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Miss USA 2010

Champion Pole Dancer

5/17/2010 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rima Fakih was a big winner wayyyyy before she took the crown for Miss USA 2010 last night -- the 24-year-old beauty queen is a former "Stripper 101" pole dancing champion!

Back in 2007, the sexy pageant queen won a stripper contest for local Detroit radio morning show  Mojo in the Morning.

We're told Fakih earned some fabulous prizes for the victory -- which included "jewelry, gift cards, adult toys and a stripper pole for home use."

And despite the fact that she kept her clothes on during the pole riding, she still managed to walk away with a bra stuffed with dollar bills!


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Elizabeth Murphy    

Every pic I see, it looks like she needs to wash her hair. I was not impressed.

1584 days ago


Well at least she was 21 and clothed unlike the teen slut Miley Cyrus and she is basically covered unlike the oops mu boobs flew out Mis America

1584 days ago

Blouzemaster J    

Congratulations on your big win Rima!! Them strandz are lookin GOOD lady!!

1584 days ago

miss usa     

moslem is so ****in contradiction

1584 days ago


I though female muslims couldn't show skin like this!

1584 days ago

she is A Hizzballa     


1584 days ago

gonzo ganoid    

who cares what she did before? Tell me all you losers and racists which of you HAS NO PAST?

1584 days ago


Well, that explains everything. I see now. You joined the military. LMFAO! So youre a loser! Lets see, I have no talents except wanting to kill other people who happen not to look like me or dont have the same religion as I do. Great job! Made youre parents proud. Like I said, youre a coward. Anyone can shoot, only special people can heal!

1584 days ago


Its been interesting reading all these posts. I find it so interesting that some people have problems with another heritage.
I find it so sad that we live in a day Negros are called African-Americans but most do not hold duel citizenship.

I find it sad that some people are called "camel jockeys" when they are driving cars and not camels.

I find it incredible to hear you degrade Jewish people as money grabbers and worse. Only to find out some of you are below their league financially. BTW on this issue.. IF you believe in the Bible then you will realize that every person on the planet has some Jewish blood running through their veins, even those who proclaimed jehaid against Christians and Americans.

Lastly you hall have really gotten off the topic. The topic is spose to be about Miss Michigan/Miss USA.
So let me make this clear .... In order to be part of the Miss USA you have to be an American citizen. She could NOT have gotten into this contest unless she used illegal papers to become a legal citizen.
UNLESS they strip her of the crown she will remain our countries Miss USA. Regardless if you like it or not.
Most of the people are complaining perhaps out of jealousy. And they wish they were this good looking. And some of you are good looking in your own right.
Mind you the place she went to was sponsored by a local radio station and had to be completely legal. IF it were not legal or something transpired that was there would have taken place some legal issues of their own nature by the proper civil servants.

So how about a little peace?
How about a little WTG Miss USA?

1584 days ago


Stripper 101 is NOT a stripping contest people! It is taught by a lady that teaches stripper workout classes. Doctors, lawyers, mothers and teachers take the class to get healthy and to learn to feel comfortable with their own bodies. It is not about being slutty, its about being confident and owning your own woman hood. Shame on you TMZ for taking it out of context to hurt this woman.

She has on shorts and a tank top - thats more than she wore in the swimsuit competition.

1584 days ago


I see nothing wrong, as for pole dancing,isn't that the latest craze in excersise, i now see poles for sale everywhere I go, you can do sooo much with poles, for instance, you can mount mail boxes on them, use them for fences, even telephone and power lines,why i have even seen them for clothes lines too,

1584 days ago


ok sooooo...just because she had clothes on, it's ok????....come on people, these pageants are nothing but a joke, and donald trump is a joke too. it's 2010, when will they stop having them. they're so sexist anyway. ok the girl had clothes on, but guess what, she's still skanky, all of them are!!!!

1584 days ago


Im getting tired of people representing USA that were not even born here.

1584 days ago


Hey post #150...I never laughed so hard as when I read your message. Wow, are you really that stupid!!!! LMFAO!!!

1584 days ago


No just sad or sadistic you choose LOL

1584 days ago
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