board shorts were published.
The man is RIPPED! But even in the gay community, he is not rumored to be among the chosen.

1618 days ago

what He said    

Santa Fe does not want the new age Jack ass ***. go away! go away go away go call uself TelAvivJack or some **** like that!!! douchebag

1618 days ago


Meredith Vieria has better taste than Matt Lauer. Get real!

1618 days ago


Matt is the Ryan Seacrest of the "morning chit chat circuit" only he has hidden behind two beards called wives that actually produced kids with him. But he's still as you know what as a 3 dollar bill. Not that theres anything wrong with it---said Jerry...but he needs to finally tell the truth about something on his little chit chat shows. Enough of him asking the questions, its time he did a full confessional to his audience. Its Ok Matt, you've interviewed hundreds of GLTS people----do what you tell them---tell the truth.

1618 days ago


Meredith is hilarious.

1618 days ago


hyprocite, Santa Fe is Spanish for Holy Faith refering to Catholicism straight up Catholicism because Santa Fe is and always be a very holy Catholic city and sacred Indian burial grounds and the majority of reservations in all of U.S. thanks to the holy people who actually let the indians keep their land unlike every state in the union, which Jack ass knows nothing about cuz he is a ***...unless this *** wants to be know as HolyFaithJack he needs to get a new name...until then it's Holy Faith Jack which is too ironic bein he is a ***. just stick to WHollywoodWack got that Jack ass?! douchebag

1618 days ago


get a life this is not evntertainment at all this is just stupid the marriage has been in trouble who knows if it will last does it cause him to do a bad job no might be a bad husband but i like to see him do his job

1618 days ago


all wrinkly, wearing 6" stilettos.. not something I want to look at over morning coffee.

1618 days ago


Meredith needs to keep her comments to herself. She wouldn't know anything about Matt's personal life. She's the most boring host there has ever been on the Today Show. She's boring on "Millionaire" also; and everywhere else she is. Amazing how she gets those good jobs.

1618 days ago
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