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'Lost's' Man in Black --

No Alternate Endings!

5/18/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Lost" star Titus Welliver plays the show's mother killing, shapeshifting, "Man in Black" -- but  yesterday in L.A., dude told us the finale wouldn't be changing form ... because they didn't shoot any alternate endings!

After explaining how his real mother "wasn't bludgeoned with a rock" -- phew -- Titus (who's the nicest guy ever btw) settled rumors about a potential "Lost" movie ... and promised us that fans wouldn't be "disappointed" with the way the show ends.

The last 60 minute episode airs tonight -- followed by the two-and-a-half hour series finale on Sunday.

Don't worry, our "Lost Diary" guy is already stocking up on the Red Bull.


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Well Smokie just couldn't seem any nicer, could he?

Cool guy there.

1619 days ago


the MIB replaced C.J. Cregg. C.J. Cregg was the Smoke Monster first, and was tired of guarding the light, and knew the MIB would be her replacement. This is why she thanked MIB when he killed her. Just as she knew Jacob would be the good lookout on the other side. I just wish I knew where C.J. Cregg's character came from.

1619 days ago


The actor seems like a nice guy, but I hate the Jacob/MIB storyline. They should have introduced those characters earlier in the series so we would be more invested in them. At this point I just care about Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Kate, Locke, Ben, and Desmond who I got to know over the years. I am worried the series is going to end up with another Seinfeld/Sopranos WTF ending.

1619 days ago


I am such a LOST geek! I love Titus Welliver. Great actor!! I hope LOST doesn't disappoint us geeks. I can't believe it's nearing an end. What will we do once it's over? Augh!

1619 days ago


wooo hooo im so freaking excited bout lost 2night...i cant wait to see it :) ...its sad the shows ending...but at least were getting to AN END...not like some of the other shows that lasted like ..freakin 15 years er something ;) before you get to see the ending yeaaaaa excited lol

1619 days ago


Titus is hot as hell! Good actor, too.

1619 days ago


aww, he gave me hope that i won't be let down as a fan!
i am sooo excited!!!!

1619 days ago


I'm really confused now, because I swear I heard Jimmy Kimmel say that he was devoting his show on Sunday to Lost and would have both major cast members as guests and would ALSO air some alternate endings on his show.

I guess those "alternate" endings were just joke endings created by him? Still sounds like it's worth watching, I'll check it out after the final episode.

1619 days ago


Yeah, even on TV guide it says Jimmy Kimmel's show on Sunday at ~12:00am will include:

"A celebration of 'Lost' features appearances by the show's cast...and a look at alternate endings from producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse."

I guess maybe they were just never actually filmed? Although that would be slightly lame to just have them sitting there talking about the endings. Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see :P

1619 days ago


Titus Welliver is the ****! Great, great actor, He's good in Lost, but Deadwood was his his best perfromance, and a MUCH better TV show than Lost.

1619 days ago

Professor Obvious    

So, when is Walt coming back? That's what I want to know. We spent so much time on Walt. "Has he ever appeared somewhere he wasn't supposed to be?" and "He's special". The Others knew he was a very special boy too, that's why they kidnapped him. Walt was shaping up to be the next coming of Christ and suddenly he was totally forgotten. His story is just one of dozens in LOST that led nowhere.

1619 days ago


Titus Welliver is one of the nicest men I have ever had the pleasure to meet, especially in a land as rife with phonies as Hollywood is. I hope he NEVER changes!

1619 days ago


Love him, he plays such a great villain!

1619 days ago


There was a Lost diary for Across the Sea.

This dude is awesome.

I am going to miss me some lost. :'(

I am going to start over at 1.1 on Monday. :) I figure by the time I get done with season 5, season 6 should be released.

1618 days ago


Love him!
haha, nice Lost poster in the background too

1618 days ago
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